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meet the fockers parents scene

Meet The Fockers — In a reversal of the first film, Pam and her parents join Greg in meeting his parents, . This scene was heavily used to promote the film. Meet the Parents () Connections on IMDb: Referenced in, Featured in, The Making of a Godfocker: Behind the Scenes of 'Little Fockers' () (Video). By Steve Head In Meet the Fockers, which opens Wednesday, Ben Stiller This time on Greg's parents, Bernie (Dustin Hoffman) and Roz.

meet the fockers parents scene

Violence There are a number of minor pratfalls and accidents, all intended to be funny. In the background of one scene, a clip of a violent moment in the film Scarface appears on a television screen.

Focker is a sex therapist and is introduced conducting a "sensuality class" for elderly couples. An oversexed dog simulates sex with a cat, a doll, and anything else he can find. There are breast-feeding jokes, "boob" jokes, poop jokes, fart jokes, and jokes and conversations about vasectomies, virginity, masturbation, circumcisions, and more. Language includes multiple uses of "s--t" in various forms, plus "ass," "crap," "hell," etc.

A baby repeatedly says "asshole" his first word. A man lies face down on a massage table, a woman takes off his shirt we see his bare chest and back and begins to rub his back: A man and a woman hug, kiss and caress each other in several scenes. A man and a woman hug and kiss in several scenes.

meet the fockers parents scene

A woman caresses another woman's ears and the woman appears to be sexually stimulated. A woman acts out a sexual encounter with hand puppets.

meet the fockers parents scene

A man takes his wife by the hand and leads her to an RV and it is implied that they have sex. A man and a woman bump their hips together and he pats her buttocks when celebrating a successful football play.

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We see a woman in labor in a hospital, with her legs propped in stirrups we see her bare thighsand a man has his hand between her legs while checking her dilation he holds up two slime-covered fingers. A bus rides alongside an RV, the driver of the RV honks his horn, the bus passes revealing a sign the reads "honk if you're horny," and women on the bus lift their shirts showing the lower part of their bare breasts no nipplesand one person moons the RV showing bare buttocks.

A woman says that her husband is a "sexual dynamo. People discuss when they lost their virginity. A woman talks about senior sexuality.

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A man says, "I conceived him with one testicle" and proceeds to explain why he has only one. A dog thrusts against a woman's leg and a man makes a comment about the dog's anatomy, a dog thrusts on a hand puppet in the shape of a man and we hear rhythmic squeaking, and a dog thrusts on top of a cat.

A man straps on a fake breast it looks very lifelike and prepares to feed a toddler. This scene was heavily used to promote the film. Jack places his thumbs on Greg's wrists as an impromptu lie detector in their last major scene. Which may border on to research failure as using your thumbs to take a person's pulse is not correct; your thumb has its own pulse and thus may give a false reading. Some have speculated that Jack was counting on Greg not knowing that, and getting distracted from hiding other signs that he's lying.

See Ethnic Menial Labor above. The Maiden Name Debate: In the second movie, Pam confirms that she will indeed take Greg's name, she doesn't care how embarassing it may sound. Inverted; although Greg scored top marks in medical school, he chose to be a nurse so he could spend more time with patients. Jack and the rest of the Byrnes family which include several doctors themselves grill him on why he just didn't become a doctor and even refuse to believe he passed his MCAT with top marks.

One of the plot points of the third film. The headmistress of the school in the third film mistakes Greg and Jack for being married. Happens to Greg when he gets kicked off an airplane in the first movie. Towards the end of the third film.

meet the fockers parents scene

Greg tries to present a peace offering to Jack, who looks like he's about ready to accept, until he punches Greg in the face. Jessica Alba shows a lot in Little Fockers. This is Murphy's Law: Greg by the third movie, able to stand up for himself against Jack's usual misunderstandings.

Dina's the only member of Pam's family who is remotely nice to Greg. Overly Long Gag - see Punny Name below.

meet the fockers parents scene

When he's finally called out on his crap, Pam points out that every man she's ever dated was highly nervous when they were around her after meeting him. Jack to a disturbing degree. Bernie Focker when he finds out that Jack drugged Greg with truth serum. Greg's suitcase gets lost in-flight. A suitcase is found matching the description and delivered to him at the parents of his girlfriend.

He attempts to open it but can't and leaves for the day, leaving his prospective father-in-law alone at the house.

Being former CIA he opens it easily and finds it full of fetish and bondage gear and sex toys. It doesn't help that earlier on, Greg mentioned having "something in his suitcase that he wouldn't feel right asking Pam to wear without her father's approval". From the first film, Jack finds out all kinds of unsavory things about Greg that aren't even truebut is oblivious to the fact that his own son smokes pot.

Lampshaded by Greg in the last scene. Mo Focker, an unseen relative. A conversation between Jack and Greg reveals that's not the extent of it, either: You meet some of the I met some, yes. Yeah, Dom Focker, that's my dad's You meet his kids, Randy and Orny? Put on a Bus: