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At 4 foot 9, year-old Morgan Hurd may be small, but she is mighty. Olympic Athletes from Russia the big losers in Medal Premium Calculations system Cary man who worked as NBC director has special appreciation for Olympic on the most powerful Paralympic performances · Meet the Olympic medal ceremony . He would become one of the beloved athletes in the sport, adored in Japan U.S., Europe set Ryder Cup-style track meet before Worlds. 3 days ago Get all the scoop on NBC 'The More You Know' Schedule, 12//3 Then, we meet MMA fighters Frank Shamrock and Tito Ortiz, along with . look at the passion and sheer athletic ability that goes into this sport. Dr. Devon Boyd attempts to treat Tiger's severely burned paws to get him back on his feet.

Its how shes always been. I had the idea it didnt matter what the world could throw at me, I would just work 10 times harder and get back to where I was, English Gardner said.

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That was my mind set from Day 1. I remember my dad, tears in his eyes, and everybody was telling him its a career-threatening injury, that, Shell never run like she used to. I looked at him and said, Get yourself together, weve got work to do.

On the outside, she was brave and courageous and confident. On the inside, she had her periods of doubt.

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Even after being cleared to return to light training during the spring ofshe could tell she just wasn't the same. There are moments when you realize it just feels different, she said. When I started running again, I didnt feel as snappy and quick. I didnt feel as smooth as I was before my injury.

When I came back for my senior year, I was going to run through anything, but it felt like something was missing. I tried to block it out, but it was hard. As Gardner recovered and rehabbed, virtually all the colleges that had pursued Gardner so intensely a year earlier suddenly were nowhere to be found. Track powerhouse Louisiana State, where Gardner had dreamed of going since she was a child, quickly lost interest.

That was the low point. I had the hat, had the shirt, had the jacket, she said. Unfortunately, they doubted my ability. When I found out they werent really interested in me anymore, the tears just started flowing.

I remember saying to my dad, this is going to motivate me even more to prove them wrong. Gardner vowed to run faster than ever. Never doubt this girl. In December of13 months after her injury, Gardner returned to competition at a low-key meet at Seton Hall University. Her time was pedestrian -- 7. But it was a start. And just two months later, she went to the 73rd annual Eastern Championships, a historic meet at the th Street Armory in Manhattan, and shocked a loaded field in the meter dash, running a meet-record 6.

She raised her hands in the air and screamed as she crossed the line just ahead of Myasia Jacobs of Paramus Catholic, who would go on to win two national scholastic sprinting titles. Just like that, the calls started coming in again. All the colleges that had lost interest in Gardner were suddenly interested again. But Gardner ruled out every college other than Florida State, Oregon and Princeton, the only colleges that stuck with her during her injury.

I cant go to a program that didnt believe in me, she said. So in the fall ofGardner flew across the country and began college life at the University of Oregon, a school known for its peerless distance running program but with virtually no tradition of sprinting.

It was an unusual decision. But for Gardner, finding a college that never wavered in its belief in her was more important than anything.

I took a gamble coming to Oregon, she said. When I made the decision and told my parents in the kitchen, everybodys mouth dropped because they could have sworn I would go to a sprint school. But you know, it didnt feel right anywhere else but Oregon. At Oregon, Gardner got off to a strong start. In her first meet in a Ducks uniform, she ran 60 meters in 7.

But she was still not totally healthy. Her knee injury affected with her stride, and she struggled with compensatory injuries in her hamstrings, hips and quads.

Miraculously recovered Gardner to run at Relays

Soon after her 7. She wanted to keep running. Instead, her coaches red-shirted her, and she missed the rest of the indoor season.

When they told her they were red-shirting her, she threw a temper tantrum, her father said with a laugh. She just wanted to keep running. She thinks she can run through anything.

By last spring, finally, Gardner was percent. For the first time since the spring ofshe felt like herself. And heres where this story turns incredible. In the stunning span of just over 11 seconds, she transformed from just another fast collegiate sprinter into a world-class athlete.

It was a miracle, said Gardner's father, who watched from the stands that day. I don't know any other way to put it. It had to be a miracle. Gardner won the meter dash final in Gardners time was fastest by a world junior in 23 years and third-fastest ever by a girl 19 years old or under, behind only two sprinters from the former East Germany.

