Meet the parents dinner scene from talladega

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meet the parents dinner scene from talladega

When I was a kid, I was always a little terrified that I'd get tapped to say grace when having dinner at a friend's house. See, I grew These days my own family has a non-religious version of grace: we bang our fists on the table while chanting "Good food, good meat, good grief, let's eat! Talladega Nights. Meeting Your Child's Sweetheart: 12 Tips for a Successful Meal - The. The Campaign - Huggins Family Dinner Table Scene GIF | Find, Make & Share . Talladega Nights | Dinner Scene "Chip, I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey". listening to a PARENT, 35, talking about his job with his. DAUGHTER CARD: “ The Talladega Speedway: Ten Years Later”. Overhead . He rules the race scene. EXT. PANNING PAST A HUGE DINNER. We see a to meet Bruce Lee.

You meet the woman your girlfriend may turn into one day, lock eyes with the man who instantly despises you for doing 'things' to his little girl, and endeavour to present yourself as anything other than the immature manchild that deep down you know you are.

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However, should you find yourself in this situation in the near future, here's one piece of advice - don't mime milking an animal. Especially not a cat. American History X Unless it's on the m dash, a heated discussion about race at the dinner table will always be a prickly subject.

Especially if you just so happen to have invited a skinhead neo-Nazi with a Brent goatee and a sizable chip on his shoulder.

meet the parents dinner scene from talladega

Ross and Monica's dad from Friends really should've known better Wedding Crashers It is indeed an old adage, but it's irrefutably true - there's a time and a place for everything.

The dinner table, it turns out, is not the right time nor place to receive a stealth hand shandy from a randy redhead - especially not in front of her entire family, including her elderly grandmother.

If not, it won't end well for you, or indeed, the asparagus. Also, movie lore claims that Spacey's plate-smashing freakout was totally improvised, to evoke bona fide surprise from his co-stars.

At the Dinner Table: Meet the Parents

And that is why he has an Oscar, and you do not. This remains the only time it would be acceptable to buy and eat a doner kebab on the way home while entirely sober. Please excuse us while we push a cotton bud a little too far into our ear canal Pineapple Express When you're a middle-aged, flabby stoner about to meet the parents of your high-school attending girlfriend, do: Wear your best suit, charming smile and come armed with a bottle of wine and witty disposition.

meet the parents dinner scene from talladega

Sadly, Seth Rogen's Dale Denton went for the latter, and proceeds to be shot at with a massive gun. Hannibal Sure, we all love some liver, fava beans and a nice Chianti from time to time, but we'd strongly advise against sharing a meal with the nefarious Dr Lecter. Though he will ply you with the finest wines and strongest sedatives, his homemade haute cuisine may just give you a slight headache come the morning.

meet the parents dinner scene from talladega

Beetlejuice There aren't enough words in the English language to describe this cringeworthy feast of lip-syncing and bottom-shaking from Beetlejuice, but no matter how uncomfortable it is for you to watch, just imagine how the actors felt filming it. Who would spend it with? I was so impressed with how M.

Night Shyamalan directed this scene. You let mom die! Shit was deep, and I cried.

Meet the Parents - Saying Grace

American Beauty — All of our parents have probably fought in front of us at one point or another, but I doubt it was this dramatic. Plates are thrown, old resentments are dug up.

The 21 Most Awkward Dinner Scenes in Film

With the state of the world today, the whole theme of being unsatisfied with mundane suburban life and having your youthful spirit squandered seems a little trifling. But back in a lot of people related to it, and the dialogue of this scene really hit home. The Birdcage — To me, the most genius aspect about this scene was the fact that the conversation between both sets of parents of a young engaged couple is very typical to what most people talk about when trying to get to know each other.

meet the parents dinner scene from talladega

Religion, politics, family values, the cute proposal story. Lars and the Real Girl — Introducing your new girlfriend to your family can always be a little awkward. Watching Ryan Gosling cut up and eat her food and answer questions for her is cringe worthy but also funny.

Both him and John C.