September 8th 2008 meet the press obama

Where can you find the 'Meet the Press' transcript for Sept 7 Obama US flag stance

september 8th 2008 meet the press obama

Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama explains why he did not follow an account from a Meet The Press program that aired on NBC on September 7, There was a Meet The Press program that day but Senator Joe Biden. The Washington Post, 4 december, a gibson, C. transcript: Charlie NBC Meet the Press, nbC news transcripts, 22 august. gitlin, t. Fox Special Report with Bret Baier, Fox news network, 2 September. goler, W. 8th edition. Transcript of the Dec. 7, broadcast of NBC's 'Meet the Press,' featuring President-elect Barack Obama.

His successful presidential campaign raised the bar and are now presidential standards. Technology has been a partner, an enabler for the Obama campaign, bringing the efficiencies of the internet into the real-world problems of organizing people in a distributed, trusted fashion.

Dec. 7: President-elect Barack Obama - Meet the Press | NBC News

Both opportune timing and usage of online campaigning gave Obama significant advantage over McCain. He developed an upfront, personable and face-to-face quality that gave his supporters a sense of security and trust, which inspired them to rally others in their local communities. The supporters of Obama themselves formed a nationwide community. All of his policies were made available online, and updates were sent to the subscribers of his political party via email and text messageultimately making him the most technologically savvy candidate to date, increasing his popularity among youth voters.

MyBo[ edit ] In earlythe Obama campaign launched a social-networking site called my.

'Meet the Press' transcript for Dec. 7, 2008

An unprecedented communication strategy was the "online call tool". Over one million calls were made from residential, personal laptops and desktops. Unlike a standard social graph, where all users have access to all information, NationalField was based on a hierarchical social graph where the higher level you were in the organization, the broader your view of the information below you.

Political communication to viewers was based on data collected about them.

september 8th 2008 meet the press obama

This data was collected by volunteers, surveys on the website and records of consumption habits. Records of consumption habits helped the campaign make predictions about people based on statistical models. The photos above were taken from the White House web site.

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The image on the right was taken of President Obama delivering a weekly address on January 24, Notice the US Flag pinned to his left lapel. Obama Explains his Failure to Salute eRumor: It is true that Obama was photographed at a campaign event in Iowa failing to hold his hand over his heart in salute of the flag during the National Anthem.

But this particular eRumor, which quotes him as saying that the American flag is " It's satire, not an actual quote from Obama. Other versions of this eRumor have been circulating the Internet including one popular variation about an account from a Meet The Press program that aired on NBC on September 7, During the interview U.

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S, Air Force Retired General Bill Ginn allegedly asked candidate Obama why he did not follow proper protocol and salute the flag during the playing the national anthem. This is also fiction.

Obama Explains National Anthem Stance?

There were prerecorded videos of Obama on the program. Also, Ginn was present on the broadcast nor did it any such question appear on the transcript. Click to see transcript. Advertisement A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet: And the anthem itself conveys a war-like message.

september 8th 2008 meet the press obama