Meet the press transcript january 3 2016 gospel

Prepare to Meet God - By Elder Quentin L. Cook

meet the press transcript january 3 2016 gospel

Anchoring Your Life in the Gospel (Bedford, TX: Burkhart Books, ), 8. 5. Luther King Jr.,” YouTube video, , King speaking on Meet the Press, April 17, , (Originally published ) 3. Augustine, The Confessions, 4. Ibid., poll reveals,” Iceland Magazine, January 14, , . Reflecting on the Gospel reading of the day at the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis reminded the faithful that when we meet the Lord we will be called to account. Trump May Meet with Fed Chair Powell in January; Trump Growing Frustrated with Aired p ET .. Social Media Push to Help Trump; Acting Chief of Staff Slammed Trump in ; Hungary Murder; CNN Goes Inside Tunnel Running From Lebanon To Israel; Christian Pastor Wang Yi Faces Subversion Charges.

Donald Trump shuns the censorship that is rooted in political correctness and speaks the plain common-sense truth that so many have been longing to hear. The mainstream press expected this to end his candidacy early on, but it did just the opposite.

He soared in the polls and now is the presumptive Republican nominee. Liberty University is a unique institution because unlike most nonprofit universities, we try to operate like a business, emphasizing efficiency, treating students like customers. As general counsel at Liberty in my younger years, we fought to survive. I spent many days negotiating with creditors and spent many weekends with my father, begging and borrowing from lenders and donors to cover the paychecks that we had already written on the Friday before.

But by applying common-sense business principles with an entrepreneurial spirit, we finally saw success. It was reported in the Richmond Times just this week that Liberty has bucked the trend of divestment in Israel by many major institutions by doing just the opposite and investing many millions of dollars of our endowment in Israel.

meet the press transcript january 3 2016 gospel

Donald Trump is the only candidate in this election who has achieved independent financial success. Imagine how wonderful it would be for once that the United States of America has as its president a man who has built companies from scratch, who knows what it feels like to be solely responsible for finding the money each week to cover payroll, who runs the nation with the same entrepreneurial business principles that have brought success to his own companies.

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You know, our Founding Fathers envisioned a nation governed by citizen legislators, and I believe the American public is finally ready to elect a candidate who is not a career politician, but rather who has succeeded in life, in the real life, in the real world. Please welcome a man who I pray earnestly will be the next president of the United States, Mr. Trump, I want to begin by expressing appreciation to you for coming and being willing to sit at the assembly of some of the great spiritual leaders and faith leaders in America.

I want to say, on behalf of all these folks who are gathered, thank you. This began as just a little event. We have some religious leaders, we have some great evangelicals, good Christians, and just a small gathering.

I figured minutes, maybe half an hour to see them. And you know what? I want to make sure that you know that people have not come to this room as an imposition.

What I saw was real. And it was one of the reasons that I have had no hesitation endorsing you, supporting you, and enthusiastically encouraging people to get behind your candidacy. But I want you to begin today by expressing: What is it about the relationship you have with your children that is so special? What is that bond all about? Well, thank you very much. I have great children. I mean, I have really five wonderful children.

Through God, they were born intelligent. They went to top colleges. They were all very good students. Because I love the way your children are. And it would drive them crazy. It was like, you go to Sunday school, you have to do that. Especially your religion, that it makes it very difficult. Mike and I have been discussing it, and I think we have some very important things to say. But also in things like freeing up your religion, freeing up your thoughts, freeing up your.

And Darrell Scott and Pastor Burgess. They speak before 25, people, the most incredible speakers you could ever see, better than any politician by far. It was what happened during the Johnson administration. But I can tell you, I watched this during the last year, and I watched fear in the hearts of brave, incredible people. And we are going to get rid of that, because you should have the right to speak.

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You mentioned Paula White. The two of you have been very close personally.

meet the press transcript january 3 2016 gospel

My conversations with Paula, who I adore, is a great reminder to me that you are willing to listen to spiritual counsel from people who you know and you trust. I want to put you at ease. This is not a pastoral search committee. Some people are very vocal about their faith, and other people are not. So we understand that. We come at this with that clarity.

James Dobson founder of Focus on the Family: I am delighted to be here with the Gospel greats. I also want to tell you that I have some water here with me, and I want to tell you why. And he ran a thing down my nose, looked at my larynx, and he got a grim look on his face.

I just want to say, Sir, thank you for being here. Fifty thousand questions came back. And then they did an analysis of those questions to see what people wanted Mr.

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Trump to talk about. Because all the other issues relate to that one. The Pilgrims came to this country with one motivation that drove them more than anything else: It was put number one for a reason! Because that sets the tone.

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That is the foundation for all our other freedoms. And yet when Barack Obama became president, I think there was a conscious effort to undermine our religious liberty. So they have tried to limit us to our church activity. If we, as a society, would contemplate the consequences of sin, there would be massive public opposition to pornography and the objectification of women.

meet the press transcript january 3 2016 gospel

In many countries, if not most, people are deeply divided about how to live. The unity we seek is to be unified with the Savior and His teachings. With respect to missionary work, the principal qualifications for baptism are humbling oneself before God and coming forth with a broken heart and contrite spirit.

In addition, missionaries humbly serve where called. They do not attempt to serve based on worldly standards of status or preparation for future careers. They serve with all their heart, might, mind, and strength wherever they are assigned. They do not choose their missionary companions, and they seek diligently to develop Christlike attributes, 29 which are at the heart of the culture of Jesus Christ.

The scriptures give guidance for our most important relationships. Sacred ordinances and divine responsibilities are built upon this premise. I would expect that your own experiences in the temple would be similar to mine. When I would leave my workaday world in San Francisco and arrive at the Oakland Temple, I would experience an overwhelming feeling of love and peace. A major part of that was sensing I was closer to God and His purposes. The saving ordinances were my primary focus, but a significant part of those beautiful feelings was the equality and unity that permeate the temple.

Everyone is dressed in white clothing.

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There is no evidence of wealth, rank, or educational attainment; we are all brothers and sisters humbling ourselves before God. In the sacred sealing room, the eternal marriage ordinance is the same for everyone.

Customs and Border Protection guards. During the debate, Trump refused to rule out a third-party candidacy. Immigration policy of Donald Trump and Mexico—United States barrier In his announcement speech, Trump promised that he would build "a great, great wall" on the United States—Mexico borderand emphasized that proposal throughout his campaign, further stating that the construction of the wall would be paid for by Mexico.

At a July rally in Phoenix, ArizonaTrump was welcomed by the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaioturning over the lectern for part of his speech to a supporter whose child was killed in Los Angeles in by a Mexican-born gang member. The complaint asserted that Univision was attempting to suppress Trump's First Amendment rights by putting pressure on his business ventures. He issued a written statement saying, "Donald J.

Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on," which he repeated at subsequent political rallies.