Meet the real woman behind voice of siri documentary

'I'm the original voice of Siri' - CNN

meet the real woman behind voice of siri documentary

Siri is an intelligent assistant that offers a faster, easier way to get things done on your that you're running late for a meeting — so you can stay in touch effortlessly. their status, or even do a bunch of things at once — using just your voice. Even when you don't ask, Siri works behind the scenes like a personal assistant. Susan Alice (Cameron) Bennett (born July 31, ) is an American voice-over artist. She is best known for being the female American voice of Apple's "Siri" since While at Brown University, Bennett met her husband, Curt Bennett, who played ABC game show To Tell the Truth, and was revealed as the true voice of Siri. Apr 4, The voice of a GPS or Apple's Siri is as familiar to many of us as the voices of our own family. Greg Appel met Karen Jacobsen, the woman behind the voice, and discovered her and fuzzy; a real life echo of the artificial intelligence voice played by Scarlett Johanssen in the recent Spike Jonze film Her.

Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the free world. Like I said, this has to be in the works. TV ratings Unless you're in the media business, you probably don't know the archaic methodology used to determine TV ratings. I won't bore you with it here. However, since Alexa is always listening, it could accomplish something truly magical and illegal, without the mother of all user agreements: Amazon knows who owns Echo devices.

meet the real woman behind voice of siri documentary

In fact, Amazon knows everything an advertiser needs to know about you, including your full contact information, credit card info, purchase history, streaming history for Amazon Prime members and more. Imagine not only that Alexa identified what content was playing but also that there was simultaneous live conversation proving there were people in the room while the content was playing. Apply a little machine learning and a bit of media modeling, and Amazon would own the most actionable set of marketing data ever created.

Ah, but wait … 5. Record the next three hours of audio from Echo Dot 2. Tell Record-a-Call to record for 20 minutes after the phone rings. And you can personalize Siri to make it even more useful. Teach Siri who your family members are. Siri keeps your information private and secure. Siri is designed to do as much learning as possible offline, right on your device.

meet the real woman behind voice of siri documentary

Learn more about Privacy SiriKit lets Siri work with all your favorite apps. So more of the things you already love to do on your devices can be done simply by asking Siri.

meet the real woman behind voice of siri documentary

Apple Music subscription required. Siri may not be available in all languages or in all areas, and features may vary by area.

Why 'Her' Is the Best Movie Ever Made About the Singularity

Cellular data charges may apply. Siri features and capabilities vary by device. Some features require apps to be developed with SiriKit.

meet the real woman behind voice of siri documentary

Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas. Bennett wasn't always accent-free, though.

Meet The Woman Who Says She's The Voice Of Siri

She was born in Vermont and grew up all over New England. Her voice -- dropped Rs and all -- was "SNL"-skit ready.

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Can she imagine Siri as a New Englander? By the time she arrived in Atlanta inwith her first husband, former NHL player Curt Bennett of the Atlanta Flames, she was ready to fight off the Southern twang.

Meet the voice of Apple's Siri, Karen Jacobsen

She fell in love with Atlanta and, after that marriage ended, stayed. Even though her voice can be heard everywhere, she's enjoyed being out of the spotlight.

That's been kind of freeing in a lot of ways. Her voice is transmitted to the world, while she -- if she so chooses -- sits in her jammies, or more likely her Zumba clothes.

meet the real woman behind voice of siri documentary

Auditions are done by e-mail. She can grocery shop and go unrecognized. It's not as though her natural speaking voice, heard out of context in the produce aisle, sparks reactions.