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"Sun, 07 Sept. EST, General Bill Ginn' USAF (ret.) asked Obama to explain why he doesn't follow protocol when the National. 'Meet the Press' transcript for Nov. 11, Barack Obama . We should not hesitate to act on behalf of the national interest. might not be popular, you might make yourself a target for Republicans in the general election. 7 show, Obama was asked by "General Bill Ginn' USAF (ret.)" why he doesn't First, Obama was not on Meet the Press on Sept. 7. The guests.

I think that Senator Clinton is a capable and, and intelligent person.

Meet the Press - Obama & Flag - Sept 7th True or False?

Mayor Giuliani said Obama, Clinton have never managed a city, managed a state, run a business, met a payroll. How can they possibly want the top executive job in the country? Well, you know, I think I have shown through my legislative work my knowledge of the issues, my judgment and character, and those are the qualities that I think the next president is going to need.

Charles Rangel, the Democrat from Harlem, very important in the Democratic Party, was giving an interview.

Well, look, the only real training for the presidency is the presidency. What right now I think the American people need is somebody who can bring the country together to overcome the gridlock that has become so pervasive in Washington. I think they need somebody who is willing to push against the special interests that have come to dominate the agenda in Washington. And maybe most importantly, what they are looking for is a president who can lay out in a honest and clear and convincing fashion what are the choices that we face?

What decisions do we have to make, what costs and sacrifices are going to be involved?

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Those are the questions I think people are going to be asking. A year ago, you were asked about Hillary Clinton. And this the exchange. The more I get to know her, the more I admire her. I think I can reach out to Republicans and independents more effectively than any other candidate that What arguments do you want to put behind you?

I think that the way we have to think about it is to say that right now we live in a dangerous world. We should not hesitate to act on behalf of the national interest. You had an exchange with The New York Times.

Asked if she had been fully truthful with voters about what she should do as president, Mr. So on Social Security, for example, she has maintained, it appears, that if we just get our fiscal house in order that we can solve the problem of Social Security. What I said was that I will convene a meeting as president where we discuss all of the options that are available. And when you look at how we should approach Social Security, I believe that cutting retire—cutting benefits is not the right answer.

I meet too many seniors all across the country who are struggling with the limited Social Security benefits that they have. But in May you said they would be on the table. Well, when I—I am going to be listening to any ideas that are presented, but I think that the best way to approach this is to adjust the cap on the payroll tax so that people like myself are paying a little bit more and the people who are in need are protected.

That is the option that I will be pushing forward. But they would be on the table? Well, I will listen to all arguments and the best options, finding out what is it going to take to close that gap. How is that going to play in November? Well, it—you know, I have not specified exactly how we would structure it. Conceivably, you might have the equivalent of a doughnut hole, although this one would be a good one, as opposed to the bad doughnut hole that Bush set up for, for prescription drugs where you have a gap between people who are of middle income and very wealthy people.

I, I, I believe that it is important for us to look at all the options, but I think that the best option would be to make sure that those who are in the best position to help solve this problem are willing to do so. A tax increase for some? Well, tax increase for people like myself, probably. That means that the American people have a right to know what exactly we intend to do as president.

Last night, the Jefferson Jackson dinner here in Iowa, you spoke, and this an—a quick quote from your speech.

I am sick and tired of Democrats thinking that the only way to look tough on national security is by talking and acting and voting like George Bush Republicans. Well, look, we know that too many Democrats, I believe, went along with George Bush when it came to the war in Iraq.

I am concerned about the latest moves that the administration has been making with respect to Iran. And when, for example, Senator Clinton supported the Kyl-Lieberman amendment that suggests that we should structure our forces in Iraq with an eye toward blunting the influence of Iran in that country, that is, I think, a wrong message, not only to the world but also to the region, where we should be pursuing direct diplomacy.

You were not in the Senate in October of You did give a speech opposing the war. What would I have done? Look, I was opposed to this war in, four, five, six and seven. What I was very clear about, even in in my original opposition, was once we were in, we were going to have to make some decisions to see how we could stabilize the situation and act responsibly.

Can we make sure that we are minimizing the humanitarian costs in Iraq? Can we make sure that our troops are safe in Iraq?

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I would end this war, and I would have our troops out within 16 months. Some involved in the anti-movement have said that in, Barack Obama voted to fund the war. Every time there was a proposal to have a fixed date withdrawal you said no, it would be a slap in the face to the American troops, it may create bloodshed and more division, that American credibility was at stake, that you were not a leader in trying to stop the war until you ran for president and got to Iowa and got to New Hampshire and had a sense of the anti-war, war fervor in the Democratic base.

