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BuzzFeed India, Mumbai, India. M likes. BuzzFeed in India. 2,, people like this. Highlights info row . BuzzFeed India shared Srishti's post. 1 hr ·. Everyone Has A Soulmate In “Harry Potter” – Here's Yours Which class did you meet your soulmate in? . At least people are dead. See more ideas about Best buzzfeed quizzes, Personality quizzes and Fun quizzes. Fill Your Bag With Some Hipster Things And We'll Tell You What People Like Most .. You have dreams and goals that are currently out of your reach, but you know . Hogwarts Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Would Be Your BFF?.

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If Hogwarts Were A College

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dating disney princes buzzfeed harry

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meet the people of buzzfeed harry

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This would later allow Pettigrew to escape and rejoin his old master.

Peter Pettigrew owes Harry Potter a life debt from that point on. The story presents Harry's mercy as a good thing, but the reality paints a different picture. Peter Pettigrew's life debt ended up saving Harry's life, but Harry would never have been put in that position where his life was threatened if he had been more ruthless in his youth. This means that the other wizard is duty-bound to perform a similar service in the future, even if they hate the person who saved them.

This bond is so strong that Severus Snape felt the need to preserve the life of Harry Potter, even though he owed the life debt to Harry's father. We only ever hear of two life debts in the series Severus Snape to James Potter and Peter Pettigrew to Harry Potteryet Harry should be owed several of them by the end of the story.

meet the people of buzzfeed harry

Harry was personally responsible for saving the lives of Ginny Weasley, Arthur Weasley, and Ron Weasley, yet it's never mentioned whether they owe him a life debt or not.

There were numerous instances when dates happened on different days, to the point where the calendar of the world made no sense.

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Characters would just vanish from the story without explanation, like the mysterious Sally-Anne Perkswhile the Hogwarts classrooms would change location from book to book. One of the biggest mistakes in the series involved Harry's Astronomy O. This is despite the fact that it's impossible to see Venus at that time of the day. This point ties into a larger question about the Goblet of Fire and the Triwizard Tournament, as Harry was forced to enter the latter against his will due to a binding magical contract that he never agreed to which meant that he had to risk his life, otherwise If we accept the fact that Harry was forced to enter the Triwizard Tournament, then why couldn't he just forfeit each task as soon as it began?

We know this is possible, as the entrants were given the option to quit during the third test, by firing red sparks from their wand into the air. If Harry didn't want to risk his life and potentially play further into the schemes of whoever put his name in the Goblet in the first place, then why not quit each task straight away? Harry Potter endured terrible abuse at the hands of the Dursleys, which is partly due to the fact that Social Services don't appear to exist.

Harry was said to have been malnourished and physically abused by his cousin at various points throughout his childhood, yet none of the teachers at his school were concerned about this. All it would have taken was a single visit from a social worker to have ensured that Harry was taken away from the Dursleys, especially after seeing the cupboard under the stairs. Aunt Petunia would have needed to legally adopt Harry to take him into their household, even if she was his aunt.

This means that some legal process and form of monitoring should have taken place, yet it never did.

meet the people of buzzfeed harry

One possible explanation is that Dumbledore was ensuring that no one took Harry away from his blood relatives, but that means that he was aware of the abuse being taken place and did nothing to stop it. Harry doesn't appear until the third chapter, where he is waiting for Dumbledore to come to meet him at Privet Drive. When we get to Harry, he is sitting in a random London diner and flirting with a waitress. It seems that Harry isn't as concerned about his safety in the movie universe.

Sure, Voldemort and his cronies are capturing people in broad daylight, but that ain't about to stop Potter from macking on a random waitress while away from the protection of Privet Drive.

meet the people of buzzfeed harry

This leads to Harry becoming an outcast, with the Ministry ready to kick him out of Hogwarts at a moment's notice. The problem with this storyline is that there are several methods by which the truth of Harry's words could have been proven. The Ministry could have used Veritaserum on Harry, so long as it was administered without his knowledge.