Meet the vmware certified design experts

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meet the vmware certified design experts

Tag Archives: VCDX VMware VMware certified design expert VCAP DCA . In my design, Originally it didn't in my opinion strictly meet all of the. Table of Contents. VMware Certified Design Expert Certification Program. infrastructure that meets customer objectives and constraints. VMware Certification Marketplace is your source for VMware certification - exam vouchers, practice VMware Certification for Virtualization Professionals.

Remember to include business requirements: Once I had an idea around my design, I needed to figure out the format. I again struggled with the format to use. My day to day job did not use anything as formal as was requested by the design submission document.

VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) Journey – Virtual Me

I used several publicly available documents and started to pattern a document but I still struggled to find the correct format. Solutions Enablement toolkit I read in multiple places that a lot of the people who submitted used the solutions enablement toolkit from VMware as a template.

This tookit is only available to partners. This posed a problem. I worked for a partner on a enterprise licensing agreement but they did not have the required partner level to access the kit.

In order to get the partner level I had to pass a whole bunch of pre-sales and post sales certifications. So after two days of certifications and online learning thank goodness the tests are free to partners I was able to access the SET for vSphere. This document really helped me and partners really have a leg up with these documents.

I did not use them as templates beyond understanding which each document type should contain. If you are not with a partner then I recommending using this document as a template. With a lot more detail. Remember that everything should align with the elements of design.

Learn more at www. Since I had some question if my employer would pay for the trip to defend I went for Cambridge. This gave me three months to complete the design by May 9th. I did not have any all night design documents writing sessions. I did however spend about one hour after work and two hours after my kids went to bed each night for three months.

I took three days off work and it really did occupy a lot of my time and thoughts. I took the 8th off work and submitted my design by 5 PM. They were kind enough to let me know they got my documents. At this point I had invested about hours in the process.

Most of this time was spend figuring out the format I wanted to use for my documents.

Certification Profile: VMware Certified Design Expert for Datacenter Virtualization (VCDX-DCV)

I changed my mind a lot and reformed the document multiple times. The real document only took about hours plus some proof reading. Perfect Document After providing my perfect document about pages in total I went on vacation with my family.

meet the vmware certified design experts

A carefully crafted beach visit to Lake Michigan to end on the day I would hear back if I get to defend. I was happy to hear that I was invited to defend and terrified that I now had to prepare to be judged. I started reviewing my design document to create slides… and there were errors… things I had missed and new problems I discovered.

I did not do anything fancy. Defense I am not allowed to talk a huge amount about the defense.

meet the vmware certified design experts

My defense was scheduled for 2PM, so I jumped in the car around 1: We had a brief chat and all went for the essential pre defense toilet stop. After a few mins, Mark Brunstad came and introduced himself, and after checking IDs and taking photos, led me into my defense room. I found my Panelists to be very good, they asked clear, concise questions. They are also all very good at not giving anything away during the defense, so dont play poker with these guys.

I plugged my USB stick into the laptop provided, and setup my power point presentation.

meet the vmware certified design experts

The VCDX documentation advises you create a 15 min presentation, I did this, but also had a lot of support slides, including diagrams and my documented architectural decisions. VCDX TIP 4 — Have support slide at the end of your 15 min presentation As I had done numerous presentations of my design both for work, and during my mock panels, I felt that I knew my design pretty much back to front.

I was comfortable with all my architectural decisions, and could speak to all of them without referring to the slides. About the 60min mark, I got a few questions from the panel relating to vCloud and vC OPS which are technically not part of the criteria, but as my design needed to support these components, It is expected you can explain how the solution supports those products.

VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) Journey

Know all components of your design. I was escorted back to reception for a short break, before go back in the room and starting the Design Scenario. The 30min design scenario starts by the Moderator presenting a PowerPoint, of a fictional scenario. I used the whiteboard extensively, and talked the panel through my thought process. I believe this is key to the panel being able to assess your abilities. I was given a scenario in a power point presentation, and then the session started.

I would say, the solution is not important, its what you eliminate which is important. The scenario I was given was complex, and have numerous factors not directory VMware related which needed to be addressed. Unable to ask questions on technologies they need more information on Unable to identify multiple problem areas and focusing instead on only one specific area Unable to demonstrate a methodical approach in analyzing the provided information and working towards a solution Unable to identify whether a problem is rooted in the design or the implementation There are also challenges waiting for the unprepared candidate in these areas: Scenarios may include technology that a candidate is unfamiliar with.

This may require the candidate to quickly learn through questioning the panelists. Understanding the operational considerations is essential for all three parts of the VCDX defense. Candidates must understand how multiple technologies work together, and understand both the strengths and weaknesses.

The biggest was the time required to prepare the materials and then prepare for the actual defense.

meet the vmware certified design experts

Identifying what to include and how to integrate the different pieces for a full design submission was something that I felt comfortable with, but I needed to ensure the blueprint components were represented in the design. This required the addition of fictional pieces that had realistic requirements, constraints, and risks that demonstrated the same skills required for a real design project.

Another big challenge faced by the initial starting VCDX candidates was that we were breaking new ground in how the certification was being developed. Although there are similar architect-level certifications in other computing areas, we chose a new approach similar to a university graduate level defense of a thesis or dissertation.

The development of the process and going through this as one of the first VCDX was a both interesting and challenging. In many ways, the original bar for the first candidates was set extremely high. At the time there were no boot camps.

Our mock defense was one and the same as our real defense.