Meet the press sunday may 10 with carly fiorina

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meet the press sunday may 10 with carly fiorina

And joining me to provide insight and analysis this Sunday morning . Welcome back to Meet the Press Carly Fiorina, and happy Mother's Day. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Meet the Press with This Sunday-morning public-affairs institution is network TV's oldest program, but it's certainly no dinosaur as it continues. . 10 Episodes () Carly Fiorina . Carly Fiorina on Sunday voiced opposition to giving President Obama the authority to fast By S.A. Miller - The Washington Times - Sunday, May 10, The truth is we don't know what's in this deal,” she said on NBC”s “Meet the Press.”.

meet the press sunday may 10 with carly fiorina

That's why they're stealing our intellectual property. We consider this an act of aggression. Bush-era War on Terror. And I also believe that waterboarding was used when there was no other way to get information that was necessary.

Carly Fiorina fires back at critics of ‘Domaingate’

And I think when we get into trouble on this debate when we assume that people who support gay marriage are open and compassionate and people who don't are not. It's why I believe the right way to solve these very personal issues is to let people vote on them, don't have judges decide it, don't even have representative government decide it, let people vote on it in the states.

I think people of both points of view, accept the democratic process.

meet the press sunday may 10 with carly fiorina

What they don't always accept is a bunch of self-important, self-appointed judges saying this is culturally the new norm.

She stated that the Indiana bill is about the "opportunity to practice their religions freely" and "It has not and has never been a license to discriminate.

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She blasted business leaders in Silicon Valley and elsewhere who have criticized the Indiana law as discriminatory, questioning why there isn't similar outrage "in the Twitterverse about the subjugation of the rights of women and gays in many countries in which these companies do business. Where is the outrage about that? Where is the outrage about how gays are treated in Iran, for example?

Where is the outrage about how women are treated in Algeria? Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell v. Hodgeswhich held that there is a fundamental right to same-sex marriage under the Fourteenth AmendmentFiorina said the decision was "only the latest example of an activist Court. I do not agree that the Court can or should redefine marriage.

I believe that responsibility should have remained with states and voters where this conversation has continued in churches, town halls and living rooms around the country.

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He has since appeared on the program as a U. Senator from Massachusetts 21 times. After she was elected Prime Minister inGandhi grew more concerned about her television image and contacted "Meet the Press" to request makeup samples used during her appearance on the program. Gandhi a complete makeup set -- including sponges and instructions for application.

President Gerald Ford becomes the first sitting American president to appear on the program. President Ford accepted the invitation as a tribute to "Meet the Press" co-founder Lawrence Spivak, who was making his farewell appearance as moderator of the program. In one of the most dramatic newsbreaks in the history of "Meet the Press" President Jimmy Carter announces that the U.

Tim Russert makes his debut as moderator of "Meet the Press. In the center of this photo is then-intern Betsy Fischer, who is now Executive Producer of the program.

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Vice President Dan Quayle is the guest. The broadcast breaks television history as "Meet the Press" becomes the first network television program ever to broadcast live in digital high definition.

Bill Bradley to a "Meet the Press agreement" to have weekly debates in place of running political advertisements. Five days after the September 11th attacks, Vice President Dick Cheney joins moderator Tim Russert in the first live television interview ever broadcast from Camp David. Democratic Challenger Tom Strickland. Bush February 8, In another "Meet the Press" first, Democratic strategist James Carville cracks an egg on his forehead to demonstrate he's got "egg on his face" after his projected outcome of the U.

Carville predicted 52 percent of the vote for U. Bush and 1 percent for Ralph Nader. Senator-elect Jim Webb D-Va. He was 58 years old. A record-breaking 9 million viewers tune in to see Gen. President-elect Barack Obama makes his first Sunday morning television appearance since winning the election to discuss the challenges facing this country and the upcoming transition of power. Interim moderator Tom Brokaw announces that David Gregory has been chosen as the new moderator of the show.

It's her first appearance on the program since joining the Obama administration.