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meet the engineer 2014 chevy

The Ohio State named top students in automotive engineering and Year Three Here's the Chevy Camaro that UW students are re-engineering to improve fuel FTF ; EcoCAR 3 RFP Video; Meet the University of Waterloo Alternative. Delphi told GM ignition switch didn't meet specs Published p.m. ET March 30, | Updated p.m. ET March 30, . But a GM engineer said it would be "close to impossible to modify the present ignition switch." Even so, GM . Unless specifically noted to the contrary herein, vehicles equipped with Chevrolet Performance Parts may not meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and.

An investigation links the fatal crash of a Chevrolet Cobalt in Wisconsin to the ignition defect, but regulators do not conduct an investigation. A NHTSA official emails the agency's Office of Defects Investigation recommending a probe looking into the failure of air bags to deploy in crashes involving Chevrolet Cobalts and Saturn Ions, prompted by 29 complaints, four fatal crashes and 14 field reports.

The Office of Defects Investigation at NHTSA concludes that there is no correlation between the crashes and the failure of air bags to deploy, ending the proposed probe. Senate votes to oppose a government bailout for GM, despite support from outgoing President George W.

Bush and President-elect Barack Obama and GM's announcement that it's nearly out of cash and may not survive beyond President Bush announces bankruptcy is an option, if it's "orderly" and involves unions and other stakeholders. GM says it will not be able to make a June 1,debt payment. GM files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Treasury purchases GM assets, giving the government primary ownership of the company.

Consumer Reports says GM is considered "reliable" based on scores from road tests and performance on crash tests. GM identifies four crashes and four corresponding fatalities all involving Saturn Ions along with six other injuries from four other crashes attributable to the defect.

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GM reports August sales were up 10 percent from the previous year, with Chevrolet passenger car sales up 25 percent. The sports car was named by Myron Scott, the assistant advertising manager, after speedy warships, known as corvettes, used by the British navy in World War II.

Scott also was known for his creation of the Soap Box Derby see A Corvette ad is shown here. Henry Ewald died in ; he worked at Campbell-Ewald until his death.

Frank Campbell, who left the agency indied in Chevrolet boasted it was the top car brand based on R. Polk new-car registrations, but Ford insisted it was the best-selling brand based on Polk's registrations of cars actually sold to customers a definition that excluded cars registered to dealers and manufacturers.

A frame from a commercial featuring the Corvette and other models "That Chevy feeling" is shown here. Chevrolet does not think much of the possible market for the small economy car," Ad Age reported. Despite Cole's comments, he was a key backer of the Corvair, a rear-engine small car sold in the through model years.

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Cole later became GM president before retiring in A frame from 's "A Car is Born" is shown here. This would be the first of four Grand Prix awards that the agency and Chevrolet would win over five years. Ford sent a hard-sell direct-mail pitch to Chevrolet owners that included a letter signed by Lee Iacocca, Ford's car marketing manager.

Chevrolet did a cross-promotion with dressmaker Smoler Bros. Chevrolet then promoted the dresses in conjunction with department stores, awarding a new car to the woman who gave the best reason for liking her Chevy-shade clothes.

meet the engineer 2014 chevy

In November Chevrolet celebrated its 50th anniversary with a one-hour TV spectacular on CBS that looked at the history - and future - of automobiles. The campaign also included newspapers, magazines, radio, TV spots, outdoor boards and direct mail. Chevrolet and Campbell-Ewald won a Grand Prix at Cannes for "Magic Ride," a captivating commercial showing a couple traveling in an invisible car that turned out to be a new Chevrolet. Chevrolet said its marketing plans called for something different than Shore's variety show.

meet the engineer 2014 chevy

When the truck drove over a rough surface, the eggs didn't break. Chevrolet produced another attention-getting, if hard to fathom, commercial, floating a car lazily along Venetian canals.

meet the engineer 2014 chevy

Chevrolet in spring produced a 5. Chevy aired another 5.

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The two-minute commercial, "Fusion," showed the explosion in reverse so that far-flung parts came together to create the new car. Rumors spread about potential changes on the account, including one report that Chevrolet had concluded there was only one other agency capable of handling the account - J.

Walter ThompsonFord's agency.

meet the engineer 2014 chevy

This week marks National Engineers Week, and the purpose is to call attention to the contributions that engineers make to society. So it seemed like a perfect time to introduce the race engineers for all four Hendrick Motorsports teams. I am from Smithfield, Virginia. I was the race engineer on the No. Where did you go to school? How would you describe your job? I help "make" speed. We work to do anything that we can to make the car go fast, mechanically or aerodynamically.

I help coordinate and execute the efforts discussed. At the track, I work with Chad and Jimmie to tune the car for its best performance.

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How does your job translate to success on the track? At the shop, I help Chad develop and execute test plans to find better chassis and body combinations to tune for speed. At the track, I listen to feedback from Jimmie and Chad and provide options to help us tune the car.

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