Meet the press guests 2013 calendar

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meet the press guests 2013 calendar

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So far our grant program has supported 17 schools set up or continue their water conservation education programs. Read full media release August 10, Volunteers clean up South Llano River Yes, the usual beer cans and bits of plastic were found. But so too were diapers, hygiene products, and a rotted chair.

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Read full media release August 2, Boerne workshop will provide landowners with information on conservation easements The Cibolo Conservancy Land Trust, in partnership with the Hill Country Alliance, is hosting a landowner workshop from 2 p. This workshop will focus on conservation easements—a tool available to help landowners steward and protect their land investment in the long term. Read full media release July 31, Volunteers improve creek-side habitat at Fort Mason City Park If you have walked along the nature trail at Fort Mason City Park recently, you may have noticed something new.

Last week, volunteers from the Texas Master Naturalist Program joined staff from Fort Mason City Park and the Hill Country Alliance to discuss the adverse impacts of non-native, invasive plants to the local ecology, economy, and public safety. The team worked together to identify native tree saplings and install caging around them, to protect them from deer and other browsing animals. There, they set fort an ambitious goal: Read full media release May 31, 17 Hill Country Communities Represented at Regional Dark Sky Conference in Fredericksburg There are more community efforts to preserve the night sky in the Hill Country than there are in any other similarly sized region on earth.

But we must continue our efforts to enjoy these benefits in the future. The deadline for applications for grants to be used during the school year is Friday, September 15, Join our panel in a discussion of potential costs of invasive species to native wildlife and infrastructure, approaching threats, and the most effective ways for Hill Country boaters, ranchers and landowner to protect our waterways.

Leo Tynan of Fredericksburg who served as board president for two years. Read full media release January 13, Hill Country workshop provides landowners with information on conservation easements The Hill Country Alliance HCA is hosting a landowner workshop from 2 p. Speakers to Bring Messages of Free, Easy, Dependable Water The annual Rainwater Revival is the largest gathering of rainwater harvesting businesses and contractors in the state.

Now in its 7th year, the Revival continues to evangelize the message of delicious water that comes free from the sky and is so easy to capture, store and use for home or garden. The Rainwater Revival, ever popular with homeowners and businesses alike, is free, family-friendly and set for Saturday, November 5, 10am to 4pm at the Dripping Springs Ranch Park. The covered event center near Dripping Springs will be a-buzz with more than 50 vendors, exhibitors, food trucks, live music at noon, the Raindrop Stop for kids, and a line-up of speakers who will bring their passion and expertise for rainwater harvesting to the stage.

With the population of Texas projected to double by the yearhow can the state meet growing water demands with limited resources?

meet the press guests 2013 calendar

How do we balance established agricultural, municipal and industrial production demands, while continuing to ensure water for rural landowners, small communities, rivers, and downstream users? The online raffle, RainwaterRevivalRaffle. Warren is currently the Associate Director for the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University, a research and education center dedicated to inspiring leadership and research that ensures clean, abundant water for the environment and all humanity.

She also serves as the Operations Director for a nonprofit organization, United4Iran, that focuses on using technology to engage citizens in advancing their civil liberties. The calendar addresses issues including groundwater resource protection, native pollinators, land conservation, land stewardship, and night sky protection.


HCA hopes their calendar will inspire people to learn more and become involved in the issues important to keeping the natural resources of this beautiful and fragile region intact. The program will feature a conversation between leading biology experts about the effect that micro-organisms have on Hill Country streams and rivers. Read full media release July 28, On the Edge of Night: Preserving the night skies of the Texas Hill Country Bill Wren recalls how fascinated he was by the night sky when he was a child.

The selection was made after a nationwide search. The symposium will take place from 7 pm to 8: Parking is available on campus. HCA is now taking applications through May 2 from schools that want to implement or enhance rainwater collection and water conservation programs on their campuses.

What are the contrasts you see in your day-to-day life in the Texas Hill Country? The study addresses threats to water resources, scenic beauty and cultural heritage in the face of rapid population growth in the region. A welcome will begin at 6 p. Ross Ramsey, executive editor and co-founder of the online media outlet Texas Tribune, will moderate the forum. In a region where private property rights are often held up as the rule of the land, we are increasingly seeing private property owners facing industrial sand and gravel mines, large developments and associated sewage disposals, unregulated groundwater withdrawals and large infrastructure projects — right on their fence lines.

