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Guillaume de Lavigne writes “coyotes are solitary by nature, a trait carried over to . killed by coyotes and coyote-wolf-hybrids”, CBC News (24 October ), . “ Meet the Coywolf” (August 31, ) (video) at 00hms, online: CBC. The Nature of Things Sunday, August 31, at 2 PM on CBC-TV. Meet the Coywolf - Your After we aired Meet the Coywolf last week viewers asked some . September 12, Thursday night Trent University's Dr. Bradley White was featured in documentary Meet the Coywolf on CBC's The Nature of Things.

But by combining their DNA, the two have given rise to an animal that is able to spread into a vast and otherwise uninhabitable territory. Indeed, coywolves are now living even in large cities, like Boston, Washington and New York. Is the coywolf a new species, as many articles have implied? Whether the coywolf actually has evolved into a distinct species is debated.

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Jonathan Way, who works in Massachusetts for the National Park Service, claims in a forthcoming paper that it has. He thinks its morphological and genetic divergence from its ancestors is sufficient to qualify. This, indeed, is pointed out by the Economist: One common definition of a species is a population that will not interbreed with outsiders. Since coywolves continue to mate with dogs and wolves, the argument goes, they are therefore not a species.

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But, given the way coywolves came into existence, that definition would mean wolves and coyotes should not be considered different species either—and that does not even begin to address whether domestic dogs are a species, or just an aberrant form of wolf. But often hybrids are sterile, so species remain distinct, and even fertile hybrids might be inviable or have difficulty finding mates.

The Economist goes on: And, as this argument shows, that concept is not clear-cut. What the example of the coywolf does demonstrate, though, is that evolution is not the simple process of one species branching into many that the textbooks might have you believe. Indeed, recent genetic research has discovered that even Homo sapiens is partly a product of hybridisation. Remember that stars can sometimes fuse together, or destroy each other.

Indeed, both Denisovans and Neandertals are usually placed in the same species as modern humans: To be sure, there is some blurring. This is precisely what happened in the sunflowers that are now considered different species. They are so elusive that they seem to blend into parks, ravines and other green spaces in cities unnoticed for the most part. They can roam for miles at night routing through garbage and catching small animals such as squirrels, rabbits, woodchucks and cats or anything else that would make a quick meal.

There have been many sightings of coyotes in Toronto recently and people have been warned to keep their pets inside, especially at night. Last month, Toronto Police did shoot what is believed to be a Coywolf.

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The animal and his mate had recently become parents which is likely why they appeared to be more aggressive. While it may be unnerving to encounter a coyote in a park at night, there have actually been only two reports of fatal coyote attacks in North America in the past years. The CBC documentary was filmed partly in the Cape Breton highlands where a fatal attack on a young Toronto woman took place a few years ago. A hundred years ago, the odds were stacked against eastern wolves with deforestation and control programs, not to mention increasing urban development.

Coyotes, however, were able to increase their numbers. This is when the two animals began to interbreed. Depending on their habitat and the availability of food, coyotes can adjust the number of young born.