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She also became the fastest collegian in the country forthe fourth-fastest American woman in and the sixth-fastest collegian of all-time. I got there and just felt great, Gardner said. I rarely feel like that, but it was one of those days I just felt amazing.

On top of the world. Nobody could tell me that day I wasnt going to do something great. Television's experimental period ended, as the FCC allowed full-fledged commercial television broadcasts to begin on July 1, The first official, paid television advertisement broadcast by any U.

nbc meet the athletes foot raleigh

The ad consisted of test patternfeaturing the newly assigned WNBT call letters, which was modified to resemble a clock — complete with functioning hands — with the Bulova logo featuring the phrase "Bulova Watch Time" in the lower right-hand quadrant of the test pattern a photograph of the NBC camera setting up the test pattern-advertisement for that ad can be seen at this page. In order to secure the rights to televise the game, NBC allowed each of the Dodgers' regular radio sponsors at the time to have one commercial during the telecast.

The ads were conducted by Dodgers announcer Red Barber: Telecasts were curtailed in the early years of the war, then expanded as NBC began to prepare for full-time service upon the end of the war. This event was promoted in advance by NBC with a direct-mail card sent to television set owners in the New York area. The NBC television network grew from its initial post-war lineup of four stations.

Petter Northug, Norway’s brash cross-country skiing star, retires

The World Series featured two New York City area teams the Yankees and the Dodgersand television sales boomed locally, since the games were being telecast in the New York market.

Additional stations along the East Coast and in the Midwest were connected by coaxial cable through the late s, and in September the first transcontinental telecasts took place.

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The post-war s and early s brought success for NBC in the new medium. Under its innovative president, Sylvester "Pat" Weaver, the network launched Today and The Tonight Show, which would bookend the broadcast day for over 50 years, and which still lead their competitors. Weaver, who also launched the genre of periodic minute network "spectaculars", network-produced motion pictures and the live minute Sunday afternoon series Wide Wide Worldleft the network in in a dispute with its chairman David Sarnoff, who subsequently named his son Robert Sarnoff as president.

InNBC commissioned Italian-American composer Gian Carlo Menotti to compose the first opera ever written for television; Menotti came up with Amahl and the Night Visitorsa minute work for which he wrote both music and libretto, about a disabled shepherd boy who meets the Three Wise Men and is miraculously cured when he offers his crutch to the newborn Christ Child.

It was such a stunning success that it was repeated every year on NBC from towhen a dispute between Menotti and NBC ended the broadcasts. However, byMenotti and NBC had patched things up, and an all-new production of the opera, filmed partly on location in the Middle East, was telecast that year. While rival CBS broadcast the first color television programs in the United States, their system was incompatible with the millions of black and white sets in use at the time.

After a series of limited, incompatible color broadcasts mostly scheduled during the dayCBS abandoned the system and broadcasts. This opened the door for the RCA compatible color system to be adopted as the U. NBC was ready with color programming within days of the Commission's decision. NBC began the transition with a few shows inand broadcast its first program to air all episodes in color beginning that summer, The Marriage. Barrie 's beloved play, on the Producers' Showcase anthology series, The first such telecast of its kind, the broadcast starred the musical's entire original cast, led by Mary Martin as Peter and Cyril Ritchard in a dual role as Mr.

Darling and Captain Hook. The broadcast drew the highest ratings for a television program for that period. It was so successful that NBC restaged it as a live broadcast a mere ten months later; inlong after Producers' Showcase had ended its run, Peter Pan, with most of the cast, was restaged again, this time as a standalone specialand was videotaped so that it would no longer have to be performed live on television. InNBC premiered a televised version of the radio program The Bell Telephone Hourwhich aired in color from its debut; the program would continue on the NBC television network for nine more years until it ended in InNBC approached Walt Disney about acquiring the rights to his anthology seriesoffering to produce the program in color.

Disney was in the midst of negotiating a new contract to keep the program then known as Walt Disney Presents on ABC, however ABC president Leonard Goldenson said that it could not counter the offer, as the network did not have the technical and financial resources to carry the program in color.

