Open house meet the author bulletin boards

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open house meet the author bulletin boards

Browse open house bulletin boards resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of Lego Inspired *Meet the Master Builder* for BB's or Displays · avatar . Reader's and Writer's Workshop plus Guided Art Activity!. Open House – Matching Parents' Faces with Students Back to School Bulletin Boards and Displays Blasting Off Into Learning Bulletin Board I have a bulletin. Nov 26, Explore Dawn Pann's board "Back to School/Open House" on Pinterest. Classroom materials: Back to school treats for "Meet the Teacher" or " Open House" the . Classroom Organization, Classroom Bulletin Boards, Future Classroom, .. List of Labels: Math Journal Math Folder Word Work Spelling Writer's.

Interactive Bulletin Boards to Connect Home, School and Community – Reading By Example

Even though the children aren't allowed to attend, they get involved the following day. I put a jar of cookies at the door with post-its. The parents are supposed to guess how many cookies are in the jar.

open house meet the author bulletin boards

They are only supposed to write half of the number if they believe there are 30, they write The next day the children guess and put only half of what they think.

I then add both guesses and whoever came closest as a team gets a prize. This is a good way to get the parents and children working as a team right from the get go.

That Open House Sign? NOT WHAT YOU THINK.

Along with this activity I place a poem on each child's desk that goes along with the cookies about working as teams to be successful. Attached is the poem PDF that I use. We talk about the circular format and poem structure. The children then write their own "important" poem about themselves. These will get hung up, name hidden, on a bulletin board.

Back to School Meet the Teacher / Open House

The children then also write an "important" poem about each parent including a picture. These will go on the child's desk. When parents come in on parent night, while waiting for drifters, the parents are invited to do three things: See if they can find their child's "Important Poem about Me" on the bulletin board they can peek under the paper if they were correct.

Find their student's desk and read the poems left for them by their child. Find a blank paper on the desk children decorate all papersand are invited to write their own poem, following the format, if possible, to their child. The children are delighted to come in the next morning to read what their parents think is the important thing about them. Papers are sent home for any absent parent with a teacher note encouraging them to read what their child wrote, and then write something back.

So on Back to School Night, I bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies.


After I've explained how rubrics work, I give a cookie to each parent, along with a blank rubric and I give them the opportunity to "grade" the cookies. It makes it much easier for parents to see what a great way rubrics are for objective grading! On each of the apples, I write a supply item that parents can donate to our room. Supplies range from Lysol wipes and Post-its to dry erase markers. The parents take an apple and return it with the supply.

I put the apple back on the tree with the parent's name on it. Last year was amazing!

Top 5 Ways to Welcome Students Back to School

I had an overwhelming response. Needless to say, I am ready to put it up again this year.

open house meet the author bulletin boards

Mystery Postcard I welcome my 3rd-grade students back to school by sending them a postcard over the summer. On the postcard is a picture of me at some location in the United States, and their first homework assignment is to try to figure out where in the U. It's a great way to motivate the students for the first day of school, and they LOVE getting mail.

open house meet the author bulletin boards

I give each student one white piece of paper Xerox paper is perfect. I tell my students that we are going to draw faces — not just ordinary faces, but wacky faces.

First, I have my students write their names on the back, and then I tell them to draw a very large oval; they can add ears but nothing else. Then the students hand their paper to the left if students are seated in pods, otherwise, for older students you can roll a die and say switch the paper 2x's, 6x's etc. Then the students add eyes and eyebrows to the existing face oval and ears. Next, add hair and any other finishing touches. I tell the kids that tattoos are not acceptable.

I also give them minutes to draw and color each facial feature they add. When the face is completed, it is given to the student whose name was on the back. Now the writing begins. Here are some writing suggestions: Was this person scared to come to the first day of school? Also, it makes a wonderful item to display at Back-to-School Night!

Time Capsules At the beginning of the year I take pictures of the students and make copies.

open house meet the author bulletin boards