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Discover ideas about Talladega Nights Quotes .. Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby [ManCaveSportsSigns] Sharing is Caring – Hey can you Share this Quote !. Friendship is so weird, you just pick a human you've met, & .. Talladega Nights Dinner Scene Talladega Nights, My Friend, Scene, Dinner, Dining, .. Easy A-I love these parents! books-i-love-reading-movies-i-enjoy-watching-and-t. the scene of upset middle-class parents from suburban Forest Hills, NY: balding, in attendance at a black-tie dinner meeting in a ballroom with other like-minded , middle-aged adults in a Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby ().

At the Dinner Table: Meet the Parents

This had me contemplating family dinner scenes in movies, and what important roles they can play. Done poorly, it can be boring and slow down the film. It can be a pivotal moment in turning a good movie into a great movie. Here are the 10 that made our list in no particular order Beetlejuice — From the genius and darkly comedic mind of Tim Burton came the most random dance number in cinema history: So weird, so original.

Of course it provided for some important information I will never forget: Who would spend it with? I was so impressed with how M. Night Shyamalan directed this scene. We hear that crazy cat Tim Burton's a stickler for perfection. The Break-Up Just in case it's not clear by this point, impromptu breakouts of acapella crooning at a dinner party are the peak of aural oppression. Vince Vaughn agrees, evidently, and looks like he's receiving an ear enema during this gut-punch of a performance by his soon-to-be ex girlfriend Brook's camptastic brother, Richard.

Turns out he's not the greatest fan of kick drums either. Lars and the Real Girl If there's anyone who can make dating a lifesize doll appear acceptable, it's Ryan Gosling - with his face carved by angels and moustache borrowed from Mark Lawrenson.

Still, not even 'The Gos' can make the meet-the-family meal less uncomfortable, especially when his wheelchair bound missionary girlfriend Bianca turns out to not be much of a talker.

The Aviator Having a meal with anyone when hard of hearing must be a bit of a trifle, but dining with the illustrious Hepburn family - with their machine gun conversation and condescending snarl - is enough to scare anyone. Credit to Leo DiCaprio's Howard Hughes though, he lasts a solid three and a half minutes before disappearing out the door, to get back to his own business of 'aeroplane guff'. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind If we learned one lesson from childhood, it's that the sight of your own father crying normally means there's something gravely wrong with planet Earth.

Mind you, our dad never did make a mountain of of mashed potatoes after seeing an alien spacecraft - he just stubbed his toe on the coffee table - so we'll give Richard Dreyfuss the benefit of the doubt on this one.

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Also, as you asked - this scene was subject to a genius spoof in The IT Crowd. Talladega Nights Sitting down to a home cooked meal of Domino's Pizza, KFC and burgers, NASCAR supremo Ricky Bobby delivers a sterling, 2, year long grace to the "eight pound six ounce, newborn infant Jesus", allows his vile offspring to roundly insult their elderly grandfather and proceeds to get busy with his peroxide bride on the dinner table.

The scene starts with with a huge table filled with plates and bowls, but no visible food. He tells them all to believe and all of a sudden food appears in multiple forms and all different colors.

At the Dinner Table: Meet the Parents - A Dash of Cinema

Everyone at the table is in awe, and then a food fight begins. Not to mention Peter and Rufio blasting each other with insults. A week old maggot burger with everything on it and flies on the side! Step Brothers Two Will Ferrell movies in a row.

A SCHMOES THANKSGIVING: The Top 10 Family Dinner Scenes in Movies!!!

Step Borthers is one of the funniest movies in recent years and extremely quotable. There are actually three memorable dinner scenes in this movie, but I decided to go with the first.

Another scene that is memorable based mostly on dialogue. The addition of Will Ferrell not wanting to share his fancy sauce is also great.

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