Scoring the relationship questionnaire

Stevens Relationship Questionnaire (SRQ)

scoring the relationship questionnaire

as relationship questionnaire of Bartholomew are made based on . scored based on Likert-type scale from 1 (not at all) to. 5 (very much). Relationship Scales Questionnaire relationships, romantic relationships, or orientations to a specific relationship. SCORING THE RSQ. The Relationship Questionnaire (RQ) is a To compute scores for the model of self, the sum of each individual s ratings on the preoccupied and fearful items.

I do not really feel very comfortable telling my partner about my weaknesses or something I have done wrong. When making an important decision, we almost always discuss it until we find a solution with which we are both happy.

Sometimes when we are trying to resolve a difficult problem, we may talk about it for many hours. However, we keep going until we reach a solution. When we discuss an issue, one or both of us frequently uses words like "always", "never", or seems to act as if they know more than the other.

I frequently feel as if my partner is manipulating me. When discussing important issues my partner and I usually repeat back a summary of what the other has said to make sure we understand it. Even during a disagreement, my partner and I frequently laugh and praise each other. If I did not have my partner, I would have little trouble finding another partner with whom I could be very happy.

My partner is extremely charming and romantic.

scoring the relationship questionnaire

My partner and I are both very assertive positive, firm, and diplomatic. I find that I can't really enjoy myself very much if I go someplace without my partner. Our communication is extremely open, nondefensive, and honest. Overall, my partner gives me a lot more criticism than praise.

I don't know how I could be happy if I didn't have my partner. I hate to be alone for even a short time. I respect my partner more than almost anyone else I know.

scoring the relationship questionnaire

I feel free to do whatever I want at home whether or not my partner is there. I would feel embarrassed if my partner did something considered more characteristic of the opposite sex in front of other people such as a woman working on the car or a man crying.

My partner and I talk very openly and freely about specifically what we like and dislike in our sexual relations. I want a relationship in which the man is stronger and more decisive than the woman. My partner and I do NOT enjoy working at the same task together. If one of us tries to teach the other something, we usually end up having some hard feelings. I frequently do not know what my partner really wants or feels. I enjoy being alone awhile almost every day. I am glad that my partner has some recreational activities and interests apart from me.


My partner and I each have our own funds from which to buy personal things without consulting the other. The man and woman should be equally responsible for providing an income for the couple or family.

I believe in traditional male-female differences in roles in most areas of the relationship. Most people think that my partner is extremely physically attractive.

Overall, I have an extremely happy relationship with my partner. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my relationship with my partner. During the past six months, answer approximately how often: My partner and I have sexual intercourse: At least 5 times or more per week. At least times per week. I am comfortable depending on other people.

I often worry that romantic partners don't really love me.

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I find it difficult to trust others completely. I worry about others getting too close to me.

scoring the relationship questionnaire

I want emotionally close relationships. I am comfortable having other people depend on me.

Relationship Questionnaire

I worry that others don't value me as much as I value them. People are never there when you need them. My desire to merge completely sometimes scares people away. It is very important to me to feel self-sufficient. I am nervous when anyone gets too close to me. I often worry that romantic partners won't want to stay with me.

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I prefer not to have other people depend on me. I worry about being abandoned.

scoring the relationship questionnaire

I am somewhat uncomfortable being close to others. I find that others are reluctant to get as close as I would like.

scoring the relationship questionnaire

I prefer not to depend on others. I know that others will be there when I need them.