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Fuuuuuttuuurrrre Spongebob Squidward, Funny Spongebob Memes, Spongebob .. Funniest Spongebob Moments, Funny Spongebob Quotes, Funny Moments, Funny Meet Patrick Star: the world's best problem-solver | SpongeBob SquarePants . "2 this is pandora, this is sparta, hello, this is patrick, funny pictures". A page for describing Funny: Supermarioglitchy4s Super Mario 64 Bloopers. SMG4 Funny index Bloopers | Bloopers | Bloopers | . Meet the Spartans (20th Century Fox), the latest spoof from Scary Movie/Date Perhaps two minutes later, the credits gave way to scenes that weren't Lohan, Kevin Federline, or Deal or No Deal is presumed to be hilarious.

However, if you register prior to Friday 18th January, you will also receive an email by Thursday 17th January, with information regarding the day which includes the list of greyhounds available.

Can I have a greyhound held for me and just pick up on the day? We cannot hold a greyhound s for you. There are more coming through the program on a weekly basis, so the right one will come along eventually, you just need to give it time. What happens if I miss out on the day? Unfortunately, only a certain number of greyhounds will be available, therefore, with the popularity of them, there is a chance you will miss out on adopting a greyhound.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions? Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

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We can still check you in without it. Our recent Greyhound Adoption Day at Shepparton Subscribe to our mailing list and find out more information about future Adoption Days: Completing the below subscription form does NOT mean you have registered for the upcoming Adoption Day.

The announcer of the lottery numbers is a Teletubbie called "Miss Tubby" When the numbers are shown, Wario is seen reading his lottery ticket upside down and thinks he lost. Then Waluigi corrects him. Waluigi getting annoyed by Wario's victory dance: Wario and Waluigi run over Sonic the Hedgehog: Unfortunately, the old man walks very slowly, which angers Wario to the point where he throws a rubber ducky at him.

And it kills the old man. Also the red car's reaction to now-dead old man. And Luigi trails them from behind.

And to top it off, Wario says "screw deh police" right after, and then he and Waluigi crash straight into a police car. When the police threaten to arrest the duo, Wario points out to Luigi who is jaywalking, and the police decides to go after Luigi instead.

At the train station, Kirby, who is behind Wario and Waluigi, sees Waluigi's rubber ducky and thinks it's a plate of drumsticks, so he tries to suck it in, and gives Waluigi a Jump Scare: What da fuck is that thing? It proceeds into this: What da fuck are you talking about? And during that scene, when Wario is running from Sonic, he notices Waluigi with Kirby on his head and uses Waluigi as a projectile.

The attack is null and doesn't make Sonic flinch, and Sonic says "You're too slow! Then a train hits him and presumably kills him. Kirby sucks up Wario's lottery ticket, and tries to get Kirby to spit it out. The final straw is putting dynamite in Kirby's mouth, however it only makes Kirby spit out a powerful rainbow that blows away Wario and leaves him and Waluigi hanging from a cliff.

Then, Wario punches the faucet off of Kirby and Kirby spits out Waluigi's rubber ducky. When Wario and Waluigi try to present their lottery ticket, Wario decides to confess The disclaimer at the bottom of the start screen: Welcome to Mario Simulator. You get to do Mario stuff.

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A sexy real-life Wario appearing on the screen. Have you got any food? That tastes like shit! SwagTubbie appearing with a whole army of Teletubbies to go after Mario. Mario having a heart attack while trying to take a crap too fast. The ending, where Mario becomes a Super Saiyan, flies up to the sun, and throws the game into the sun and destroys it. Everyone featured in the game is killedas a result.

Cooking with Bowser and Mario 2: Bowser making love with a watermelon. You don't like melon? Uh, don't give me that look! Mario plans on cooking the second-best dish in the world behind spaghetti Italian Ravioli.