Christy lays out the 5 critical actions that must be taken to protect this region into the future. The popular, annual event is part festival, part educational series, and always a celebration of the ease, sweet taste, and wisdom of harvesting rainwater.

HCA Press Releases | Welcome to Hill Country Alliance

The program will feature a conversation about the regional, financial and ecological considerations of the mile pipeline. The Memorial Day flood along the Blanco River was one of the most devastating on record. Citizens and communities along the river were left with heartbreaking losses of life and property, and also many questions about how this happened and how can we reduce future impacts from floods.

My friend Sandy and I get great pleasure out of being the first to text the other whenever we first glimpse a Comanche Moon. It is said the Comanche warriors of old liked to make their raids into Texas and Mexico by the light of this full moon—the Comanche Moon. The next Comanche Moon will rise this Sunday night, September 27, and it will be a very special one.

This workshop will focus on the landowners in the nineteen-county Hill Country region and will bring landowners the message about how to steward and protect their land investment with a conservation easement agreement. The future livability of Austin, San Antonio and the fast growing I corridor will hinge in part on our ability to safeguard its water, wildlife and scenic resources. As Central Texas grapples with population growth, increasing demands on our water supply and cycles of intense drought and floods, it is essential that the public is aware of the water infrastructure planning process that is happening now.

Read full media release. The deadline to enter is midnight, May 31, The HCA is now taking applications through May 1 from schools that want to implement or enhance rainwater collection and water conservation programs on their campuses.

meet the press guests 2013 calendar

Entering the contest is easy through the HCA website. We also have a very strong belief in property rights and the responsibilities that accompany those rights. November 10, Texas Water Symposium, Nov. Once again, this calendar delivers stunning photography while remaining an informative resource on Hill Country conservation — addressing such issues as groundwater resource protection, native habitat conservation, land stewardship, night sky protection and more.

Read full press release. August 18, Rainwater Revival Returns to Dripping Springs on October 25 Look to the sky for your water supply—and learn how to capture and use it at the fifth annual Rainwater Revival, which returns to Dripping Springs on October The popular and free edu-fest event is put on by the Hill Country Alliance. Michalec, board president of HCA. In advance of that announcement, the Hill Country Alliance HCA convened a roundtable discussion in Blanco on June 4th where HCA board, advisory team and other water and land stewardship experts discussed a range of solutions that could save money and provide water to see the state through future severe droughts.

The request was granted January 27,and the case is now closed. April 17, City Wastewater Discharge May Threaten Clear-running Creeks and Water Wells Some water experts believe Hill Country clear-running creeks and streams may soon be a thing of the past if cities are permitted to discharge treated wastewater directly into creeks such as Onion Creek. Water wells may also become contaminated.

meet the press guests 2013 calendar

This summit brings together scientists and policy-makers to share information and address current and future challenges in the management of the Barton Springs Zone. March 17, Build Smart Water Now While we continue to reduce our water use, demands increase every day with new homes of suburbia appearing on the horizon. Each will require more water, with a considerable amount going to establish and maintain hundreds of acres of new turf grass each year.

As Central Texas grapples with population growth, land fragmentation and changing land uses, understanding the impact of land and water management on the health of our rivers and their associated catchment areas is essential.

The Texas Hill Country is a cherished place, yet it is threatened by land fragmentation, over-allocated rivers and aquifers, incompatible land development practices and a lack of understanding about appropriate stewardship.

October 28 Rainwater Revival Pitches its Tents in Boerne on Nov 2 Rainwater harvesting is part of the new water culture in Texas, especially in the Texas Hill Country where water is scarce and precious. On Saturday, November 2, the Rainwater Revival returns to the Boerne Civic Center where rain harvesting experts and practitioners will speak throughout the day in tandem with a variety of exhibitor and vendor tents, a live auction of artful rain barrels, the Raindrop Stop for kids, food trailers, music, and fun for the whole family.

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