Ms pac man they meet the chase

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ms pac man they meet the chase

1) Act I - They Meet: Pac-Man, the star of the original game, enters the screen Chase: Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man are seen giving each other a playful chase. Class of ' 20th Anniversary[edit]. There's a "Class of ' 20th "Act 1 - They Meet": Pac-Man is chased by Inky, Ms. Pac-Man is chased by "Act 2 - The Chase": Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man chase each other quickly. The games mentioned here are the original arcade Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man . Act 1: They Meet- Pac-Man is chased by Inky and Ms. Pac-Man is chased by Pinky Act 2: The Chase- Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man chase each other across the.

Differences Between Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man

The control panel and monitor bezel had a single design that covered both of them, that of a blue background with a pink or maroon stripe going around it, with a few game instructions printed upon them.

Crazy Otto was a character similar to Pac-Man with the exception that he had legs.

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GCC was going to bluff Midway into letting them release their enhancement kit by telling them that they won their lawsuit against Atari, and that they just wanted Midway's blessing. Midway suggested that they create a sequel to the original Pac-Man instead of an enhancement kit, and GCC got to work on Ms.

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Pac-Man had two prior names before settling on the one that everyone knows. Pac-Man' was the original, but some of the women employees at Midway had a problem with that, so it was changed to 'Miss Pac-Man'. When someone pointed out the third intermission, where Pac and Ms.

Pac welcome " Jr. They won the suit and were awarded royalties from Pac Family merchandise. The logo for General Computer Corporation is present among the graphics, probably a leftover from the game's days as Crazy Otto.

Ms. Pac-Man arcade video game by Midway Mfg. ()

In its initial run,units were produced in the U. The game added a few improvements over the original: It was also one of the more successful of early arcade games in the female demographic, which has been attributed to 'Ms. Pac-Man' being a girl - although the Ms. Pac-Man sprite was little more than " Pac-Man " with eyelashes, a bow, lipstick and a dimple. After the th level, the maze including dots disappears.

The game becomes unplayable, since there are no more dots to eat.

ms pac man they meet the chase

Chris Ayra holds the record for this game on 'Regular' settings withpoints on August 16, Victor Kunisada holds the record for this game on 'Speed-Up' settings withpoints on June 16, Pac-Man receives an extra life by default, but this setting can be modified to 15, points, 20, points or disabled altogether. Blinky[ edit ] He's dropped the name Shadow in favor of his nickname Blinky, but he's still the most likely of all of the ghosts to be on your tail.

When he is not in one of his random movement phases, he will attempt to traverse the shortest path between him and Ms. Pac-Man, and will usually lead the pack when pursuing her. As in the original Pac-Man arcade game, his home corner is the top-right.

Ms. Pac-Man [Model 595]

Pinky[ edit ] Formerly known as Speedy, Pinky retains much of the same ambush tendencies that he had in the original Pac-Man. Pinky will attempt to move to the position that Ms.

ms pac man they meet the chase

Pac-Man will arrive at shortly, in an attempt to head her off at the pass. His ability is not in effect during the brief random movement phases, and as with the original Pac-Man game, his home corner of a maze is the top-left like Blinky's is the top-right.

In the original arcade series, the ghosts' genders are unspecified and assumed to be male with the exception of Sue. Inky[ edit ] Inky is still the bashful ghost of the gang.

ms pac man they meet the chase

Pac-Man and Inky are about to collide head on, Inky may very well be the one who veers off course first. You should not count on him to do this every time however. He still may have no choice but to collide with you, if he ends up on the opposite side of a tunnel from you.

ms pac man they meet the chase

As with the original Pac-Man game, his home corner is in the bottom-right. Sue[ edit ] Poor Clyde has been replaced by a new orange ghost named Sue.

ms pac man they meet the chase

Even though Sue was depicted as the sassy purple ghost in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon and the later Pac-Land arcade game, orange Sue is pretty much the same as Clyde, doing whatever she pleases with little regard to the rest of the pack. Scared Ghosts[ edit ] When Ms.