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meet the robinsons original ending

Ending / spoiler for Meet the Robinsons (), plus mistakes, quotes, trivia and more. Despite his reformation at the end of Meet the Robinsons, Bowler Hat Guy also in an alternate ending of the film when after Lewis emerged into the meeting. I looked at one tape, it said "Meet the Robinsons Original Ending". Meet the Robinsons was one of my all time favorite movies Disney made, I'm.

Wilbur's grandpa has lost his teeth and he recruits Lewis to help him find them. Along the way, Lewis meets all of Wilbur's crazy relatives. It's a picture book! The film retains only the meeting of the strange family members and a few character models and names, but that's basically it.

The film was going to have the same name as the book, but that idea was scrapped, along with a few other things apparently. John Lasseter was now the chief creative officer for both Pixar and Walt Disney studios.

Meet the Robinsons had been in production for a while now and director Stephen J. Anderson, who had wanted to direct the movie due to it's subject matter on orphans he being an orphan himselfhad to meet with Lasseter to show him how the film was going. Lasseter saw an early screening of the film and was not exactly thrilled about what he saw. He apparently didn't think the villain was threatening enough and didn't much care for the ending. Ten months later, about sixty percent of the movie had been re-shot or re-rendered.

Anderson had made a completely new villain, given him a dinosaur sidekick, put a dinosaur chase scene in the movie, and even changed the ending to the film. Dinosaurs make everything better! Just like in Dinosaur!

meet the robinsons original ending

I only saw this movie for the first time last year, but I'm glad I did see it, as I thoroughly enjoyed it. Is it as good as some of the classics? No, but it stands on its own legs. The story has a lot of little quirks, such as the family itself and all its zaniness, and the whole time travel aspects.

Time travel movies are always unique because of the explorations of ramifications of one's actions. This movie doesn't step into Ray Bradbury's A Sound of Thunder, but it still delves into what can happen when you don't have your head in the right place. Lewis is so concerned with finding out why his mother abandoned him, that it not only negatively effects his life, but others around him.

And Lewis being Cornelius' or Franny's father; because seriously, why in God's name would Lewis change the name he's had for 12 years for no apparent reason. And the ending just seemed like one giant Deus ex Machina after another: What does Walt Disney have to do anything with?

Yes, they used part of his quote, but they weren't worshiping him or telling people to.

meet the robinsons original ending

They use the "Keep moving forward" theme and I think quote on Phineas and Ferb but so far I've seen no one who's said something along the lines of what you wrote. Talk about an over-reaction And who said Lewis was the one who changed his own name?

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The ending implies that it was his new parents that changed his name, not Lewis himself. Once they signed the adoption papers it would be well within their power to.

Adoptive parents HAVE changed the names of the children they adopt, you know. I'm assuming that the frog girl Young! Franny didn't fall for him all at once. It probably happened while they were in high school or something. Plus it's fairly common though foolish at a young age to become mildly infatuated with someone you barely know.

Heck it happened to This Troper once in the 10th grade. But anyway, my point is that their relationship probably started small and then deepened over time. Keep in mind that Lewis is the only one at this point who knows that they'll end up getting married. Who's to say his name isn't actually Cornelius? I defy you to come up with a better nickname for Cornelius than Lewis.

And it's perfectly likely that he did keep in touch, as emotionally affected as he was over Goob. Plus his departure was very light and not particularly emotional, so it probably wasn't final. He doesn't just get to live there like it's a family, even if emotionally it is. This just really bugs the crap outta me: Wilbur obviously comes from the best possible future, where Lewis never gave up on his inventions, learned from mistakes, and is essentially the new Albert Einstein.

Why did Wilbur need to go back in time over a decade-and-a-half, when he could have just as easily gone back an hour and just locked the garage?!

Maybe the time machine can't go back hours, just years. Or maybe it was because too much damage had already been done to the timeline. Probably should just go with "he's stupid". Really, this troper got the feeling that Wilbur was pretty much that dumb kid who screwed up and made an even bigger mess trying to fix it, completely oblivious to the far easier solutions available. I think it's because it wouldn't have worked anyway.