As many of the Disney programs that aired in black-and-white on ABC were actually filmed in color, they could easily be re-aired in the format on the NBC broadcasts. Bymuch of NBC's prime time schedule was presented in color, although some popular series such as The Man from U. Days of Our Lives became the first soap opera to premiere in color, when it debuted in November NBC contracted with Universal Studios in to produce the first feature-length film produced for television, See How They Runwhich first aired on October 17, ; its second television movie, The Hanged Manaired six weeks later on November Even while the presentations performed well in the ratings, NBC did not broadcast another made-for-TV film for two years.

CBS, which had televised the film annually sincerefused to meet MGM's increased fee to renew its television rights. Oz had been, up to then, one of the few programs that CBS had telecast in color. However, bycolor broadcasts had become standard on television, and the film simply became another title in the list of specials that NBC telecast in the format.

The film's showings on NBC were distinctive as it televised The Wizard of Oz without a hosted introduction, as CBS had long done; it was also slightly edited for time in order to make room to air more commercials. Despite the cuts, however, it continued to score excellent television ratings in those pre-VCR days, as audiences were generally unable to see the film any other way at that time. NBC aired The Wizard of Oz each year from towhen CBS, realizing that they may have committed a colossal blunder by letting a huge ratings success like Oz go to another network, agreed to pay MGM more money to re-acquire the rights to show the film.

The late s brought big changes in the programming practices of the major television networks. As baby boomers reached adulthood, NBC, CBS and ABC began to realize that much of their existing programming had not only been running for years, but had audiences that skewed older. In order to attract the large youth population that was highly attractive to advertisers, the networks moved to clean house of a number of veteran shows.

During this period, the networks came to define adults between the ages of 18 and 49 as their main target audience, although depending on the show, this could be subdivided into other age demos: Regardless of the exact target demographic, the general idea was to appeal to viewers who were not close to retirement age and to modernize television programming, which the networks felt overall was stuck in a s mentality, to closely resemble contemporary American society.

Disney, in particular, saw its ratings nosedive once CBS put 60 Minutes up against the program in the Sunday 7: Inunder new president Herb Schlosser, the network tried to attract younger viewers with a series of costly movies, miniseries and specials.

This failed to attract the desirable 18—34 demographic, and simultaneously alienated older viewers. The stations in Baltimore, Dayton and Jacksonville, however, have since rejoined the network. After President Jimmy Carter pulled the U. Its lyrics blamed Silverman for the network's problems "The Peacock's dead, so thank you, Fred". An angered Silverman ordered all remaining copies of the spoof destroyed, although some copies remain in circulation.

Saturday Night Live writer and occasional performer Al Franken satirized Silverman in a sketch on the program titled " A Limo For A Lame-O ", where he presented a chart with the top rated programs for that season and commented that there was "not one N" on the list. Silverman later admitted he "never liked Al Franken to begin with", and the sketch ruined Franken's chance of succeeding Lorne Michaels as executive producer of SNL following his departure with the position going to Jean Doumanianwho was fired after one season following declining ratings and negative critical reviews.

Michaels would later return to the show in Grant Tinkera highly regarded producer who co-founded MTM Enterprises with then-wife Mary Tyler Moorebecame president of the network and Brandon Tartikoff became president of the entertainment division.

nbc meet the athletes foot raleigh

Tartikoff inherited a schedule full of aging dramas and very few sitcoms, but showed patience with promising programs. One such show was the critically acclaimed Hill Street Blueswhich suffered from poor ratings during its first season.

Rather than canceling the show, he moved the Emmy Award -winning police drama from Steven Bochco to Thursdays, where its ratings improved dramatically. He used the same tactics with St. Shows like these were able to get the same ad revenue as their higher-rated competition because of their desirable demographics, upscale adults ages 18— These shows helped NBC through the disastrous —84 seasonwhich saw none of its nine new fall shows gaining a second year. Though Letterman was unsuccessful with his weekday morning talk show effort for the network which debuted on June 23,Late Night with David Letterman proved much more successful, lasting for 11 years and serving as the launching pad for another late-night talk franchise that continues to this day.

Inthe huge success of The Cosby Show led to a renewed interest in sitcoms, while Family Ties and Cheers, both of which premiered in to mediocre ratings the latter ranking at near dead last among all network shows during the —83 seasonsaw their viewership increase from having Cosby as a lead-in.

The network rose from third place to second in the ratings during the —85 season and reached first place in —86with hits The Golden GirlsMiami Vice, Night CourtHighway to Heaven and Hunter.