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meet the dwights movie

Uneven dysfunctional family dramedy for adults. Read Common Sense Media's Introducing the Dwights review, age rating, and parents guide. Brenda Blethyn in Introducing the Dwights () Emma Booth at an event for . Without telling any more about the actual story, suffice it to say this is a film that. Introducing the Dwights is a heartfelt comedy about a mother (Brenda Blethyn) who tries to come between her son (Khan Chittenden) and his coming of age.

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It would have been all-too-easy for Jean to be presented as a harridan. The elements are in place - the brassy, larger-than-life personality, the way she smothers her boys with "love," her overt friendliness with the bottle, and her anti-male diatribes that pass as standup comedy.

meet the dwights movie

Yet neither Blethyn nor the filmmakers allow this to happen. They provide balance for Jean.

Introducing the Dwights Movie Review

She's a woman who gave up her dreams for her family and feels that life has handed her the short straw. And she really does love Tim and Mark - they are her whole life - even if she doesn't know how to show it.

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Her dislike of Jill is born out of jealousy. She's fighting to remain the primary woman in Tim's life. Jill doesn't recognize this at first but, when she does, she demands that Tim choose.

meet the dwights movie

I have a few quibbles about the movie. The way the film is edited is odd, with missing transition scenes and strange juxtapositions. The ending is a little too pat, too clean. It's almost as if, after spending 90 minutes providing us with glimpses into the untidy lives of a small group of characters, Nowlan felt compelled to give us a carefully groomed resolution.

meet the dwights movie

The epilogue provides closure, but it seems cut from a different cloth than the rest of the piece. Introducing the Dwights is being marketed as a comedy, which is probably a mistake. While there are some laughs to be had most notably during a scene when Tim's dad provides his son with a few life lessons about what women want and how to deal with them after an argumentthe movie is darker and more weighty than one might expect from a so-called "comedy.

They proceeded to have two sons -- Mark Richard Wilsonwho's disabled his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck too longand Tim Khan Chittendenwho's grown up to be Jean's dutiful sidekick, driving her to her two-bit gigs.

Introducing the Dwights

When Mark starts taking phone calls from his "girlfriend," who's also disabled -- and, worse, Tim falls in love with the free-spirited and, much to Jean's dismay, strong-willed Jill Emma Booth -- Jean feels her precarious world tumbling around her feet. Continue reading Show less Is it any good?

meet the dwights movie

Blethyn ably maneuvers in a role that careens from "raunchy homemaker" the name of Jean's act to terminally disappointed and lonely empty-nester. It's an existence her character is anxious to avoid but can't.

meet the dwights movie

It's an admirable turn -- loud, brassy and selfish -- but only just. When the laughs finally give way to tears, you do feel sorry for her. Booth makes a worthy foe for Blethyn's Jean -- her Jill is insecure but determined to make her relationship work -- and Chittenden is persuasive enough as the devoted son who finally lives for himself, despite the costs. Wilson, meanwhile, gets an A for effort but strays out of character so often that it's distracting.

But despite its mostly strong performances and fine script, the film can't quite get the crowd on its feet. Its tone shifts awkwardly: Is it a comedy about familial love and hate?