Meet the skylanders cynder plush

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meet the skylanders cynder plush

The end of The Legend of Spyro series left both Spyro and Cynder in a place that was Here, Spyro met the Skylanders squad and swiftly agreed to join them in .. do so, bringing the evil Portal Master's attention to the Skylanders in toy form. CHRISTMAS ANNOUNCEMENT As orders are very high this time of year, delivery in time for Christmas is not possible. Thank you for your understanding. See more ideas about Skylanders, Life design and Spyro and cynder. Time Cake Ideas5 YearsKids PartGrandchildrenMeet . Pack 1 Trap Master Toy 1 Trading Card 1 QR Code and Sticker This Skylanders Trap Team figure requires the.

The evil Portal Master revealed that he had used the Skylanders to brave the terrors of the Forest so that he can steal the key from them, and was willing to release Flynn in exchange for it. Spyro standing beside a snickering Kaos Not wanting to endanger Flynn's life for the sake of their mission, Spyro gave Kaos the Chattering Key, and the tyrant summoned a tomb of the Pyramid of Just Rewards that contained the Arkeyan weapon, the Machine of Doom. Kaos opened the tomb, activating one of its pillars that destroys the advancing Fido with a beam of light.

The evil Portal Master then used Flynn as a hostage to keep the Skylanders from following him. Skylanders Giants: Series 2 Cynder - New In Bulk Packaging: Video Games

With the help from the Chattering Key, Spyro and the Skylanders ventured inside the pyramid through the other side where they stumble upon the Machine of Doom itself. As Kaos reached the Machine, Boomer eagerly tried to control the evil contraption but failed, and the weapon itself began to break apart and pyramid around them started to crumble.

meet the skylanders cynder plush

As Kaos laughed maniacally at Boomer trying to control the Machine of Doom, Spyro was the only one who figured out Kaos' real scheme. The machine was really a trap designed by the Arkeyans to capture anyone who might be tempted to steal a weapon capable of destroying the Core of Lightknowing that anyone who passed through the Forest of Fear, got the Chattering Key, and unlocked the tomb was too dangerous to walk free.

Kaos tricked the Skylanders into seizing the Machine of Doom therefore springing the trap, intending to bury the heroes alive.

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As Kaos and his minions were making their escape as the pyramid was crumblin around them, Flynn was rescued during the chaos. Spyro attempted to stop Kaos from escaping in his transport portal, but failed when the tyrant fired a magic lightning bolt at the young dragon. Boomer, having successfullu gained control over The Machine of Doom, used the mechanical titan to destroy the portal that Kaos was about to use to escape.

Despite knowing that Kaos deserved to be left inside the pyramid in the very trap he tried to spring on the heroes, Spyro recalled Master Eon's ways on what the old Portal Master would do in a situation like this.

Making his decision, the young dragon saved Kaos from being buried alive, and the Skylanders narrowly made their escape using The Machine of Doom just as the pyramid crumbled down into a pit.

The Machine of Doom broke apart as a result of the endeavor, and the Skylanders landed outside of the crumbled remains of the pyramid while Kaos made his escape unnoticed.

Skylanders: Giants - Meet the Skylanders - Series 2 Cynder (Volts and Lightning)

Spyro, Gill Grunt, Eruptor, and Boomer were then greeted by Master Eon, who Spyro informed that he and the other Skylanders had underestimated Kaos, but the young dragon declared that he won't do it again. Although Kaos had been stopped, Spyro knew that this was only the beginning since the evil Portal Master would strike again but that next time they would be ready for him.

The young dragon then celebrated their victory as Gill Grunt began to sing a song again.

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However he ended up failing the training session when his attempt to use the Daybringer Flame missed a Goliath Drow illusion and singed only Drill Sergeant and Trigger Happy. Disheartened at the fact that he failed his training again, Spyro was soon tasked by Master Eon to go with Stealth Elf to Stinky Swamp to find a terrible monster the elf had encountered.

