Meet the macguffin device

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meet the macguffin device

Mamet sees the MacGuffin as "that thing which the hew is chasing. The As a literary device, the MacGuffin predates Hitchcock. . I'm glad to meet you, James. Being aware of the MacGuffin in your own story, carefully crafting it to meet your needs, The device, the gimmick, if you will, or the papers the spies are after. The MacGuffin became a key device in Hitchcock's films. So perhaps we may seek a 'psychoanalytic' explanation. In an article that appeared on this website.

It's too bad that not only is Zeref not dead, he has absolutely no intention of going along with any of these plans. Sasuke becomes this after he leaves the Leaf Village. Jinchurikis provide a straighter example. Seiya's sister Seika was played up as this, despite only turning up at the end of the series and not appearing in the sequel, yet.

Saint Seiya Next Dimension: Saori becomes one again after she is transformed into a baby. While it's debatable whether the torches in Shakugan no Shana are "alive", Yuuji Sakai is generally treated as living by the main characters. That's partially because unlike other torches, he isn't going to just go out one day. But it's also because he's managed to validate his humanity, even before he found out he wasn't going to become Ret Gone.

The Firebird from Time Bokan series Yattodetaman. In this series, two royal houses battle for the power to rule the Kingdom of Fir. In order to secure the Kingdom, two representatives go back in time to find the mythical Firebird, which will allow its bearer to become the rightful ruler Nico Robin of One Piece is this; she is the only person still alive who can decipher poneglyphes, through which the location of ancient super weapons can be discovered.

The Enies Lobby arc was all about saving her from the Government, who wanted to find said weapons for their own means. Five years ago Ai sealed away the real MacGuffinthe Cyverseand now everyone's hunting Ai down so they can steal the coordinates to where the Cyverse was hidden. Except Yusakuwho has no clue about any of this and just wants to use Ai as leverage.

Comic Books Yorick in Y: The Last Man is a male example; various factions want him, mostly alive, some dead. Yorick has a Living MacGuffin of his own in his girlfriend Beth. His ability to summon powerful monsters that can occupy entire superhero teams makes him a valuable strategic asset.

He's keenly aware of this and is reluctant to trust any of them as a result. Fairy Tales CinderellaSleeping BeautyRapunzeland many other fairy tale heroines were Living MacGuffins in the Disney films and in those iterations of these fairy tales inspired by the Disneyfication. In the pre-Disney versions of those fairy tales, the nameless prince was the Living MacGuffin ; for example, Cinderella competed with her wicked stepsisters for the hand of the prince, who is treated as a non-entity who exists in the story only to provide the winner with a castle, title, and wealth.

Fan Works Child of the Storm has Harry occasionally put in this role, because thanks to the reveal that he's Thor's son, any number of bad guys want a piece of him, something that is met with his vocal displeasure.

One day, he's going to be King of Asgard, with all of the power and influence that impliesand probably as much Chronic Hero Syndrome as ever. Pretty much all the bad guys want him now, while he's still in the Person of Mass Destruction stage and able to be manipulated or even killed.

Twilight Sparkle gets Taken for Granite and is split into a series of crystals in which Twilight is still completely sentient spread over The Multiverse. Sweetie Belle must then gather these crystals by traveling through various Alternate Universeswhich correspond to various My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Fan Fics. Kurama is searching and gathering all the jinchuuriki he can find in Reverse so they can protect themselves from the Akatsuki, who need to capture them to kill them all to take over the Elemental Nations.

meet the macguffin device

In The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World, Paul and George go on a fairly pointless delivery mission to a small fishing village, only to discover that the recipient of their stuff has been kidnapped by Tayhil. The actual rescue of this man is not nearly as important as the method the two come up with to deal with the Tayhil, or Paul's confrontation with Spectrem, who wants to call in an airstrike on the Tayhil, or the aftermath and the angry reaction of the villagers.

meet the macguffin device

For this, she's sought by many factions in the war, intent to marry her with the most convenient pawn. In Reluctant Herothe discovery that Zuko is the new Avatar makes everyone frantic to find him and secure his loyalty: On a lesser degree, the Fire Nation recruits as much as it can from benders and spiritually aware people to ensure its dominance over its conquered land and keep the spirits appeased.

Zuko and Aang were almost kidnapped and sold because of this while Sokka is intented to be given to the Fire Sages for training. Troy is a subversion. It is established early on that Agamemnon is only using Helen as an excuse to wage war on the city. At one point Helen says she would give herself up to prevent further violence, but Hector makes it clear that even if she did, it would not end anything. Agamemnon even says that he didn't come here for Helen, but for Troy.

In The Darjeeling Limitedthe brothers use a trip to find their long left mother to tell her about their father's death and try to bond with each other. The monster in Cloverfield.

The movie is mostly uninterested in the monster itself, and more in its effects. Everyone Ford meets in the first act tells him to find her, and that's his motivation until he does, at which point it becomes clear she's not even involved in what's going on.

