Meet the millers tv commercial

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meet the millers tv commercial

CBS has pulled the plug on sophomore comedy The Millers. I liked The Millers too; there were lots of things happening, all the characters. Warner Bros. release a TV spot and motion poster for We're the Millers, the comedy movie starring Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, and Emma. We're The Millers TV Spot 0. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share. Tap to Unmute. We're The Millers TV Spot from Steve Yealin Voiceover on Vimeo.

When the pack eventually gets thrown into the street and run over, Casey quickly covers by claiming she was taking care of a pack of herbs for a school project. Boner Garage although she doesn't think it's embarrassing.

Scotty P's neck tattoo although he clearly has "No Ragrets " David conceives his "let's pretend to be a family" plan after seeing a police officer helping out a family in a RV. The One-eyed henchman is very upset when Kenny sheepishly declines a gift basket from the former's mother. Even Evil Has Standards: David spends most of the movie being a Grade-A Jerkassbut he makes it clear that he has one rule: He doesn't deal pot to kids.

Pablo is no doubt a heinous drug lord, but after David pleads for the other's lives, the former tells the latter he'll kill him first so that he doesn't have to witness the others being killed. Failed a Spot Check: One-Eye gives the drugs to David after the latter says he's there to pick up drugs for Pablo Chacon. Pablo Chacon then shows up later with another white guy, and says he was going to personally supervise the drug smuggling, but One-Eye states they thought David was the person his boss was talking about.

meet the millers tv commercial

Pablo coming in to check on them personally suggests they have done this in the past. Not even Boner Garage takes her top off in the strip club, despite it being seedy enough that the owner is telling his strippers to have sex with customers for money.

Rose's strip tease in the garage. A Father to His Men: Pablo Chacon, despite being a drug lord, seems to actually take care of his men. The first evidence of it is seen when David picks up the drugs, and they see kids running around the courtyard.

Eyelove TV Commercial, 'Dry Eyes' Featuring Jennifer Aniston

Pablo later even states he hates what keeps happening to his henchman whenever they run into Millers while at the carnival near the end of the film. Pablo Chacon, who tends to banter with the Millers at gunpoint, as if he might actually spare them, only to reveal he plans on killing them no matter what.

meet the millers tv commercial

Brad Gurdlinger who pretends to be friendly and affable, but is actually a backstabbing dick. Initially, the members of the family don't like each other at all except for Kenny, who likes everybody because that's just how he isbut they grow to genuinely care about each other throughout the course of the film.

Kenny is embarrassed about the fact that he never kissed a girl before.

We're the Millers TV Spot and Motion Poster

Ironically, his first kiss is with Casey his pretend sister as a Practice Kiss. When they pass the fireworks stand, Casey, Kenny, and even Rose says they should stop for some. David refuses, and tries to put his foot down on the matter.

The next scene then shows them setting off one firework, and then they continue on with the trip. When Edie asks if she can touch Rose's breasts, David says he has no problem and Don quickly puts on his eyeglasses.

meet the millers tv commercial

David is asked this at the end of the film, by Don, who turns out to be a DEA officer. He claims turning in a drug lord doesn't feel as good as getting paid a lot of money for it, but then changes his mind and says "maybe a little bit". Gosh Dang It to Heck! Edie's "swearing", which consists of such foul utterances as "crumbums" and "Oklahoma". Kenny gets bitten on the testicle by a tarantula that crawled into his shorts. His testicle gets incredibly swollen, and he has to be taken to the hospital.

Kenny can actually rap pretty well. Brad is a very talented ice sculptor. Hidden Heart of Gold: Even in the very beginning of the story when he's definitely a JerkassDavid shows signs of this, as he does try to make polite conversation with his neighbor Rose until she blows him off, he refuses to sell weed to Kenny on the grounds of him being a kid, and he's pretty quick to come to Kenny's aid when the latter tried to save Casey from three thugs who are about to beat him up.

Aveeno TV Commercial, 'Beauty Brands' Featuring Jennifer Aniston

Even after Kenny lets slip that David is a drug dealer leading to him being robbed, which is what causes the entire movie to even happen in the first placeDavid, while being chased by the thugs, still yells for Kenny to run. In the credits, one is a prank on Jennifer Aniston, during the "Waterfalls" scene Emma Robertswho plays Casey, displays a Dumb Blonde moment in one of the out takes, when she's unable to open a mini-fridge in one scene.

She pulls really hard on it, but is unable to open the door.

meet the millers tv commercial

After struggling for a few more moments, a crew member then simply pushes the handle slightly, and the door opens up. Can't say for sure here if maybe additional music was used in this trailer. The Mondo Boys did the score for this movie, 'Pinball' is on of its tracks. You can listen to it at their Soundcloud page. I guess the trailer also contains other music from the score at least probably the track before the one mentionedmaybe it's all from it.

The trailer doesn't seem to use the version of the track here. It will be coming out late August.

We're the Millers TV Movie Trailer -

The movie features music from this album. There exist two versions of this track - the original one, and a version which can be found on the soundtrack of the movie 'If I Stay'. The time before that the two songs seem to be probably the same? The trailer could use here the original track version although most of the music used from it seems to be from the time where the two song versions sound the same anywaysince in one sequence there's perhaps a part of the song without the additional vocals if I'm not mistaken.

The music video to this track contains flickering images. The trailer also features custom sound design by the Hit House. The track features the lyrics of the song 'Seal - Crazy'.

The recorded track is probably not full length, and currently not publicly available. This game will be actually a prequel to the first game. You can find this track without the 'Theme' at the end on the Soundcloud channel of Gareth Coker. The music video for this track contains flickering images, in case you want to see it.