Meet the eels i need some sleep chords

I Need Some Sleep Uke tab by Eels

meet the eels i need some sleep chords

But now I need to sleep, otherwise tomorrow's 12 hour workshift will be too exhausting. Oh. And Nowadays even more so, because I don't only love the bands I see and friends I meet. But when .. Eels -New double album out now. Must be. Print and download I Need Some Sleep sheet music by Eels. Sheet music arranged for Piano/Vocal/Guitar in C Major (transposable). Alaska in Winter – Close Your Eyes, We Are Blind (Chords) · Allo Darlin' – Tallulah Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele – You Can't Force A Dance Party (Chords) Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele – Meet Me in the Garden ( Chords) Pass (Tabs and Chords) · Panic at the Disco – I Have Friends in Holy Spaces.

I'll go to Keuruu tomorrow to rest and do nothing. So late next week something should start happening. I love you all.

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All who still visits this website eventhough not much has happened lately. It means a lot to me that some people still care about this. Only one week of work left before my summer holiday arrives. It sure feels great after a year and 3 months of continuos working.

The current plan is to do absolutely nothing for the first few days and then make hopefully a huge onechord update during the end of july and early august. I'm really not sure what I am going to do. I would need a couple of months to do everything that I want to do. In a way it would be nice to make this larger than ever before, but that may not be wise because I'm not able to keep it up-to-date even now.

We'll see how it goes. But at least I'm certainly going to spend a lot of time of doing this. And probably I will be enjoying it too. Because when I have enough time, I love doing this. Unfortunately after 8 hours of working it often feels like a struggle. Therefore it might be that the future of onechord. One good update every summer isn't exactly enough. But let's not worry about that now. I finally saw Cats on Fire live last weekend.

They were just as great as I had expected. Hurray for Cats on Fire. A great band and it just feels good to finally hold in my hand an official release that contains those songs that I've really loved for a long time. Therefore I'm forever grateful to Fraction Discs as well.

And yeah, the new song Draw in The Reins is magnificent. That is all for now. I have an evening shift week so I might do some quick reviews during the nights, but don't count on it.

The next week you can start hitting that refresh button and pour some nasty insults to my direction if nothing seems to happen. Until that listen to. That is a bad thing, because I haven't even yet mentioned that The Lucksmith will play in Finland on 4th of September. Now that is big news and I will be miserable for months if I'm not able to get that monday off from work. I really need to see them live. Currently loving not in any order Mojave 3: Puzzles Like You Johan: Let's Get Out of this Country Guillemots: From the Cliffs Rhett Miller: Bright Ideas Essex Green: Cannibal Sea except that the disc has been lost for some days.

Well It's probably in some wrong jewel case a really bad habit of minebut I can't figure out where Eagerly waiting Stuart A. Staples cd to arrive and today realised that Cosmic Rough Riders disc has been out for a while now. Why haven't anyone told me.

I don't seem to be aware of anything at all. I need that one now. And is the album by The Feeling wonderful? And he has a perfect taste in music, so obviously I'm now interested about it.

And Notlame seems to love it too. This website will progress only slowly or not at all until my summer holiday arrives. I will dedicate a week of it to onechord.

Don't know which week though probably not the first one. Stay safe out there. Just as I reach a decent height to start the trip back, I feel the nip in the wind again, which causes me to cringe. Ain't this going to fun?

meet the eels i need some sleep chords

Present Day "You know why I have to do this Alice. I need to apologize about that. You didn't do anything wrong. I thought about what happened since then, and I realized I was being overprotective, like I usually am.

meet the eels i need some sleep chords

Except this time, I was about to keep you from achieving your ambitions, something I know is very important to you, and to which I said I was going to support you on. So for that, I'm sorry Eventually though, I manage to come up with the right words to say, giving her the best comforting smile I can as I place a hand on her shoulder.

You were only trying to keep me safe like you usually do, and I appreciate that. Even when you said you'd help me with things like this, I knew you wouldn't just give up mothering me. I do not mother you. I laugh a little at her reaction, but eventually return back to the topic at hand. So once again, thanks for coming with me Alice. I really couldn't do this without you. Now let's hurry and be on our way.

It should get close to sunset by the time we arrive at this point. Seeing none, I quickly hop onto Arashi to make a quick flight out of the village. Wait a second, before I forget Before I can ask why she asked me to stop, I notice the little doll on my shoulder hopping down into my lap, which distracts me as I feel a warm, comforting feeling engulf my neck.

Looking back up, I find that the doll maker has stepped to be directly in front of me, her face awfully close to my own with her arms being held around my neck. Needless to say, the situation makes me go red with embarrassment.

A second after, I feel a slight tightening around my neck, to which to puppeteer takes a step back again to look me over. That should do it. I remembered your complaints about flying in the cold before, so I figured I could do a little something about it.

