Rugrats meet the carmichaels full episode

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rugrats meet the carmichaels full episode

Watch Rugrats - Season 2, Episode 18 - Meet The Carmichaels / The Box: Meet The Carmichaels: New neighbors the Carmichael's come to town and the Pickles help them get settled in. Watch Full Episodes: Rugrats. The Carmichaels, a new family move into the neighborhood. Tommy meets Susie , the youngest member of the family and helps her find her See full cast». A page for describing Recap: Rugrats S 2 E 18 Meet The Carmichaels The Box. The eighteenth episode of the second season of Rugrats. Meet The.

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This episode ends with one, where the iris closes in on Tommy as he waves good-bye to Susie. When Susie first moves in, she can't find her room because her stuff hasn't been moved in. She tries complaining to her mom, but she won't listen. It doesn't help that earlier, she had been crying because her siblings stole her soccer ball and her mom tells her crying doesn't help.

What about your soccer ball? Oh, that's not important right now. Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: When Phil and Lil find Stu's empty box, Phil wants to pretend the box is a house, while Lil wants to pretend the box is a cave.

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They argue with each other for a while, until they settle on pretending the box is a house and a cave. Tribal chanting plays during the closing credits.

Didi says what Betty said was just a myth. Didi is on the phone with Betty, who tells them who brought the house. After Didi hangs up, she tells Stuwho is working on a new invention, that the new neighbors just moved in, and that they should meet them and introduce themselves. Stu asks Didi if they have to, because he never knows what to say to people when he first meets them.

rugrats meet the carmichaels full episode

Didi says that the husband is the head writer for The Dummi Bears. Stu exicitedly says that The Dummi Bears is his favorite cartoon, and says that the family meets the new neighbors right away. So Didi makes a Jell-O-Mold for the new family.

Meet the Carmichaels

When Didi walks into the house, she says "Hello? Stu says that the house is under a curse. Then a man carrying a box tells Stu to move.

rugrats meet the carmichaels full episode

Just then, a brown-skinned woman appears behind Stu. The woman introduces herself as Lucy Carmichael and says that she made the lamp a couple of years ago. Then she takes Stu and Didi to another area of the new house.

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Stu discovers the husband's name: Randy is trying to put up a curtain. Then, Lucy introduces Didi to the children, year old Busteryear old Alisa8-year old Edwinand 3-year old Susie. Susie is crying because she wants a lollipop. Susie stops crying when she sees Tommy, and she introduces herself to him.

Then she decides to show Tommy around the house. In the kitchen, Lucy throws away the broken lamp. Then, Lucy opens the fridge and says she had never been so stocked up on Jell-O-Molds.

Betty gave Lucy a Jell-O-Mold that looks like a lifting weight. Then, Lucy says Mr. Fillibaster sent in a purple Jell-O-Mold that has hairs on it, which she will not be eating right away.

rugrats meet the carmichaels full episode

Lucy says she created that one herself. Susie shows Tommy her living room. Just then, Buster, Alisa, and Edwin run into the living room.