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meet the parents eng subs good

Read Common Sense Media's Meet the Parents review, age rating, and parents guide. noticias · Colaboradores · Recursos educativos · Latino Articles in English .. and wants to make a good impression on her father, Jack (Robert De Niro), and from the director of Austin Powers, Meet the Parents is a sub- category of. My Father Korean Movie Dvd with English sub NTSC All . When he grows old he wants to meet his biological parents, and he join the Great acting though. Text intended to guide developers in how to meet editorial guidelines is placed in .. to subsequent subtitles of similar length - unless there is a very good reason: Parent. bbctt:metadata. Description. The BBC metadata scheme used .

Greg tries to pass off a random shelter cat for a lost family pet.

meet the parents eng subs good

Greg loses his cool on an airplane and gets removed. Lots of lying and sneaking around by Jack, who mistrusts everyone and spies on everyone. Violence Frequent comic peril and pratfalls. Greg's over-exuberance in water volleyball results in an injury to his girlfriend's sister, bloodying her nose and giving her a swollen-shut black eye. While trying to catch Jack's escaped cat, Greg starts a fire, causing destruction to the site where his girlfriend's sister's wedding was to be held.

An overflowed septic tank's seepage into the yard results in a truck getting stuck and spraying fecal matter on the characters with its tires. Jack and Greg engage in reckless high-speed driving in one scene. Sex After Greg loses his suitcase by the airline, he is given the wrong suitcase; Jack pries it open and discovers a variety of sex toys.

While trying to initiate sex, Greg uses a pet name for his penis as he begins to fondle the breasts of his girlfriend. Greg inadvertently positions a nanny-cam so it's looking up the skirt of his girlfriend's mother.

This is centre justified. Problems occur with justification when a short sentence or phrase is followed by a longer one. In this case, there is a risk that the bottom line of the subtitle is read first.

meet the parents eng subs good

This could result in only half of the subtitle being read. Allowances would therefore have to be made by breaking the line at a linguistically non-coherent point: Left, centre and right justification can be specified using tts: Also take into account the number of words, line breaks etc. However, you should also consider the image and the action on screen.

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For example, consecutive subtitles may reflect better the pace of speech. Instead, allow a single long sentence to extend over more than one subtitle. Sentences should be segmented at natural linguistic breaks such that each subtitle forms an integrated linguistic unit. Thus, segmentation at clause boundaries is to be preferred.

When I jumped on the bus I saw the man who had taken the basket from the old lady. Segmentation at major phrase boundaries can also be accepted as follows: On two minor occasions small numbers of people were seen crossing the border.

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There is considerable evidence from the psycho-linguistic literature that normal reading is organised into word groups corresponding to syntactic clauses and phrases, and that linguistically coherent segmentation of text can significantly improve readability.

Random segmentation must certainly be avoided: On two minor occasions immediately following the war, small numbers of people, etc.

In the examples given above, no markers are used to indicate that segmentation is taking place. It is also acceptable to use sequences of dots three at the end of a to-be-continued subtitle, and two at the beginning of a continuation to mark the fact that a segmentation is taking place, especially in legacy subtitle files.

Because line breaks require considering all of the above, they are better inserted manually. Implementers should avoid automatic line breaking. However, it is not always possible to produce good line-breaks as well as well-edited text and good timing.

Where these constraints are mutually exclusive, then well-edited text and timing are more important than line-breaks.

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However, viewers tend to prefer verbatim subtitles, so the rate may be adjusted to match the pace of the programme. Most subtitle authoring tools calculate the WPM and can be configured to give a warning when the word rate exceeds a certain WPM threshhold.

You can also calculate the WPM manually see box.

Meet the Parents

The duration value can be calculated from the begin and end attributes. In the example fragment below, the first subtitle has a word rate of 2 words per second or WPM 0.

The second subtitle is cumulative: However, timings are ultimately an editorial decision that depends on other considerations, such as the speed of speech, text editing and shot synchronisation. When assessing the amount of time that a subtitle needs to remain on the screen, think about much more than the number of words on the screen; this would be an unacceptably crude approach.

Circumstances which could mean giving less reading time are: However, always consider the alternative of merging with another subtitle.

If an item is already particularly concise, it may be impossible to edit it into subtitles at standard timings without losing a crucial element of the original. For instance, a detailed explanation of an economic or scientific story may prove almost impossible to edit without depriving the viewer of vital information. In these situations a subtitler should be prepared to vary the timing to convey the full meaning of the original. For instance, if you have given 3: Anything shorter than this produces a very jerky effect.

Try to not squeeze gaps in if the time can be used for text. Therefore subtitle appearance should coincide with speech onset. Subtitle disappearance should coincide roughly with the end of the corresponding speech segment, since subtitles remaining too long on the screen are likely to be re-read by the viewer.

When two or more people are speaking, it is particularly important to keep in sync. Subtitles for new speakers must, as far as possible, come up as the new speaker starts to speak.

Whether this is possible will depend on the action on screen and rate of speech. The same rules of synchronisation should apply with off-camera speakers and even with off-screen narrators, since viewers with a certain amount of residual hearing make use of auditory cues to direct their attention to the subtitle area.

Ideally, when the speaker is in shot, your subtitles should not anticipate speech by more than 1.

BBC subtitles guidelines

However, if the speaker is very easy to lip-read, slipping out of sync even by a second may spoil any dramatic effect and make the subtitles harder to follow. The subtitle should not be on the screen after the speaker has disappeared. Note that some decoders might override the end timing of a subtitle so that it stays on screen until the next one appears.

This is a non-compliant behaviour that the subtitle author and broadcaster have no control over.

meet the parents eng subs good

Decoders need to match the begin and end timing specified in documents as closely as possible to maintain the careful synchronisation we expect from subtitle authors. In particular, see Annex E of EBU-TT-D regarding quantisation of timing for example if the video can only be presented at a low frame rate, such as in poor network conditions.