Where was the leadership? I, I, I disagree with that.

sep 2007 meet the press obama general bill

You know, throughout I was a constant critic. This was a few months after I had been sworn in as senator. And I told her at that point, we need to wind this war down. It is true that my preference would not be to end this war simply by cutting off funding. My preference would be for the president to recognize that we needed to change course, and that was what I continually pushed for.

At the point where we realized the president was not willing to change course, I put forward a very clear timetable for when we should remove our troops. But, look, throughout this process my views have been consistent.

The question has been, given the situation on the ground, how can I be most constructive not in scoring political points, but making sure that we have the best possible outcome after what I considered to be a tragic strategic mistake in the region. But you have changed in your support now of withdrawal. You have changed now in your support of cutting off funding. Look, you know, at the time when we were trying to convene a government in Iraq that would work, it was important, I think, for me and others who opposed the war to hope for the best possible outcome in Iraq.

I have also been very clear throughout about why this was such a strategic mistake. The biggest beneficiary of our invasion of Iraq has been Iran. You said you had to fight al-Qaeda, had to make sure there was not genocide, try to secure the country. How, how many troops do you envision would have to remain in Iraq for some time to come? We can get one to two brigades out per month safely. At that pace, we would have all our combat troops out in about 16 months from the time we initiate it. I would like to see it start now.

But 16 months from the time we initiate it, we could have our combat troops out. The only troops I would have in Iraq would have a very limited mission. Number one, to protect our embassy and our civilian, diplomatic corps. The only other mission, and this is a very narrow one, would be to engage in counterterrorism activity. If al-Qaeda in Iraq is reforming bases there, we should have the capacity to strike them. That would be it. Those would be the only troops that we would deploy.

How many would that be? But, but—yeah, but we havethere now.

‘Meet the Press’ transcript for Nov. 11, 2007

Are we talking ,? We will have the vast majority of the troops who are there gone. This war will be over; there will be no permanent bases.

And in—there is a difference, though, between myself and Senator Clinton on a couple of these issues. I think we have to provide certainty to the Iraqi leadership, so that they know that we are serious about changing course.

I think that is a mistake, and so—because what, what happens is that then presents the possibility of a mission creep, an expansion that would involve more troops than I think is necessary. Obama contends that one distinction lies in Ms. This is hard to fathom. Not only is there no mention of the use of U. Well, the, the previous quote was directed specifically at the issue of Israel, and I make no apologies for making sure that we are thinking about our security interests in Israel.

The primary difference between myself and Senator Clinton is that she believes that our force structure inside Iraq should, in part, depend on how we can prevent Iran from having influence inside of Iraq.

And I think that is a mistake, particularly at a time when we know this administration has been itching to escalate the tensions between Iran and the United States. I have said, unlike Senator Clinton, that I would meet directly with the leadership in Iran. I believe that we have not exhausted the diplomatic efforts that could be required to resolve some of these problems—them developing nuclear weapons, them supporting terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas.

Are there inducements that we can put on the table—joining the World Trade Organization, over time normalizing diplomatic relations—giving them some sense that if they make the right decisions, if they change their behavior, then we will be willing to work with them as we would any other nation in a way that is mutually beneficial. That has not been tried. Not only has it not been tried, but reports indicate that it has been explicitly rejected by the Bush administration. That is a policy that I intend to change as president of the United States.

This is what you said on Iran. I have repeatedly said I would not take military options off the table. We have to have a clear break with the Bush-Cheney style of diplomacy that has caused so many problems and has actually weakened our ability to deal with a very real terrorist threat.

sep 2007 meet the press obama general bill

Let me scratch that. Tim, I think it would be a mistake for me to talk about clear red lines. Military tools are part of the tool kit that the president deploys. We have not been using the other tools that are available.

We not—we know now that was the deadliest year for U. We have seen a tremendous rise in suicide bombings. There were prerecorded videos of Obama on the program.

Also, Ginn was present on the broadcast nor did it any such question appear on the transcript. Click to see transcript. Advertisement A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet: And the anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It should be swapped for something less parochial and less bellicose. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this could possibly be our next president.

I hope every one is listening, before it is to late. If we as a Nation of warring people, should conduct ourselves as the nations of Islam, whereas peace prevails. Perhaps a state or period of mutual concord between our governments. When I become President, I will seek a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts.

We as a Nation have placed upon the nations of Islam an unfair injustice. My wife disrespects the Flag for many personal reasons. Together she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past, many years ago. Of course now, I have found myself about to become the President of the United States and I have put aside my hatred.