Meet the new us house members

Meet the freshmen: New members of Congress arrive in DC eager to get to work | WJLA

meet the new us house members

If Democrats win control of the House, they will gain control of powerful It is about trying to bring us back to a sense of integrity,” he said. New Jersey will send three new faces to the House of Meet Tuesday's winners: Here are New Jersey's newcomers to the House of Representatives "This is where 'multi-culturalism' and 'diversity' has taken us" when he. Meet More Likely New Members of Congress Levin for Congress, Friends of Michael Guest and Madeleine Dean for United States Congress) A member of the Virginia House of Delegates since , Cline won the GOP.

With a background in criminal justice, he eyes a seat on the Judiciary Committee and has shown interest in committees on environmental, transportation and veterans issues.

Brian Mast, R-FL 18th District — A wounded combat veteran of Afghanistan, Mast says he wants to serve in Congress as he and his fellow soldiers did, without regard for personal gain or sacrifice. Mast served in Afghanistan as a bomb disposal expert.

Inthe last improvised explosive device that he found exploded, causing the loss of both of his legs. Lucie rivers, which has been caused in part by the Army Corps of Engineers releasing water from Lake Okeechobee. Banking is another priority for Ferguson. Ferguson is against the health care law. He wants to see a market-driven health care system that reduces costs for patients and employers through more free-market competition.

meet the new us house members

Hanabusa eyes a return to the Armed Services and Natural Resources committees. His Indian origins are also still a rarity in Congress. Krishnamoorthi is likely to be a mainstream Democrat who may reach across the aisle. Brad Schneider, D-IL 10th District — A single-term House member who failed to win re-election inhe will return for the th Congress much the same as when he left: He joined the th Congress after a diverse business career.

His positions on economic policy have generally been business-friendly. Banks is a commercial real estate broker and a lieutenant in the Navy Reserve. He took a leave of absence from the state Senate in and after being ordered to deploy to Afghanistan.

His wife was elected to temporarily take his seat in the legislature. The importance of farming to the district and the presence of Indiana University may steer him toward the Agriculture or Education and the Workforce committees. Marshall is an obstetrician and gynecologist in Great Bend and is staunchly anti-abortion.

Agriculture is one of his two major legislative interests in Congress. Health care is the other. From tohe was a GOP representative in a statehouse dominated by the other party.

116th United States Congress

Since college, Comer has run Comer Family Farms, a beef cattle, timber and hay operation that is one of the biggest agricultural enterprises in the state. He has also dabbled in insurance and restaurant franchises and served as a bank director. Brown was familiar to most voters after two terms as lieutenant governor under Democratic Gov.

He says the Maryland Health Benefits Exchange, which got off to a rocky start, eventually became a well-run system that is expanding access to health care in the state.

Meet the freshmen: New members of Congress arrive in DC eager to get to work

Raskin says he has a personal stake in the safety of the beleaguered Washington Metro system that has seen frequent service breakdowns and a smoke incident in which one passenger was killed. His career included work as a pilot for Northwest Airlines and for a company that made hospital operating room equipment. He also started a firm that sold surgical microscopes and imaging equipment.

Bergman is familiar with Congress from appearances as a witness before House and Senate committees from towhen he headed the Reserve. Bergman says the Veterans Affairs Committee would be a natural fit for him. He also mentions an interest in the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Energy and Commerce Committee. Mitchell spent over 35 years in the private sector and wants to see more voices from business in Washington.

He transferred to Ross Education, a professional health care training network, in He also has a libertarian streak. Bacon wants to be on the Armed Services Committee. His years in the Air Force enable him to discuss weapons systems, strategy and Pentagon organization with an easy familiarity.

Bacon supports a gradual increase in the age at which people can begin to collect Social Security and Medicare benefits. Bacon supports eliminating most income tax deductions, apart from the mortgage interest deduction and the charitable deduction. She supports an increase in the national minimum wage. She backs an immigration overhaul. She champions equal reproductive rights.

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She defends the health care law because it gives the working class more financial freedom. She has won four of those races. His priorities will be an overhaul of the tax system and an increase in infrastructure spending.

Espaillat was the first Dominican-American to serve in a state legislature. Faso says he hopes to get a spot on the Ways and Means Committee. She said many of the immigrants living illegally in the United States must be deported. The first-time-elected Republican stresses the need for change and getting the government out of the way of businesses, which he says are trying to create jobs.

Meet the New Members of the U.S. House of Representatives | Federal Relations

He says constituent service will be a high priority, as well as making sure the W. He has long-standing relationships with many in the Pennsylvania congressional delegation, and says his time as a state appropriator proves he can work across the aisle. Evans says jobs are the major issue for the 2nd District, split between urban Philadelphia and wealthy Montgomery County. Lloyd Smucker, R-PA 16th District — Smucker fits the familiar profile of the small business owner who got involved in local politics and then went on to the state legislature before winning a seat in the House of Representatives.

He introduced a bill to provide that Pennsylvania residents who were illegally living in the United States would be eligible for the lower, in-state tuition rate at public institutions of higher education.

There's excitement and enthusiasm," she said. The freshman class in the House is the most diverse in U. With some elections still undecided, the House of Representatives added at least 35 women to its ranks, bringing the total number of women serving in Congress to nearly with another 23 women in the Senate.

The new Congress will also seat a record number of combat veterans, with a total of 92 serving in the House and Senate. The clash of governing ideologies will also be dramatic, with a number of new Republicans sworn in after campaigning in lockstep with President Donald Trump, Democrats who opposed the president and even a self-declared Democratic socialist. Veronica Escobar said she will be focused on fighting back against President Trump to reclaim the identity of her Texas border district.

And border communities like mine, immigrant communities like mine have been maligned by our president and by his enablers in Congress," Escobar said. Incoming committee chairmen have said they will subpoena the president's tax returns, look into possible conflicts of interest and investigate the administration's policies on immigration, family separations, protecting the environment and foreign affairs.

An overly aggressive anti-Trump agenda will be problematic for Democrats representing historically conservative districts or purple districts. Kendra Horn became the first Democrat in more than 40 years to serve Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District. She credited her long shot victory to her ability to mobilize both liberal and conservative voters.

Horn told reporters that voters sent her to Washington to continue that partisan approach, "reaching across the aisle when it's possible and standing up to the administration when that's the right thing to do. Joe Morelle of New York stressed that the th Congress has to "strike a balance" between oversight investigations and legislating.

I think that's what the American public wants. After a close race, Rouda defeated Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, ending his year career in Congress. Rouda told reporters that voters gave the new Congress a clear mandate to mandate to push back on the Trump administration.

meet the new us house members