Meet the parents original ending of vacation

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meet the parents original ending of vacation

During my first 18 years, I spent some time with my parents during at at that reality, you realize that despite not being at the end of your life. Vacation is a American comedy film written and directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John cross country to Walley World, just like he did with his parents and sister. On March 28, , Variety announced that original series stars Beverly of the original that plays at the start of the film, and again near the end). Meet the Parents—the first film in a comedy trilogy that made more than $1 The film's original opening had Greg proposing to Pam during a.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message Aside from the obvious issues with the characters' physical appearances due to being played by different actors, Rusty and Audrey both age on a floating timeline.

meet the parents original ending of vacation

It is assumed that each film takes place in the year they are actually filmed, as no other indication of time is mentioned and the characters' clothing, cars, and environment are contemporary to the time of each film's release.

In most of the films it is never mentioned which of the two children is older. Rusty and Audrey appear to be in their early teens in Vacationand in their mid-teens in European Vacation two years later at one point in the film, he specifically mentions that he is fifteen years old.

However, in Christmas Vacationwhile she appears to be in her late teens, he looks younger than he did in the preceding films. Whereas in Vegas Vacationboth are in their late teens to which Clark tells the kids, "I hardly recognize you anymore!

Dana Barronwho was then in her late thirties, reprised the role of Audrey in Christmas Vacation 2 Rusty is also portrayed as an adult with a wife and daughter in Hotel Hell Vacation However, in VacationRusty is portrayed by Ed Helms and has two sons with no mention of a daughter.

meet the parents original ending of vacation

Eddie and Catherine Johnson[ edit ] Eddie and Catherine are seen with the following children in their respective films: In addition to those seen, several others are mentioned or alluded to throughout the series. While the Johnsons do not appear in the Vacation, Eddie is mentioned once. Since Clark refers to Eddie as his cousin-in-law in Christmas Vacation - hence generally being referred to as 'Cousin Eddie' - it's presumed that Catherine is a cousin of Ellen.

In "Vegas Vacation," however, Ellen directly asks Clark how often she gets to see her "cousin," Catherine.

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Walley World[ edit ] Walley World is mentioned in subsequent films following Vacation: In European Vacation, Clark tells his wife and children to be open-minded and respectful of other countries' cultures, reminding them, "This isn't Walley World, it's a country.

In Christmas Vacation, Clark and Eddie can be seen drinking eggnog out of glasses shaped like Marty Moose's head with the cartoonish oversized antlers serving as handles. Walley World once again makes an appearance in the Vacation.

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In it, the Griswolds storm Roy Walley's house, taking him hostage and forcing him to entertain them with song and dance. That wrap-up didn't go over so well with test audiences, who found the kidnapping unsympathetic.

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Four months after production had wrapped, the new ending was filmed, and it fared much better. Vacation turned into one of 's biggest hits. You may have realized that one of the sequels, Christmas Vacation, used a variation on the idea when Cousin Eddie kidnaps Clark's boss, coercing him into provided a better holiday bonus. A lot of things went into shaping the story, both in terms of screenwriting and editing.

She thinks the xenomorph has been destroyed, but it's really in the shuttle with her. It's shocking, exciting, and ultimately satisfying, but at one point, Scott had the situation flipped. According to David A. Given that the creature didn't display any voice impersonation ability prior to this, the choice was clearly wrong-headed. Thankfully, the film's producers shot this proposed ending down, convincing Scott to save his heroine and kill his monster. There's nothing wrong with the theatrical ending, which finds Veronica Winona Ryder realizing that J.

Christian Slater is planning to blow up their high school. She shoots him and, after staggering outside, he detonates the bomb, killing himself. Veronica tells off the snooty Heather Duke, then makes a gesture of friendship to class outcast Martha "Dumptruck" Dunnstock. It's a fine ending -- it's just not as fine as what screenwriter Daniel Waters first had in mind. Actually, he had several ideas in mind, including having Martha ironically stab Veronica, and having Veronica blow herself up with J.

The best of the unused endings had the school exploding and all the students holding their prom in Heaven. It's a wacky idea, for sure, but it's also one so gloriously ambitious that it would have raised an already stinging comedy to a whole other level.

By all accounts, the production was plagued with problems, from budget overruns to a director Marc Forster who couldn't decide what he wanted.

Things got so bad that star Brad Pitt reportedly stopped talking to Forster.

meet the parents original ending of vacation

In an effort to save what was clearly turning into a disaster, the entire final third of the movie was rewritten and reshot. In the version that was theatrically released, Pitt's character, Gerry, makes his way into a World Health Organization building to swipe some pathogens that he correctly believes will help identify a cure.

So what happened in the footage that got scrapped? It takes place in Moscow, where a fierce battle against zombies is waged. Now a part of the military battling them, Gerry comes to realize that the cold Russian winter slows the creatures down, indicating that there may be a way to defeat them permanently.

His wife, meanwhile, is in a sunny Everglades refugee camp, where she survives, in part, by agreeing to a sexual relationship with a soldier, played by Matthew Fox. This explains the actor's perplexingly brief cameo in the release cut. It all ends with a montage of Jerry and two associates making their way to the Oregon Coast, ready to traverse the entire U.

Clearly, this was intended to be an epic conclusion to an epic story, as opposed to the more intimate conclusion audiences ultimately saw. She falls for Blane Andrew McCarthyone of the school's rich kids.

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He likes her, too, but his elitist friends convince him to break things off with her right before prom. Heartbroken, she goes to the dance alone, then meets up with platonic male friend Duckie Jon Cryer. Blane arrives alone, too, apologizing for his callousness.