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It's also a present to you to go with my apology. As you probably figured, I made it myself. Thanks a bunch Alice, I already feel much warmer. Let's be on our way. I never realized how small the lake actually was. It didn't take us long to reach the water's edge of the lake, the short flight from the village taking just long enough for the sun to start disappearing behind the mountains.

Upon our arrival however, I quickly noticed that the mist that gives the body of water its name was absent, giving me a clear view of the whole area.

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This also revealed a few other things to me, such as the lake's actual size compared to how I imagined it to be from my first trip here with Mystia. The mist only makes is seem bigger than it actually is. Where did all the mist go? The mist is usually only present during the day, and right now it is late enough that it should be dissipating.

It is an unusual phenomenon, but that is just how things are. From our current distance, I can gather that it is a big, European styled mansion, and that it is mostly colored red. Other than that, I can't gather many other details until I get closer. It's kinda hard to miss. Not enough to cover it completely from overhead, but if you are looking from the other side of the lake you wouldn't be able to spot it. And Remilia certainly decided on a good location to build a mansion. The view must be great.

No one knows how, though some speculate that she brought her whole mansion with her from the outside world when she became a resident here. From what I know, that's almost normal. It really does seem to be a thing for random buildings to pop up. Like the Moriya Shrine, for instance.

You haven't heard of it? I'm surprised Reimu never complained to you about them before. I do think I heard her complain about something along those lines before. You mean that temple that's near the village, right? Kyouko always talked about the Myouren Temple whenever we meet up. A real sweet girl honestly. She's a good influence on my employer. The two place's names sound pretty similar. It's on top of Youkai Mountain. I think I remember reading something about a shrine on top of the mountain, but I kinda glossed over that part.

You have done the exact same thing, as I recall. I suppose I did. I would think it would be hard for anyone to know of Gensokyo's existence. Youkai will find their way here somehow, either by searching for it or just stumbling their way in. Things would be a bit different without you being here. The Great Hakurei Barrier is a complicated matter in itself, and only Yukari and Reimu know exactly how it works.

There have been some cases of humans getting spirited away from what I've heard, but I'm unsure if that works for youkai too. I didn't know spiriting away works like that.

I'm here now, and that's what counts. Not much point thinking about it. In fact, we had just managed to cross to the other side of the lake, and are currently approaching what seems to be the outer perimeter of Remilia's estate, if the brick wall surrounding the place is any indication.

A bit of chitchat really does pass the time, it seems. The red building seems to approximately have two main floors making it up, though it is honestly impossible to tell considering there is a severe lack of windows to indicate any height, with any of the visible ones being a deep scarlet color.

This isn't very surprising, considering the master of the place. Also while the whole thing looks wide from the front, it may not actually be as big as it looks, though the gardens outside do a good job with filling any leftover space.

And of course, there is the big clock tower poking out of the roof, which has caught my attention right away. All in all, it is a spectacular mansion to oversee, on par to any mansion I have ever seen on my travels in the outside world or on television.

And with visibility constantly decreasing due to the disappearing light of day, it gives the whole place an air of menace, perfectly fitting for one such as a vampire. This place is impressive. Does that mean you come here often? I sometimes visit their library when I need to do some research, but that doesn't happen very often. Marisa visits here more often than I do, as much as it annoys them.

Why do I get the feeling Marisa can't keep her hands to herself when she is here? But why don't we just fly over to the front door? It's quicker that way, isn't it? Might as well deal with her now rather than later, right? As we grow closer to the ground, I take the moment to get a better look at the supposed gatekeeper that we will be checking in with.

Eels - I need some sleep (Original)

The very first thing I think of when I see this person is 'Chinese', but not because she looks like she is. It's her clothing that gives the impression, what with the green beret, vest, and long slit skirt each distinctly oriental in nature, though it has personal customization added to it such as the white, short sleeved blouse or black ribbon tied at the collar.

Even the star on her beret has a distinctly Chinese symbol on it, and what is written there I can only guess at. Combining that with her long, scarlet hair, which also has two braids framing her face tied by two small ribbons, and her deep aqua colored eyes that are staring up at the two of us, this gate guard has a very exotic feel to her, even compared to most of the residents in Gensokyo I have met. Once we finish landing on the beaten path leading up to the entrance, with little Shanghai flying off my lap back to my shoulder as I hop off of my ride, the green garbed girl finally moves from her stiff vigil at her post, even if she only moves a few step forwards to meet with us.

How are you this evening? She shifts her aqua eyes up and down my form with a calculating stare, while still not dropping that friendly air she has about her. I'm not exactly sure why the mistress wants to see you, but I've been instructed by Sakuya to let you and whoever you're with inside as soon as you arrive. Thankfully you came with Alice, so I can actually do my job for once. I'm not even going to ask. I'm absolutely sure she is talking about Marisa and Reimu, but I just don't want to know.

