Meet the nintendo game boy family

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meet the nintendo game boy family

Take a look at the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, including the Nintendo 2DS, and the great selection of games available. The Nintendo 3DS family of systems . COME SEE THE NEW ONE HERE! This is a video introduction to the Nintendo Game Boy family. Well, some of it! Check it out! DMG Ice - Radio DMG - Facebook. Welcome to /r/Gameboy! This subreddit is for the discussion of all things related to the Nintendo Game Boy. Feel free to post pictures of.

A white cartridge that has a soft cloth inside so that it cleans the connectors of the Game Boy Advance when inserted. The device works with Game Boy and Game Boy Advance systems to connect to mobile phones for remote play.

meet the nintendo game boy family

Other accessories for the Game Boy Advance are: The Afterburner was an internal front-lighting system manufactured by Triton Labs and released in mid Optionally, a potentiometer or an integrated circuit could be added to allow adjusting the brightness of the light. When the initial version of the Game Boy Advance SP was released, it included a very similar integrated lighting system. The Worm Light was an adjustable and flexible light that connected to the link port. It had a small bulb which shone over the screen.

It makes the portable system into a portable television. There are several versions available, which are made by different companies. The most popular TV Tuner requires a cartridge inserted in the Tuner to start up. The TV Tuners can store up to 99 channels. This cheat device allowed users to change the code in their games to create cheats. Codes could be entered by hand or uploaded to the device itself with the provided USB cable and software. It has a few extra features as well as an updated interface.

Not only did it function as an Action Replay, but for DS users, it could hold premade game saves or "powersaves" that could be downloaded from the Action Replay site as well as user made saves. It did not, however, function as a cheat device for Nintendo DS games; it was only for data backup.

meet the nintendo game boy family

This device functioned as a digital camera which allowed digital pictures to be taken. This add-on would slide on to the top half of the GBA SP behind the screen and a small plug would be connected into the link port.

meet the nintendo game boy family

This cartridge plugs into the GBA game slot and converts the Game Boy into an RS data scope also known as serial line monitor or protocol analyzer. Game Boy Advance flash cartridges: These devices are commonly used for independently created games, or other third party development.

A blood glucose monitor with built-in games released in Australia in for children with diabetes. The redesigned unit resembles a pocket-size laptop computer, including a folding case approximately one-half the size of the original unit.

It also supports a rechargeable lithium ion batterya significantly brighter LCD screen, and an internal front-light that can be toggled on and off. The redesign was intended to address some common complaints about the original Game Boy Advance, which had been criticized for being somewhat uncomfortable to use, especially due to an overly dark screen.

Game Boy Micro[ edit ] Main article: This model, dubbed the Game Boy Micro, is similar in style to the original Game Boy Advance's horizontal orientation, but is much smaller and sleeker.

Four play Incidentally, an extra adaptor allowed four people to gather together and play a range of compatible titles including driving game F-1 Race and early Candy Crush Saga ancestor, Yoshi's Cookie, which featured puzzles designed by Alexey Pajitnov.

Multiplayer mayhem Better than that, the Game Boy version of early first-person shooter Faceball allowed 16 players to take part simultenously via a tangle of cables and adaptors. Released inthis incredibly prescient title gave handheld owners a similar experience to local area network gaming on the PC, two years before the arrival of Doom.

Dawn of the pocket monsters One very important fan of the link up cable was game designer Satoshi Tajiri who loved the idea of bringing people together in play. He combined this concept with his childhood love of insect collecting and came up with Pokemon Red and Green re-branded Red and Blue in the Westthe first two titles in the multi-gazillion selling monster battling series.

Released on Game Boy inthe titles allowed players to link up their consoles and trade pokemon with each other — indeed, this was the only way to collect the whole set. Pokemon fever The Pokemon series has since become a staple of the Game Boy and DS handheld consoles, also spawning a cartoon series briefly famous in for causing a spate of seizures among Japanese viewersseveral movies, a card trading game, and a jumbo jet.

Recently, the original titles became an internet phenomenon once again thanks to live gaming experiment Twitch Plays Pokemonin which thousands of people attempted to play the game simultaneously and cooperatively — with hilarious consequences. Tiny epics The Game Boy was the first portable system to show that handheld games could be more than just snack-sized diversions.

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The machine boasted dozens of epic fantasy role-playing titles familiar from home consoles — including Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and Final Fantasy Adventure. Mammoth platformers Metroid, Castlevania and Mega Man were also highlights among the odd Game Boy software library. Game girls Ironically considering its name, Game Boy was also one one of the first games machines to successfully target female players.

InNintendo claimed that 46 percent of Game Boy users were female, a major leap from 29 percent on the Nintendo Entertainment System. This has remained a cornerstone of Nintendo's marketing and design approach.

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Game Boy in space Incosmonaut Aleksandr A. The console orbited the Earth times before safely returning with its owner. The machine was later included in an auction of space travel memorabilia held at Bonhams in New York, along with a note from Serebrov which explained, "Like all cosmonauts, I love sport.

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My particular favorites are football and swimming. During flight, in rare minutes of leisure, I enjoyed playing Game Boy. However, an unlikely fan is sea captain McAllistair who appears in the episode "In Marge We Trust" bemoaning the loss of his trusty handheld, which he accidentally dropped in the sea. Cheating on the Game Boy Along with other Nintendo consoles, the Game Boy was reverse engineered by British games publisher Codemasters in the early nineties, allowing it to produce the successful Game Genie cheat cartridge, which gave players infinite lives and other perks.

I actually worked for the development team, Big Red Software, that disassembled almost every Game Boy game available in order to write the cheat codes. Through the summer ofI played over GB titles, testing every single cheat and typing them all out for the tiny booklet that slotted into the back of the device.

Sorry, just had to include that. Work and play For a brief moment init looked as though the Game Boy was about to become the Serious Boy. The arrival of the Psion Series 3 and Apple Newton in the early Nineties kickstarted a new market for handheld computers — or "personal digital assistants" — and enterprising eyes looked toward Nintendo's gaming system.

Hence, the Work Boy, a productivity app developed by unknown company Fabtek, which would ship with its own keyboard and featured a diary, calculator, currency exchange and an accounting app. Amazingly, it never managed a full retail release.

Thanks to our reader, Gadget, for that information. No seriously If you think Work Boy was the strangest productivity concept for the Game Boy you are completely wrong. InBandai launched the Game Boy Pocket Sonara fish-finding gadget that attached to the console, allowing frustrated anglers to locate their prey. The device was able to spot fish at depths of up to 20 metres and displayed their whereabouts on the screen. Tragically, it was only ever available in Japan.

Print and play InNintendo launched the Game Boy digital camera and a compatible thermal printer, allowing users to take low resolution photos of themselves before printing them out onto tiny pieces of paper — pretty much inventing the selfie.

Images could be customised with pixellated wigs and glasses and much hilarity ensued in schoolyards and pubs around the world.