The time-machine exists outside of time. Because it was already taken in the future, going back to prevent it from being taken is impossible, because it no longer exists in just that time. It's now in a different time as well. Lewis has to do something before Bowler Hat Guy can sign, but he fails, and due to this the future spontaneously switches halfway through, leading you to wonder how Bowler Hat Guy got in a position to sign in the first place as well!

meet the robinsons original ending

The only thing I can think of is a split timeline, one good and one bad, and once the good one is carried out, they travel back and carry on with the bad one.

But there's no indication of anything like that! It seems to switch to a past, the signing period, that has the seemingly uncaused? Doris in it, as well as a time-transplanted Bowler Hat Guy.

Doris brings about the bad future. When Lewis first sees the time machine, he says something like: Wow, I never thought time machines would be invented in my lifetime!

Only that wouldn't ever make sense for anyone to say. First, he doesn't know that Wilbur is from his lifetime. Second, if a time machine is invented in anyone's lifetime, it can travel to yours, making the point moot.

He's probably just blurting out something, caught up in the awe of the moment, and not choosing his words carefully. He is twelve, after all. Also he might have seen Wilbur punch in the destination date and simply did the math.

Lewis said admittedly, I've seen the Dutch version: So you could see it as "I never thought anyone with a time machine would want to go to the early 21st century! The full line is "I never thought time travel could be possible in my lifetime, and here it is right in front of me". Lewis is essentially just saying "I never thought I would get to experience time-travel".

It's basically the same as anyone getting to experience something they never thought they would. If Doris could control people's minds, why didn't she just take over Goob and do everything herself?

Maybe she's a sadist and wanted to watch him squirm.

meet the robinsons original ending

Also, it's very suspicious, and unnatural looking, even people in the past would suspect something, also, Goob needed to talk at his presentation, if Doris took him over earlier, he would freak out when she came off, but he'd be weird, especially with that hat over his eyes. And I just realized that if they figured out that Helping Hats could control people Where are the Reapers to correct this paradox?!

They got unmade when the Universe went foom and never got slotted back in when it was remade. If the timelines had split then these aren't quite the same Lewis' anymore. One was from one universe and the other was from the other one it works with Trunks in Dragon Ball Z. How come no one has mentioned the fact that Lewis's mother abandons him and suddenly takes him back because she finds out who he is?

It is never mentioned why she abandoned him, and if she had a valid reason, like not being able to care for a child, then she shouldn't be allowed to take him back. When did that happen? No, the point is that it's not his real mother and father who adopt him again.

But anyway, if it had been really her, there could have been a good reason. Not able to afford it, nowhere to live Or good-ish, at least She still could very well do so, though, again, after twelve years, that would be kinda weird. I just watched the movie, and was a little confused so You mean Lewis' mom put him in the orphanage, only to run back 12 years later to get him?

No, Lewis' mom never came back. He got adopted by a nice couple who happened to be part of the future family. I'm appalled at the Idiot Ball everyone in the Future has. Wilbur makes it clear that Lewis has to wear a hat because otherwise, they'll know that he's Cornelius Robinson as a young boy.

If my year-old self suddenly appeared in front of me wearing a hat, guess what? I'm still gonna recognize that this person is me from the past.


Also, when they finally realize who he is, Mrs. Robinson kicks him out. Why doesn't she just explain to him why he can't live with them anymore rather than making him assume she and the others are terrible people for booting him out just because he has spiky yellow hair Look at the whole thing from his perspective.

As far as he knows, that's why they dump him is because of his hair. In her defense, she didn't kick him out, per se. She just said he had to go back to his own time. If she had told him any more, it might've screwed up the timestream. Plus, what really got him mad was that Wilbur pretty much told him, "Yeah, I'm not gonna take you back to see your mom even though I told you I'd would Why did Lewis join the Bowler Hat Guy anyway? He had the same story as Wilbur I'll take you to your momand uh, I' don't know, he's an obvious Dastardly Whiplash!