After that she's more of an Escort Missionalbeit one attended begrudgingly. If you fall, I'll make it. The hobo in Mystery Team. In El Doradothe evil rancher Bart Jason.

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The film version of Sweeney Todd portrayed Johanna Barker as this, especially as they cut most of her songs and speaking parts from the original musical. Luke Skywalker becomes one in The Force Awakenshaving disappeared many years prior, and with the main conflict of the film being over a map to his location. Adolf Hitler is this in Inglourious Basterds. Despite being the main leader of the antagonists, he never affects the plot in any big way and ends up as just another target for the protagonists to kill.

His role could be replaced with any high ranking Nazi, without the plot of the film being changed that much. All four films are driven at least partly by some variety of mad scientist seeking to revive the Monster, who is mostly dormant or weakened for the bulk of the film.

All four end up in a rhubarb with the Monster revitalized and the lab going down in flames or explosions. Ringo when wearing the ring, since the cult are not so much trying to take the ring from him as trying to sacrifice him because he's wearing the ring It's a different religion from ours. They never do find him, but the plot is really just a means to portray life and culture in San Francisco's Chinatown in the early s.

Solomon Lane is this for much of Mission: Lark wants him to trade him for the plutonium. The Apostles want their leader freed.

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Literature Older Than Feudalism: Helen of Troy from The Iliad is a prime example. Helen wasn't attacked by Paris or the Trojans during the whole war, and in fact went willingly because she fell in love with Paris.

Or was made to, by Aphrodite. Key Kavous is this for Rostam. Queen Guinevere is also not in distress, as most versions have her go willingly with Lancelot.

meet the macguffin device

The whole kingdom goes down because the vassals have to choose sides, help Arthur get her back, or help Lancelot keep her. The French chef Anatole in P. Wodehouse 's Jeeves and Wooster stories; the universal desire to lay claim to his peerless talents led to the hatching of many a Zany Scheme.

Jeeves himself is highly sought-after; Bertie notes that plenty of his friends want to steal him and make him their valet, and this is borne out in Thank You, Jeeves when Jeeves quits and Bertie's pal Chuffy snatches him up almost instantly. Later in the book, Jeeves goes to work for American multimillionaire J. Washburn Stoker, who offers him a position, before returning to Chuffy and finally settling down with Bertie again.

Top 10 Movie MacGuffins

A few crop up during the course of The Chronicles of Prydain: We later find out that John is the code — he has to be bodily present and alive to open the spaceship. Clockpunk pretends to be one in " Clockpunk and the Vitalizer " to lure The Vitalizer away from the actual MacGuffin 's trail. It could be argued that The White Rabbit is one. The entire reason Alice ends up in Wonderland is her curiosity about the Rabbit. And it's often the Rabbit, constantly hurrying from one place to the next, which brings her from scene to scene.

Living MacGuffin

Deconstructed in the Sword of Truth: Confessors can't control their ability during moments of passion read: Male confessors are such a threat that all male children of Confessors have to be strangled at birth, and for their troubles, the Confessors are feared and hated, and since they're raised secluded, have almost no friends.

By the time Kahlan met Richard, all of her few friends had been murdered by D'Haran assassination teams. Wizards are able to create these in general; the Rahl bloodline is the result of such an experiment, as are Slides, Dreamwalkers, Mriswith, the Sliph, and a whole host of other exciting pieces of work.

It started with a Jam session To immerse ourselves in the worlds of MacGuffin's users, we organized a design jam where we gathered together writers, readers and literature professionals such as booksellers and publishers. Our UX Director Dan facilitated a series of activities to discuss how we might design some of the key pieces of MacGuffin's functionality: Over four intensive hours, many cups of tea were consumed and Post-its stuck to things.

It was even more exciting to learn a whole lot of unexpected things. We had loads of useful insights to feed into the next stages of the project. Read about the Design Jam User journeys User journeys help to bridge our initial user research work with later stages in the design.

We planned to build an interactive prototype of the MacGuffin web app. User journeys helped us get to the prototype stage by informing our decisions about what the prototype would need to do, and how it might look Read about user journeys Prototyping We moved quickly from our user research and journey work to build a prototype of the MacGuffin web app. We worked with Jim from CommaPress to test the prototype with users and to iterate it based on what we learned. Building like this allows us to quickly develop, test, and iterate our design ideas amongst the team at fffunction; with the product owner and the wider project team; and with real users.

The Usability Lab has some rather nice eye-tracking software, so you can see exactly where testers are looking on screen. If MacGuffin does take off, mining this data for insights into human attention might be one of the smartest things any publisher has done in some time James Bridle, Guardian Observer Designed in a pattern library We designed and developed almost exclusively within the framework of a pattern library.

This library formed a central point of reference for the project, allowing the whole project team to see what we were working on as we progressed. This allowed us to design and iterate quickly, as well as allowing for modules to be developed independently from templates and the site as a whole.

meet the macguffin device