After saving a Mabu named Snuckles from a couple of ChompiesSpyro and Stealth Elf were attacked by an unusually, giant titchy toad. The toad's toxic saliva caused Spyro and Stealth Elf to fall asleep during the struggle, unable to save Snuckles from the giant titchy toad that was about to devour him and vampire vines that threatened to pull the Mabu apart.

The Mabu was then saved by the arrival of Kaos, who used a magic staff to defeat the toad. The evil Portal Master claimed that he was turning over a new leaf by taking down evil doers, much to Spyro and Stealth Elf's complete disbelief. When the residents of Skylands started praising Kaos for saving them from various mega-sized creatures, Spyro suspected that Kaos was up to something, refusing to believe that the 'evil' Portal Master would suddenly turn over a new leaf out of the blue.

He, Jet-Vac, and Drill Sergeant were soon sent to The Desert of Columns to help the Molekin, Diggsescape from a strangely familiar troll monsterbut Kaos saved the day once again, greatly irritating Spyro. The Warrior Librarians had come to warn Master Eon that their Eternal Archive, a library that holds not only the dangerous books ever written, was in terrible danger.

Upon arriving at the Archives, the Skylanders confronted a mega-sized Chompy Pod that was impervious to all of their attacks due to its current size. The plant soon spored five giant Chompies, in which Spyro ultimately mastered his Daybringer Flame attack in taking down one of the large monsters.

As the Skylanders were outmatched by the remaining giants, Kaos appeared, saving the Skylanders from the giant enemies by suspending the Chompies in midair using his magic staff. Stealth Elf uses Kaos's staff to supersize Spyro in their fight against Kaos.

Kaos then revealed that as a child he wanted to borrow a book called World Domination for Beginners and other related books from the Eternal Archives, but was told by Wiggleworth that they weren't available for loan in order to keep the books from falling into the wrong hands. The evil Portal Master threatened to release the giant Chompies upon the heroes if Wiggleworth didn't hand over a forbidden book to him.

When Wiggleworth refused, Kaos released the Chompies to devour the group. Stealth Elf stole the magic staff from Kaos, and used its power to enlarge Spyro two times the size of the giant Chompies, allowing the dragon to defeat the giant enemies while his fellow Skylanders dealt with Kaos and destroyed his magic staff.

After the battle, Spyro realized that Kaos's true plan was to test his staff on a few creatures growing them into a giant sizetrick the people of Skylands into thinking he was saving them from the mega-sized animals just so he could attack the Archive and blackmail its curator, who Kaos thought would be blinded by hero worship like others have.

Realizing he was defeated, Kaos fled the scene, but not before revealing that his plan was only the beginning. Afterwards, some of the Skylanders, including the ones present, were brought to the Eternal Archives to help the Warrior Librarions repair the damage done.

Master Eon congratulated Spyro on his victory in stopping Kaos, and was more surprised that the purple dragon shared the glory with his fellow Skylanders who assisted him. Spyro then went with Master Eon after hearing that Wiggleworth wanted to show the young dragon something within the Archive's vault. The Portal Master showed Spyro the book Kaos was after, the legendary Book of Power, a book of prophecy that shows the most dreadful predictions, such as the fall of the Skylanders, and Spyro himself.

The two Skylanders were horrified to see a vision in the book showing the Core of Light destroyed and darkness swarming the skies, before seeing a glimpse of the Mask of Power ; an evil artifact created by a group of Spell Punks that was scattered across Skylands by the old Portal Masters long ago into eight pieces hidden in objects that were completely opposite to the fragments.

Realizing that Kaos had already found the Tech fragment of the Mask and wanted to reassemble it to use the Mask to destroy the Core of Light, Spyro and Gill Grunt became determined to find the rest before the evil Portal Master does.

meet the skylanders cynder plush

Spyro soon came to Deep Water Wasteland after hearing from Master Eon that the Gillman was having trouble with pirates lead by Captain Grimslobberbut was relieved that Gill Grunt managed to escape with the help of Zap and Wham-Shell.