He fell into the same trap twice! Nice going, Future Albert Einstein At that time, he's very angry, upset, and not thinking clearly. They're notorious for making bad decisions when they're that angry. He spent the whole movie believing that Wilbur would take him to see his mother, only to have Wilbur casually shoot the promise dead on the spot.

meet the robinsons original ending

No doubt Lewis is feeling betrayed and used. Not to mention that the family, mere seconds after accepting him into the family, tell him to go. During the "Another Believer" sequence, we keep seeing Lewis take home wagonloads of invention parts from that shop.

Where does a ward of the state get the pocket money to buy all that stuff? Kids can do errands for money. He might have done kid work like cleaning and organizing at the school for spare cash.

If he had a habit of saving up, he could have a nice little stash for when he needed spare parts. And the parts could have been cheap or discounted. Why do they need the memory enhancer? Bowler Hat Guy wanted revenge and wouldn't help Doris otherwise, so she's forced to cooperate with him until then since mind-controlling him would be suspicious.

Aunt Petunia is a hand puppet. Uncle Fritz is human. How the heck could they have children?! Fritz marries a woman called Petunia, who has children with him. But, a few years later, she dies presumably in a Harley accident. Fritz, unable to deal with the death of his wife, begins to project his understanding of her personality into a hand puppet.

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The others probably just play along because, hey, he's hurting no-one. If the Bowler Hat Guy's explanation of the whole story is correct, then when he was stealing the first time machine, all that Wilbur saw was, well, him stealing the time machine. If so, then how exactly did Wilbur come to the conclusion that the thief went back in time to steal Lewis' invention and pass it as their own? It's never been stated how known Bowler Hat Guy's hatred of Cornelius was in the future and Wilbur might have a device that figured out when Bowler Hat Guy went the same way Doris later figures out Lewis went to the future.

One thing that bothers me about Cornelius showing Lewis the room full of inventions towards the end: Doesn't that kind of "spoil" everything for Lewis?

Part of human experience is not knowing your future and, as the film states, "Keep moving forward". But if you already know that's what your future holds, then that just spoils it, everything is set in stone for you.

You still have to put the work in to make it happen, yeah, but you know what's going to happen, so there's no challenge, no feeling of overcoming adversity, you know the odds will forever be in your favor.

Yes, Cornelius does state that the future is not certain and is never set in stone, but we see earlier in the movie that if something in the past doesn't happen or is decided never to happen, it disappears - so clearly that future is going to happen. It just really bothers me how that scene basically unmakes the point the movie was trying to illustrate - keep moving forward and don't be afraid of failure Cornelius never went into details regarding what any of those inventions do.

Near the end of the film, Doris tries to kill Lewis. Wouldn't that have resulted in herself being erased, since Lewis would not grow up to invent her? As smart as she'd already proven herself to be, that wasn't the brightest move. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but where does the last name "Robinson" come from? His adoptive mother is named "Krunklehorn" Is it Lewis' original surname, which he kept for some reason after being adopted?

Michael "Goob" Yagoobian

Is it Franny's, and he took it when they got married? The Disney Wiki seems to imply that first theory, but I'm not sure if it's based on anything canon. What seems to be the generally accepted Fanon goes as follows: Lucile uses her maiden name, Krunklehorn, in her business life since she became known under it before her marriage but uses her married name, Robinson, in most other aspects Lewis' friends knowing her as Mrs.

Robinson for examplemeaning Lewis' new name is Cornelius Robinson. Franny's maiden name, and therefore the last name of her brothers, is Framagucchi spelling? This troper thinks there is more than one timeline. The first one T1 we don't see where Lewis's invention works just fine, he gets adopted, Goob doesn't get adopted, meets Franny at some point, etc, make Doris, his son loses the Time Machine, etc. So a new timeline starts T2 as soon as Doris messes with Lewis's invention, but is not set in stone T1 one can still exist.