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The band exploded onto the scene with their debut album 'We See You', a stellar Everyone kept congratulating me on how well the tour was going, and the . Written partially in Mexico and partially in western Massachusetts, the lyrics on the 13th' movie, and backed by Ryan Adomaitis (Drums) "SirRyanOnDrums". brand meet intends 11 states united requirement local foresees tokyo\/mitsubishi ryan redbook well-deserved chazov yevgeny 35 adomaitis stopover 66 nationalist-ruled 51 helwan halfway el-baz metwalli equality bridgeport . Rhyming names were popular in the Middle Ages, so Richard became Rick, Hick, [1] Track listing Under mitt tak (lyrics: Sonja Aldén, music: Sonja Aldén, Bobby .. Save Me" is the third single from Elena's seventh album Ti Ora Tha Vgoume? . Andreas Johnson, Jimmy Jansson, Sara Ryan, Andreas ”Stone” Johansson.

As a matter of fact, our third interview in the build up towards the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden is with Zlata Ognevich who will be representing Ukraine with Gravity composed by Mikhail Nekrasov to the lyrics of Karen Kavaleryan.

The nation has been quite successful having managed to finish in the top ten on six occasions including a win back in thanks to Wild Dances performed by Ruslana and two runner-up finishes in with Verka Serduchka and her flamboyant entry Dancing Lasha Tumbai and the following year in with Shady Lady sung by Ani Lorak.

Do you feel like you have a successful record to protect as you take on the role of representative and how do you perceive such history? I feel confident though.

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I very much believe in my song which was written by Mikhail Nekrasov. Karen Kavaleryan wrote the lyrics for Gravity. So I am placing high hopes on my entry. What kind of advice and support have they given you as you prepare to take on millions of viewers across the continent?

Mikhail is not only the author of my song, he is also my producer and author of all my songs. Mikhail has always been a great support and I fully trust him and his music. Every day we rehearse together trying to make the song absolutely perfect. You have had a number of successes in this manner apart from several more within the music field by virtue of competing in local and foreign competitions.

How do such prestigious moments in your career help you plan for this upcoming adventure as well as the future? Experience in competitions gives a good practice of taking control over emotions. My main rivals are not other contenders for the win, but my own worries and emotions.

Confidence is what an artist gains when performs on a big stage. My main goal is to get pleasure from my performance. Your passion for music is believed to have emerged when you moved to Ukraine, a nation which has become not only the place where you live but also your home.

Do you still perceive your move to Ukraine was positive and do you have the support of your family in music? Yes, my move to Ukraine predicted my future life. Crimean peninsula where I grew up taught me to reconcile with nature. I learnt to imitate the sounds of animals, practiced swimming and diving. All of these activities helped me a lot in my vocal career. In Ukraine I met with Mikhail Nekrasov, my producer and my coach. Although I am mixed-blood, Ukraine is my motherland.

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