Meet the press david gregory dancing on today

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meet the press david gregory dancing on today

David Gregory's 'buzz' had fizzled long before 'Meet the Press' exit had been producer of “Today” when Gregory was hired at the network. Psy teaches 'Today' crew 'Gangnam Style' sensation Psy stopped by Today to give the show's anchors a dance Soon, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, Natalie Morales, and even Meet the Press's dignified David Gregory. Former NBC “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory is joining CNN as a Washington-based political analyst.

Horowitz told Lauer he wanted to swap out Morales and Willie Geist by the end of the year to find a visible role for Josh Elliott. Lauer pushed back hard. According to sources, Horowitz stood in front of a magnetic board and moved anchor names around like chess pieces: Horowitz planned to present his plan for final approval to Fili-Krushel on Monday afternoon.

But Fili-Krushel and Turness were also growing increasingly concerned about the staff unrest and leaks in the press. Turness and Fili-Krushel were apoplectic. Turness called Horowitz to her office and fired him after just ten weeks.

meet the press david gregory dancing on today

In full damage-control mode, Turness issued a statement: The rumors are wrong—period. This is the team we are committed to.

meet the press david gregory dancing on today

And this is the team that our viewers turn to in the morning. Brian Williams on January 30, Nightly News where he featured reuniting with a soldier that saved his life in Iraq in Brian Williams had just admitted in an interview with Stars and Stripesthe military newspaper, that he had embellished a January 30 Nightly News segment about being in a helicopter that was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade during the opening hours of the Iraq War in Williams had, in fact, been on a different chopper that landed uneventfully an hour after the attack.

meet the press david gregory dancing on today

In a panic, he posted a rambling apology on Facebook. This was Wednesday, February 4, less than three hours before Williams was due on the air.

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Turness and Fili-Krushel scrambled to draft a statement that he could read into the camera that would somehow align with his confusing explanations. Reporters began digging into his past reports and appearances on the late-night circuit.

There was the time he met seal Team Six on a military flight into Baghdad, and when he received a knife and a piece of fuselage from the stealth Black Hawk that had crashed during the bin Laden raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Under scrutiny, the stories seemed exaggerated at best, fabricated at worst. Williams went from being the anchor who could deliver a joke to the butt of them.

Williams was sticking by his accounts even as they were being picked apart in public. On Thursday afternoon, Burke called an emergency meeting with Turness and Fili-Krushel and ordered them to find out the facts. The problem was getting him out of the chair gracefully. According to sources, Turness and Fili-Krushel advised Williams he needed to step down, while his wife, Jane, and lawyer Robert Barnett countered that they were rushing to judgment.

Jane, who had refused to read any of the negative press about her husband, said: But benching Williams was only a stopgap. NBC still needed to decide his fate. Lack called Burke and asked him to spare Williams with a short suspension.

On Monday night, Burke and his team agreed to a six-month suspension without pay, but given the stakes of the decision, Burke told everyone to sleep on it. The three of them still agreed on the suspension. Later that morning, Burke summoned Williams to his apartment and told him the decision.

meet the press david gregory dancing on today

He made no promises that Williams would keep his job. Lester Holt, the well-liked Nightly News weekend anchor, would take over. The Nightly News crisis exposed deep-rooted anger among many NBC journalists, who felt frustrated that Williams had been allowed to gain so much power. In recent years, the anchor had churned through executive producers who challenged him. In FebruaryIsikoff failed to interest Williams in a piece about a confidential Justice Department memo that justified killing American citizens with drones.

He instead broke the story on Rachel Maddow. Williams relented and ran it the next night. According to a source, Myers wrote a series of scathing memos to then—NBC senior vice-president Antoine Sanfuentes documenting how Williams suppressed her stories.

Since the scandal has proved to be something of a release valve for resentment that had been building toward Williams, it could make the climate at NBC News inhospitable to his possible return. This had been an issue since her arrival, some observers said. The multiple layers of management created by Burke left producers and journalists confused about who, ultimately, was in charge. She talks to a lot of people and considers all options. She said she agreed to do the show on the condition that the names wouldn't be mentioned.

Upon arriving to tape the show, however, she was told that producers couldn't make that guarantee given the nature of the discussion, NBC News spokeswoman Erika Masonhall told the Associated Press. Haslet-Davis tweeted that she "had to walk off set crying.

Why people hate NBC’s David Gregory

Had to walk off set crying. I am not one to ask for people to wait on me hand and foot, for people to bend over backwards and leave their own well being to take care of mine…this is not my character nor is it my intent. But I did specifically ask Now Chris Christie is a corrupt Bully. The audience that regularly tunes in to be screamed at on a nightly basis sees polls where Chris Christie is the only person leading Hillary Clinton in premature polls. Christie needs to be kneecapped.

The audience wants blood. NBC can oblige because they think a reputation seamlessly exists in a world where their logo and zip code are ingrained in the popular consciousness of America regardless of political ideology.

Tina Fey saw Russia from her house. This is no longer about delivering news and asking hard questions of members of both political parties. This is about scoring points for the team and the team is progressive ideology. It would have been unheard of for a news organization 20 years ago to not pressure a former Secretary of State and prospective Presidential candidate to release a statement on career damaging accusations from a respected expert like Robert Gates. But questions that surround Hillary Clinton regarding such affairs like ignoring security requests for the Benghazi consulate or ignoring reports of rampant sexual assaults?

David Gregory on Grilling Politicians and Dancing 'Gangnam Style'

He is their chosen candidate of the moment. He has been since he emerged as one of the few Republican victors during the elections last year.

That is why David Gregory and his producers spent 33 minutes of his weekly time slot hyperventilating. This is the precisely the reason people have tuned out Meet The Press.?