Meet the skylanders volcanic eruptor

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meet the skylanders volcanic eruptor

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Skylanders swap force, Burns and Hot dogs. Volcanic Lava Barf Eruptor Series 3- Born to Burn! Skylanders Swap. Eruptor Meets the Nightmare King is the seventh book in the ongoing Mask of Power series of illustrated original novels set in the Skylanders. This is the full list of the Skylanders figures and characters. There is currently Skylanders that have been released. . Volcanic Lava Barf Eruptor (Fire).

The wolf that appeared had a fiery Mohawk and tail, and he wore black armor similar to Ember's armor, plus armbands and leggings, and the golden Sensei belt tied around his waist. In one hand, he carried a golden bazooka patterned with a Chinese dragon and housing a giant red firework.

That is so cool," the Fire Wolf breathed. My name's Flare Wolf and I look forward to training your Imaginators! Killamanblowa is totally gonna blow! I keep tellin ya, man," Avril argued. We have to stop it from erupting! Everybody knows you can't stop fire. How on Skylands can we stop Mt. Killa-ma-whatsit from blowing its lid? I won't hear any more of this crazy talk!

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Wanna help save the world? This would just be part of my mission.

meet the skylanders volcanic eruptor

He raised the freeze cannon and shot at the lava pool, creating icy platforms for them to cross. As Ember and Keith ran after them, the ice started to steam and melt, evaporating just as they reached the other side.

At the next island, they ran into a Splatterpillar and a group of Potion Punks. Keith, help Flare Wolf take out the Splatterpillar.

Meet the Skylanders - Volcanic Eruptor - Born to Burn!

Angered at the attack, the Splatterpillar lowered its head and charged, knocking Keith back towards the edge of the lava. Instantly, the lava froze up and the boulder fell through the ice and slammed into the hole.

He's been acting very tense this whole trip. When we talked to them, they explained that they've heard about Malefor's alliance with Kaos. And they're scared of what the Arkeyans might do to them should they fail to stop him. Needless to say, Flare Wolf was rather horrified by that statement so he decided to say nothing more about it.

By then, they had reached the next vent, and Ember chose to freeze up that one, sealing it up. Again, the ground shook and Keith looked around, seeing a giant door in the side of the volcano. But what's in there? The instant the vent was sealed, the boulder blocking the door exploded, revealing a massive treasure chest.

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They quickly climbed back up to the Cavernous Cache. At least for today. And that's positive, right?

meet the skylanders volcanic eruptor

Keith turned around and saw two new figures approaching them. One of them was a Skylander that Keith recognized, a creature with the body of a dragon and the beak, wings, and feathers of a phoenix. The other was an Arkeyan figure wearing red and yellow robes, marked with the symbol of the Eternal Fire Source. What are you two doing here? Killamanblowa was about to erupt," Sunburn explained.

Head back down the path and make a left. The Vault will be at the end of the route. Ember used the freeze cannon to activate some platforms, allowing Keith and Flare Wolf to run to the ledge and collect the Soul Gem. They also found a Troll Radio and solved its puzzle, earning an Imaginite Chest. After fighting more enemies, they came across a Selfie Spot by a giant statue wearing yellow sunglasses and Keith took a picture of him and Flare Wolf to earn a bonus.

After another long trek, they finally reached the vault, only to find an army waiting for them; three Sun Summoners leading a gathering of Potion Punks and Top-Chops. This only lasts a short time so make the most of it. Return to the main path after smashing it and continue upwards to a large open grassy area.

A couple of small enemies will suddenly appear and start attacking you, they're robot Chompies so if you've played previous games in the series you should remember that they're the weakest type of enemy you fight and that they don't take more than a single hit to defeat.

meet the skylanders volcanic eruptor

The problem with them is simply having many of them trying to attack you at once. After defeating the first two Chompies a couple of clockwork Chompy Pods will drop in and start creating more Chompies that you need to attack, ignore the pods themselves as they will self destruct after putting out a set number of Chompies and there's nothing you can do to them before that.

Once the pods have exploded the Monster Gate will drop and let you past, you'll encounter these often in the game and require you to defeat all nearby enemies before they'll open. This means that while you can skip a lot of enemies you do have to fight when you come across one of these.

Anyway, go through the Monster Gate and you'll meet another Mabu who this time will tell you about the Elemental Gate he's standing next to. This one is Fire so if you have a Fire Skylander loaded into the game switch to it and approach the gate. For swappable Skylanders you only need to have one half as the matching element, the other half can be any element you like.

Fire Challenge With a Fire element Skylander active approach the gate and it will open. You can now switch to any Skylander you like, it no longer matters if it is Fire or not. Jump into the balloon on the other side of the gate to be taken to the challenge. Make sure to do that before stepping into the teleporter that will take you back outside the gate. Continue along the path past the Fire Gate towards a large red bridge, the bridge will collapse as you cross over it and drop you down to the next part.

The game will again instruct you to switch Skylanders, you can just switch to the same Skylander if you don't actually want to change. Go past the Mabu and jump over the gap towards a couple of enemies. These robots will fire a ball of fire out from their guns so make sure to get out of the way of that by jumping over it. Grab the present and then use the bounce pad to get right back up to where you jumped off.

Go right where the two enemies were and up a slope towards another type of robot enemy, this one will run towards you and try to hit you with a sword so try not to sit still for too long and instead jump over him or just move away so that he can't hit you. Double jump back up and go back to the right and then onwards up the slope.

meet the skylanders volcanic eruptor

There's another couple of ranged robots at the top, get rid of them and follow the path behind them to where another Mabu will show you the first Swap Force Zone, a Spin Zone. As long as the bottom half of your swappable Skylander is a Spin ability such as the bottom half of Free Ranger you will be able to step on the teleporter and go in.

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You can tell which swap ability the bottom half has by the icon at the bottom of their portrait in the selection screen or by the icon at the bottom right corner of the top screen when they are being used. A Spin Swap Force has a tornado icon. Spin Swap Zone In this Spin Zone you'll be using your Spin Power to deflect cannonballs as well as hovering over gaps and other dangerous obstacles like the propellers just ahead.

Be aware that Swap Powers have a limited duration so you will want to cross over the danger as quickly as possible. Press L to initiate the Power you can only start using a Power if the power bar is completely full and then move forwards over the propellers, keep moving until you reach the platform on the other side.

There's a few enemies up ahead, defeat the first one that runs up towards you and then move a little further up to where there's a ship firing cannonballs, you can see where they're aiming by the red cross on the floor, if you activate your Spin Power just after it fires you should reflect the cannonball to hit the ship. Do that twice to destroy it.

Defeat the other enemies up here before starting the next propeller section. The gap to the next platform is a lot larger this time so you'll need to go through the tornadoes which will refill your power bar and let you keep spinning for longer. Go left and try to deflect cannonballs into the floating chests, it's not difficult but can be a little tricky. You basically need to get a cannonball to hit you and to bounce it into a set of the rubber wheels, move and it should keep bouncing between you, get over nearer a chest and it should then fly off towards it.