Meet the knicks city dancers clinic

Lizards Dance Team to Hold Pre-Audition Clinic | New York Lizards

meet the knicks city dancers clinic

Wednesday: Auditions for the Knicks City Dancers and Brooklynettes, celebrating Prince's birthday, and Global Running Day. At the Clinic on January 14, attendees will have the opportunity to meet head coach Paula Sanders, a former Knicks City Dancer, who has. courtesy Madison Square Garden The Knicks City Dancers are perhaps the most iconic sideline stars in the NBA. The KCD hold clinics throughout the tristate area during the year. “They're mock MEET THE DANCERS.

So I took a leap of faith and tried out. Being able to share my passion while also encouraging others is my favorite part of being a Lizard's dancer.

We get to train, perform, and show off all while cheering on the best team in the league. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment during one of your performance? My most embarrassing performance moment definitely happened at our very first game.

A "V-sit" a move where you jump back on your hands and your legs hit a straddle position, key being you have to catch yourself was choreographed into one of our dances. I guess I got so excited to throw it that my hands just never seemed to reach the ground.

Knicks City Dancers Profile: Jamilah

My legs did the right thing, but since I didn't catch myself; I literally came crashing down on the ground like flattened pancake. It was certainly not my most graceful moment.

meet the knicks city dancers clinic

What dance experience did you have prior to joining the New York Lizards dance team? I trained in several styles of dance ranging from hip hop to Irish step at Blue Ridge Performing Arts Academy in Virginia throughout my teen years.

To those trying out, as corny as it sounds, just have fun. Of course the choreography is important, but living your best life on the dance floor is what shines through. So pull up, show out, and whip that hair! Christine Hogg Why did you tryout for the Lizards dance team? I wanted to apply my 18 years of dance background into a professional space.

I finally felt confident enough to put myself out there and audition for things, that at the time, were out of my comfort zone. I found the audition online, and figured "hey what do I have to lose!? It is the perfect start too.

What is your favorite part about being a member of the New York Lizards dance team?

The dance family I have become a part of. My teammates are now like sisters to me, and my closest friends and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

I look forward to practice and games not only for the love of dancing, but to spend time with my favorite people, doing my favorite thing. Hmmm yes, forgetting a move during a rapid dance and my coach noticing my "mess-up face!

Dancing for 18 years in various styles such as jazz, tap, modern, ballet, pointe, lyrical, contemporary, partnering, hip-hop and broadway styles. Give it your all! The more intensely you move your body the better you look.

meet the knicks city dancers clinic

If you feel uncomfortable- good! You probably look fierce! It was a dream come true for rookie Courtney Chung.

KCD - | New York Knicks

Contracts are signed, media training is completed, and measurements are taken for the 11 different uniforms the dancers will sport over the season. Then biweekly rehearsals start in August and continue throughout the season. When we moved on to a new routine, I almost believed that I was picking up the choreography as quickly as the others were—perhaps because the first steps of the routine were literally steps.

But these steps quickly morphed into some hard-core kicks and spins, and I quit while I was ahead, though the girls showed no signs of slowing down. Five hundred will try out; only 20 will make it. Being an amazing dancer is important, but so is the ability to get along with others and even to speak well. These girls not only represent the Knicks; they also represent Madison Square Garden. Even though she resides in Maryland, she makes the four-hour commute to New York for every home game and rehearsal.

When Hurricane Sandy hit last year, she was determined to get to the city as soon as possible. I was able to get on the last bus from Washington, D. It was amazing to see that the Garden still had a full house for that game. On the contrary, no foul play allowed, as every NBA team has a written rule against fraternization.

meet the knicks city dancers clinic