I suppose that is besides the point right now. I better let you in quickly, or I'll get in trouble for holding up the guests. Without another word, and much to my surprise, the redhead opens up half of the massive looking gate with only a single arm, casually holding it open behind her with said arm while she is facing back at us.

Best not to keep Remilia-sama waiting. Thank you very much. As soon as we clear the threshold, the scarlet haired girl gives us a short wave before she releases the door, allowing it to swiftly swing back shut with a deafening thud, which causes me to jump in place from shock. How heavy was that thing? After making sure we put a few paces between ourselves and the barrier behind us, I look back to my traveling companion with a curious brow raised. Sadly, she gets a lot of grief when it comes to being a gate guard.

She certainly seemed like it, but that is still pretty cool. Who better to guard your home than someone who could ward off any attackers, after all. Hard to believe someone like that would have any trouble with any would be trespassers. That's pretty sad, honestly. With our destination that much more closer than it once was, its mere presence feeling like it is looming over me. I can't help but gulp softly at the sight, and my friend besides me notices right away, taking on a comforting visage for my sake.

I'm not sure what is going to happen, so This feeling is magnified with little Shanghai doing her best to hug around the scarf around my neck with her tiny arms, which causes a smile to break out on my face "Yeah, I know.

After hesitating in front of them for a moment, and a light prodding from the puppeteer besides me, I slowly reach up to the ornate knocker on the door, their shape unsurprisingly bat shaped, and use it to knock loudly against the door. Not a few seconds later, both of the doors open to reveal the familiar form of the maid named Sakuya, standing before us with an elegance more grand than when I first met her. I'm glad to see that you made your way here safely.

Dinner preparations are almost ready, and the mistress is awake and eager to receive you. I did ask you to arrive at evening, after all. My priority at the time was to make sure you arrived at all, so I may have left certain details out at the time. Thinking back on it, it does make sense that we would arrive at dinner time. Fortunately, I haven't had my own dinner yet, so this works out just fine.

Heck, if I don't settle down soon that very well would be the case now. At any rate, let's not spend all evening chatting at the doorway. I'm sure Remilia is expecting us. In that case, please allow me to escort you to her before I finish the dinner preparations.

Sakuya leads us straight through the main foyer, only allowing me a quick look around before moving on. The lighting inside is a little dimmer than I expected, but I'm still able to see with reasonable clarity that the place is mostly colored in different shades of red, much to be expected.

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There is also many forms of furniture and decorations, such as paintings, tables, pottery, and the like, but none of it grabs my attention for long as I quickly find myself walking down a long, winding hallway. After a fair while of following after the knife wielding servant through the mansion, it occurs to me that our path is becoming very odd, in a navigational sense.

In fact, it feels as if some of the turns we have taken along our way are redundant, taking us off of one hallway only to just seemingly turn right back onto it a couple of turns later, only to start going back the way we came. Eventually, this bothers me enough to speak up about, so I call out to our guide.

It feels like we are going in circles. In fact we should be reaching the dinning room here shortly. This irritates me a bit, but I choose to keep quiet about it so as to continue our walk peacefully. True to her word, we eventually arrive at a large set of double doors, right in the middle of the path that I swear we have just came from not a moment ago.

Needless to say, I find myself quite confused at the situation. It feels like we have already been here before. As I'm sure you realize, Remilia-sama is waiting for you inside. Please mind yourself, and do your best to not upset her, if you can. Now if you will excuse me, I must go and finish dinner preparations.

It's not good for my sanity here. She does that almost every time I meet her. Well, here we are. Got any last minute advice for me before we go in? She detests that with a passion. Once inside, I get my first good look at the dinning room, which fits right in with what one would assume one would be like in a mansion. It is relatively spacious, and is decorated in a similar way as the main foyer, with reds and decorations fit for the wealthy.

Obviously, there is also the long dinning table in the center, with enough seating to entertain several people at once if the need were to occur, and taking up a good portion of the room's floor space. The table itself is decorated with some fancy table settings, such as candelabras and place mats, and up above the table itself is an ornate chandelier, which provides a generous amount of light for the room. On the far and left sides of the room are more doors, obviously to offer different ways of entry into the room, and along the right side wall is a large window, which currently is covered up by scarlet shades to keep any light from spilling in.

Of course, the center of attention for both Alice and I isn't any of the decorations or features of the room, but the small girl that is seated on the other end of the long table, her blood red eyes staring right at me with deep interest as her lips curl in a satisfied smirk.

Soon after we walk to the other side of the table from her the girl proceeds to stand up with a royal elegance to meet us, the notable bat wings on her back stretching wide to showcase themselves for all.

We meet again Dash, Guitarist from the Outside World. Welcome to my home. We will see what happens