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meet the fraggles dvd

Likes: Muppets, Fraggle Rock Dislikes: Preachy kids shows. Hates: Gorgs. The Story So Far Originally airing on HBO in the mid ‘80s. the selected items together. This item:Fraggle Rock: Meet The Fraggles by Gerard Parkes DVD $ Fraggle: Down In Fraggle Rock DVD $ In Stock. Fraggle Rock: Meet the Fraggles Release Date September 30, (VHS)May 13, (DVD) Region 1 Distributor VHS - Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

There was a special featuring the Fraggles called Fraggles Look for Jobs which details the Fraggles after the show had ended.

Gobo has secured a singing job billed as "Gobo the Frosty Fraggle," Wembley has no immediate plans except to stop wearing banana tree shirts, Mokey is writing a screenplay called "Girls of the Sixties," and Red has signed a contract to play hockey for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Fraggle Rock - Meet the Fraggles (DVD, 2013)

Boober spends most of the video on the phone with Bernie and others hoping to find another acting job, preferably as a romantic lead. Begooney was shown as the child of the characters depicted by Mudwell and Murray.

meet the fraggles dvd

Sprocket was seen in a crowd cameo. The Inkspots performed by Jerry Nelson and Steve Whitmire were seen in the house windows and one of them was seen near a mud puddle during the song "Scrooge" while sitting next to the Porcupine from Billy Bunny's Animal Songs.

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Aretha appears in a crowd chorus where she has a line in the song with a Pig Businessman and the Blue Frackle. Blustering Bellowpane Monster appears in The Muppets.

It can be seen in a Muppet crowd cameo near the end of the film. The beginning of the music video had Uncle Traveling Matt reporting about his experience at a recording studio portrayed by the Jim Henson Company Lot where the recording of the song is overseen by a sound engineer played by Rob Corddry.

During the song, Ben Fold Five's performance had them rocking all of Fraggle Rock even opening a ceiling where the five Fraggles end up pulled out of upon grabbing the microphone cable and joining in on the song with Uncle Traveling Matt coming in near the end.

meet the fraggles dvd

Tying everything together, Doc and Sprocket's wrap-around story mirrors the Fraggles' plot, keep them well-connected to the show. The Fraggles and Sprocket aren't the only puppet creatures on the show, as the tiny Doozers adorable little round-headed construction workersthe giant Gorgs massive bullies who hunt Fraggles and are portrayed as either developmentally delayed or Southern and the bizarre Marjory, a talking trash heap who dispenses wisdom, round out their world.

The Doozers' construction projects are eaten by the Fraggles in a strange symbiotic relationship, which would not be shocking if it was some sort of statement on the working class and the rich, and their reliance on each other. Though the show was made for kids, it was surprisingly deep at times, perhaps no more so than when Gobo sings a song about finding his meaning in life as he decides his role as an adventurer was not chosen but foisted upon him.

It goes well with an episode where Mokey joins what is essentially a wandering cult, thinking she's found her calling in life, following a leader who speaks in twisted platitudes.

Fraggle Rock: Dance Your Cares Away DVD Overview

This set features six episodes from the series' first two seasons, including the first-ever episode. What's nice as far the selection goes, is each of the core Fraggles gets their own spotlight episode, be it a look at Boober's fun-loving alter-ego or Wembley learning to say "No" when people take advantage of his helpful nature. Wembley may be the most enjoyable of the Fraggles, as his self-deprecating sense of humor can be quite funny. Each episode features plenty of musical moments, and the songs are very entertaining, rising above the traditional simple kids songs.

The disc features an animated full-frame menu offering options to play all episodes or select shows. There are no audio options and no subtitles, but closed captioning is available. When greenscreen is used, the effect is obnoxiously obvious, and the opening titles are a bit rougher than the rest of the presentation, but there are no notable concerns about damage or compression artifacts.

It looks old because it is old, not because it wasn't handled well. The Dolby Digital 2. Voices and music sound solid and strong. The Extras Unlike previous releases, this one arrives without bonus features.