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meet the movie press podcast hosting

Hosted by author (It's Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too)) and notable widow ( her words) Nora McInerny, this is a funny/sad/uncomfortable podcast about. Meet The Movie Press w/ Simon Thompson Hosted by film reporter Simon Thompson and movie insider friends two discuss the ever changing landscape of . He speaks with Preet about immigrating from Pakistan, getting political on Twitter, and who he'd play in a movie about the Trump administration. Plus, Preet's.

There are two parts to this: To keep things simple, have an interesting image come first on your show notes so it gets featured on social media when the show notes are shared. This puts a well-deserved! When you go to share one of their latest episodes on scam artiststhe first image you see is auto filled for Facebook: On top of making the notes look good when readers share them, you can also include calls to action to share the notes within the notes themselves.

What did you learn from this article? This is something Bryan Callen does with some episodes of his podcast. Come join in the fun! You have been told stories about yourself. We tell stories about each other. And who we are and how we behave changes often within minutes.

We get cut off in traffic and we get road rage.

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Someone opens the door for us and we feel all is right with the world. We get hangry and become snappy.

We have a nap and want to give everyone a hug. And we all have our Fundamentalisms.

meet the movie press podcast hosting

We have things that trigger us and make us freak out. The challenge for all of us is to say sorry and kiss and make up. But your show notes are only one way to reuse some of your podcast content. You can also reuse the audio itself to help promote it. You have a couple options for making your podcast YouTube friendly.

They have a looping visual behind their logo that repeats while the audio plays, and then link all the episodes together in a playlist so you can watch them in order: Then in his episode descriptions, he includes most of the show notes and a number of calls to action: It gives you a glimpse into how they record their show, which helps build a closer relationship with their fans.

However you do it, by republishing your episodes on YouTube or adding bonus content, you have the potential to reach more listeners through a new channel and get discovered through a different search platform. For The Last Podcast on the Leftthey include a SoundCloud widget for each episode that lets you listen to the episode right there on their page, like in this episode on L.

There are three benefits to this. One, you can listen to it right there which saves you time having to navigate elsewhere. Two, you can go to their SoundCloud channel and subscribe to their podcast there.

And three, you can share their podcast episodes and people can listen to them directly through Twitter. This is a pretty cool trick.

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meet the movie press podcast hosting

For each episode, you could take a few quotations from it, put them over your logo, and share those on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or any other social network you want to promote to. Do embryos have human rights?

meet the movie press podcast hosting

Will we colonise space? Is it OK to do genetic engineering in your garage? Can science stop suicide? It's science meets culture, meets everything else you want to know about. Apple Podcasts The Science Show The Science Show gives Australians unique insights into the latest scientific research and debate, from the physics of cricket to prime ministerial biorhythms.

Apple Podcasts Science Vs Science journalist Wendy Zukerman dissects the latest fad framing itself as scientific fact, wading through the mass of information so you don't have to.

Do women and men have different brains?

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Is porn changing the way we have sex? Is sugar really that bad for you? Each episode features a historical event or era, and starts with a single photograph and the question: What is going on in this picture? It asks curly questions like about animals, technology, school, pop culture and the future. Apple Podcasts The Signal Sometimes you get more news than you need.

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The Signal is here to sort the news from the noise. It's your smart and sceptical dive into the stories that matter, delivered straight to your favourite podcast app every morning. Apple Podcasts Soundwalks Soundwalks paint rich, sonic landscapes for children to explore with their imaginations, through naturally occurring field recordings as well as subtle sound effects, to create an emotive, immersive and restful experience. Let's go for a soundwalk together as we help you wind down and relax.

Apple Podcasts Sum Of All Parts Sum of All Parts tells extraordinary stories about the unseen influence that numbers have on the way we think, feel and behave. Along the way we hear a heap of stories, and find out a whole lot more about their musical heart. We might even partake in a bit of therapy.

Co-hosts Rob Smith and Tim Moore steer 'The Tinny' into the realms of the irrelevant and somewhat ridiculous - mimicking the conversational ebb and flow aboard aluminium vessels which the show takes its name.

Featuring courageous storytellers who front up to the microphone to bare their soul and share their life-changing moments in front of a live audience.

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Captivating, jaw-dropping and thought provoking, these pure Australian stories will make you laugh, cry or gasp Why is this a story? How did we get here and, as the inimitable President Bartlet would say, what's next? Using the resources of no less than the entire ABC, Tell Me Straight ropes in the most knowledgeable reporters, producers, and middle managers to explain interesting, strange and outlandish stories.

meet the movie press podcast hosting

You'll win trivia, you'll be the most informed person at the pub on Friday night, and you'll enjoy the smug glow of intellectual superiority.