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marked the 35th anniversary of 'Slap Shot'. He finds them in the bus station, dropping the gloves with a soda machine that stole their quarter. of the film and we would help him with the hockey scenes," Carlson recalled. In the end, the Chiefs reach the Federal League championship game and. There's a scene where the bad guy confronts some poor shmoe in the bathroom. I don't know about funniest, but I think the MOST dubbing I've ever seen was in "Slapshot". kiddies or sheltered viewers to turn to their friends or parents and say "What's a climax? "Rommel, you magnificent bus-stop!". In The Making of Slap Shot, veteran sports writer Jonathon Jackson lets fans not only relive just how the film was made, but brings to light surprising . This book is dedicated to my parents, Barry and Marlene But the news that he was gone was still met by .. “I think it was probably on the TV on every bus trip we ever.

For some reason, Greg's husbands do not seem to get along with Jack and Chaos is inevitable. It is hard do say why they took out the following scenes for the Theatrical Version. It cannot be a rating issue, after all, those scenes would still be okay for a PG rating.

Paul Newman: Reggie

Depending on which version you pick in the menu, they will be included at the respective part of the movie or not. You will recognize the additions by their image quality which is worse than the rest of the movie. Right after the greeting, Jack smells like alcohol.

No, no, no, I had a-- had a little glass of champagne on the plane because they bumped us up to first class. But the flight was two hours and the body metabolizes alcohol in an hour or so.

I was fine to drive the rental car. Yeah, but that's why you might have detected a hint of alcohol in my breath. But I would never drink and drive, Jack. I missed his over-explanations. Since his mother is out of the house at the moment, his grandfather Jack Byrnes takes care of things. For this job he had someone construct a fake breast which he filled with recently tapped mother's milk. He wants to make sure that Greg believes that the breast feels genuine so he tells him to touch it.

In the process, Pam and Dina run into them. The scene where they try to explain it away was cut out of the Theatrical Version. No, Jack just asked me to touch his Mannary Gland to feel how soft it is, that's all.

I told him how soft it was, and he didn't wanna touch it. Then I said, 'Just touch the thing and you'll see how soft it is. When Greg, Pam, and the latter's parents arrive at the Fockers' house, Roz is in the middle of a seating. She says that she is going to send all the attendants away though. However, Ira has some problems with his girlfriend. That short part is missing. The Rin Tin Tin routine? He simply kept everything from Greg's childhood and put it in the album.

One of the collected pieces is Greg's foreskin after the circumcision. Of course, Greg gets pretty embarassed about all of this and tries to get a hold of the album. However, he uses a little too much force and the foreskin flies out of the album. In the Extended Version you can see how Greg can just hinder it from landing in Jack's mouth. However, it falls right into the fondue. Additional Scene in the Extended Version: Dina and Jack notice that, too.

We might wanna try it sometime, you know. During a joint ride with Jack's Bus, Bernie wants to apologize. I--I guess I still wanna be his hero. I want my kids to feel the same way about me. The truth is when I get pumped up, it's--it's hard to hold me down. I have testosterone like bull's. It's literally the size of a bull's. Some Reggae music can be heard in the background. How are you doing? Then he realizes the song hasn't finished and cools off. By the time the team goes to an away game against Hyannisport they are winning, but their reputation has preceded them, and mobs of people boo them at their arrival.

They stop jeering when the bus drives by with all the Chiefs and boosters mooning them out every bus window as they pass. The other Chiefs players soon take their cue from the popularity of the Hansons and become "goons," fighting as much as if not more than actually playing hockey.

At Peterboro a fan throws something and hits a Hanson in the face, and all three brothers take to the stands to find and pummel him. After the game the police arrest the Hansons. Peterboro still loses the game. When the bus arrives back in Charlestown and Ned is not on it for Lily to pick up he gets off and walks the last few milesLily is upset and tears out of the lot in her van, but not before Reg climbs aboard and starts talking to her about getting her head straight.

She drops him off at his place and drives off in tears. Francine tells Reg she has a job offering in Long Island and will be moving away. Dave who has taken the name "Killer" Carlson calls Reg, anxious to claim the money, which Reg says will have to be earned. Reg tries to get some sleep before the game, but Joe calls to read him off for putting a bounty on a player's head, and suddenly Lily has arrived with the dog and her belongings, anxious to straighten herself out.

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Reg passes out in the remaining bed space left by the St. Before the game, Reg yells at the organist for playing "Lady of Spain" and rips up the sheet music. The game is going well, with plenty of beatings between goals, but Ned refuses to play dirty, so Reg benches him first in his career and Ned goes to the broadcast booth to gripe to Jim Carr, going into an uncharacteristic tirade and discovering that Jim wears a toupee and announcing it on the air.

Finally, Reg finds out that the team is owned by somebody named McCambridge, so he goes to the owner's home to talk with him.

It turns out he is a she: She plans to fold the team to take a tax write-off as her accountants have recommended.

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She realizes the Chiefs are sellable but chooses not to. Disgusted, Reg insults her and leaves, then drives to Ned's house to find he is out in the woods trying to avoid talking to him; he yells to Ned that he can play however he wants and, since the team is folding, he wants to go out in style.

Reg takes Lily to Francine's beauty shop for a makeover at his expense. She says Lily is pretty and could look like Cher with the right hair and makeup. At the championship game, Reg tells the guys that he wants to play "old time hockey" and not be a goon for what might be his last game. The Hansons are all for it, so they take the ice and wait for the Syracuse team to come out, but the ice remains empty.

Then the announcer receives the roster for the opposition: The moment the puck drops, the Syracuse men launch upon the Chiefs in a massive fight. Ned doesn't get involved, and Joe sits in amazement in the stands as his boys don't fight back. At the half-time break, Joe hollers at the mangled Chiefs that he has gathered every major NHL talent scout to the game to watch them and offer contracts.

Back on the ice, "old time hockey" is gone, replaced by the Chiefs' old ways. While Ned sits on the bench, he suddenly spots Francine escorting the new, improved Lily to the stands; he is overcome with the sight of her, and suddenly he skates out to center ice and begins removing parts of his uniform.

Jim Carr is stunned and disgusted, but the band launches into "The Stripper" as Ned continues his striptease and the other players slowly cease their fighting to watch.

McCracken yells at an official to stop Ned, but he finds nothing wrong and won't interfere. McCracken then strikes the official, who declares the Syracuse team has forfeited the game and takes the winner's cup to Reg, who passes it to Ned as they skate off the ice Ned stripped down to his skates and jockstrap to thunderous applause.

The Chiefs win the Federal League and receive a heroes' welcome back in Charlestown Reg is pleased that the NHL's Minnesota Nighthawks want to hire him as their coach, and that several key Chief's players will be part of the bargain.