The young dragon then revealed that Kaos was looking for the Water Fragment as well, and the trio of Water Skylanders quickly continued on with their mission, leaving Spyro to worry about Zap's well-being before he returned to Master Eon via portal. Spyro later assisted Gill Grunt, Wham-Shell, and Zap in their battle against Captain Grimslobber and his band of pirates on board the Fearsome Fang, successfully winning the struggle with the help of the merfolk.

meet the skylanders cynder plush

When Grimslobber fell overboard and was eaten alive by a Cloud KrakenKaos appeared and revealed that he had beaten the Skylanders to the Fish Master's Crown that supposedly contained the Water fragment to the Mask of Power. As the evil portal Master made his leave, Spyro, Gill Grunt, Zap, and Wham-Shell quickly made their escape off of Grimslobber's sinking ship and back in the vault of the Eternal Archives.

It appeared that the Skylanders had failed their mission, but Gill Grunt checked Grimslobber's satchel he brought back with him and held a dirty rag the captain had used to wrap the Fish Master's Crown. The rag then magically revealed itself to be the Water Fragment, making the Skylanders realize that Kaos had stolen nothing more than a worthless broken crown.

Knowing that Kaos would be after the next fragment to the Mask of Power, Spyro and Gill Grunt both knew that the Skylanders would be ready for him. The purple dragon proceeded to inform his allies that Master Eon was kidnapped and the culprit was Squirmgruba Warrior Librarian traitor who was working for Kaos all this time.

With Master Eon kidnapped, Spyro became temporary leader of the Skylanders in his place. Spyro furiously lashed out at Chief Curator Wiggleworth for trusting Squirmgrub, who was a traitor, and blamed him for Master Eon's capture. Hugo soon revealed that the Giggling Forest has stopped laughing for some reason, and Spyro assigned Stump Smash, Wrecking Ball and Flameslinger to find out what was going on. After the group's close encounter with the Bone DragonSpyro attempted to negotiate with Glumshanks into telling the Skylanders where Kaos was.

The purple dragon was able to trick the troll butler into blurting out Kaos's location by pretending to be unimpressed with the evil Portal Master, with Glumshanks becoming defensive of his master. The poor old wizard was even more surprised seconds later, when Wrecking Ball proceeded to swallow him whole. Eventually he ran, quite literally, into the powerful Portal Master Eonwho was intrigued by how he came to be and impressed with his unique abilities.

Story History Once upon a time, Wrecking Ball was nothing more than a common or garden grub. His adventure began when he became a speciality ingredient in a wizard's magical stew. After being chucked into the cooking concoction, a curious occurence took place. The hungry little grub worm took a sip, and then a gulp, and ended up devouring the whole lot. When the wizard came in to check on his cauldron, instead of his tasty stew he found one enormous grub who had grown to over twenty times his original size.

And as Wrecking Ball was still a little peckish, he popped the wizard in his mouth too - only to spit him straight back out again even a grub's standard's, the wizard tasted like a warthog! The story soon spread, raising smiles across the Skylands world. Soon the plucky grub bounced into Master Eon, who evidently felt that the Skylanders could do with a serious stomach among their ranks.

There, they discover that several of the living trees and Kaos' trolls were turned to stone by an unknown force, which soon revealed itself to be an angry Bone Dragon. During the attack, Flameslinger's bow was turned to stone by the Dragon's petrifying breath and Flynn 's hot air balloon was petrified as well.

The beast cornered the Skylanders, but Wrecking Ball quickly expelled a Power Belch at the Bone Dragon to drive it away, allowing the Skylanders to escape with a partially petrified Glumshanks. They fought against many trolls, eventually coming into contact with General Disaster. Whe the troll general readied two dozen missiles to fire at Wrecking Ball, the grub worm simply lashed out his tongue and swallowed General Disaster whole before he could fire his weapons. The Skylanders found the petrified forms of Kaos and Master Eon, and Wrecking Ball cried out to Stump Smash in alarm when he saw the ent was about to smash Kaos's statue to pieces as retribution for Eon's petrification, but reconsidered it.