Skylanders trap team meet the villains golden queen trailer sheets

Skylanders Trap Team | Episode 20

skylanders trap team meet the villains golden queen trailer sheets

Skylanders: Trap Team is an action 3D platformer [3][4] video game The goal of this game is to capture the villains who have escaped from Cloudcracker Prison. The Golden Queen lets Kaos and Glumshanks stay, only to come up with a plan Meeting up with Tessa at Phoenix Psanctuary, they hold of the Chef's forces. Once they're eliminated, the Villain Brawlrus will come in and fight you. Continue walking up the spiral path until you meet up with Mags yet. Skylanders: Trap Team is the newest installment of the Skylanders franchise aside by the very villains he rescued—including the big boss, Golden Queen. sheet detailing how many villains I could capture, I groaned aloud. . Prepare for Kingdom Hearts III with the Final Battle Trailer Meet the Team.

Krankcase and Wolfgang are set to take action, but the Golden Queen still wants to build a weapon made of Traptanium.

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Much to Kaos's dismay, the Queen only wants the riches, not the world. Fed up with her leadership, Kaos challenges the Queen to an "evil-off", winner takes all, but he loses and has to call for help.

After acquiring an Information Squid from Mag's home village, the Skylanders want to know why the Doom Raiders are obtaining Traptanium. Eventually, Mag's Information Squid turns out to be Kaos who soon turns into an unlikely ally of the Skylanders. With Kaos being the only lead to where the Doom Raiders are, the Skylanders travel to Monster Marsh where they find Dreamcatcher terrorizing a Mabu village.

They are able to stop her by waking the sleeping townspeople, but Dreamcatcher escapes. The Skylanders head to Telescopic Towers to prevent her from stealing secrets of Traptanium from the dreams of Mabu scientists. After many battles through the maze-like labs, Dreamcatcher decides to stop the Skylanders herself, but fails at the attempt and is trapped. Though the secrets were lost, Dr.

Krankcase still needs one final piece to the weapon, a large amount of "stinkocity". Kaos knows that the most powerful substance of that level is in the Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink.

With Flynn back in action, the Skylanders go and cut off the supply of goo, earning the gillmen workers trust in the process. Krankcase substitutes the goo for cheese, and comes up with a plan: Only one problem, they need a portal master to do it. Reopening Kaos's Wilikin Workshop for his own purposes, the Skylanders are lured to investigate with Kaos in tow, fighting through Evilkins and Trolls. Finally battling the Mad Doctor, he traps Kaos in a barrel, but Wolfgang appears and takes Kaos for himself, the Skylanders go in pursuit, but not before trapping Dr.

skylanders trap team meet the villains golden queen trailer sheets

Fighting their way through town, they arrive too late as Wolfgang has already headed to the far future. Arriving in that time period, they discover that Wolfgang has completely taken over and constructed the "Big Bad Woofer", a giant speaker that amplifies his painful music fold.

The Skylanders make their way to the sinister speaker and shut it down, fight Wolfgang, and cage the Big Bad Man-Beast before he can freeform the ultimate concert. However, the rotten cheese was sent to the Golden Queen in the present, and she completed the weapon. Holding Skylands hostage, she demands her fellow Doom Raiders to be freed and all the gold in the world as tribute.

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Oh, and to make infinite number of more rules. The Skylanders and their comrades steal a rocket from the Trolls and use it to get to the Skyhighlands, where they find a crystal to locate the Golden Queen's lair. With that taken care, of, return to Steel Fin Balcony and enter the small house.

Before you can obtain the key, you must beat the pirate at a game of Skystones Smash. After defeating him, you will be able to access the key and a Story Scroll. Exit back out to Steel Fin Balcony and prepare for a fight. Defeat them quickly to bring out a brand new Villain, Masker Mind. Masker Mind's main power is to possess other enemies.

Skylanders: Trap Team

All you need to do is defeat Bomb Shell one more time, then go after Masker Mind. If you have an Undead Trap, you can capture Masker Mind after defeating it. Now that the villains are taken care of, unlock the gate and continue on to the next area. Fish Eyed Walk[ edit ] Follow this path until you meet up with Mags. She will tell you to enter the building nearby.

Switch to a captured villain to deal extra damage in this area. Clear out the enemies on the main platform and up the ramp to open the gate.

Skylanders: Trap Team | Revolvy

Once the gate is lowered, step on the large green button to lower the gate outside. Fish Eyed Walk Continued [ edit ] Continue walking up the spiral path until you meet up with Mags yet again. She will tell you to use the crane to grab the villains and drop them in the water. Simply hover the crane over a villain when they stop moving and grab them with the claw. Once they're held, move the crane over to the sea and drop them.

Once all the enemies are taken out, pick up Mags with the crane's claw and move her to the same platform. She will extend a bridge out to you. Clam Tower[ edit ] Before continuing on with the quest, jump down a level and step on the bounce pad to reach the top of the tower. Grab the bomb and enter the door on the side of the building. Submarine Pen[ edit ] While holding the bomb, quickly run towards the wooden gate on the left.

Launch the bomb at this gate to blow it open, giving you access to a Treasure Chest. Head to the back of the area to find a pirate that will play Skystones Smash with you. Further back is Persephone, the fairy that will upgrade your Skylanders. She will be surrounded by a few more enemies.

Near Persephone is a pirate standing on a submarine. Bring Brawlrus to this pirate to complete his Villain Quest and open up a new area. But why trade when you can steal? She stole, and stole, and stole! But no matter how much she took, it was never enough. Through evil sorcery, she even learned how to turn people and objects into solid gold. The idea that any amount of treasure in Skylands did not belong to her was infuriating, so she embarked on a quest to take every last cent of it.

It was then that she formed the Doom Raiders — the most notorious group of villains ever assembled. As the leader, the Golden Queen promised riches, world domination, and even all-you-can-eat shrimp in order to recruit special criminals to serve her cause. After Kaos freed the Doom Raiders from the prison, the Golden Queen stopped her fellow comrades from attacking the evil Portal Master and revealed to him that she had already developed a plan to rule Skylands.

She easily won the duel by simply turning Kaos into a golden statue and abandoned him in parts unknown, taking Glumshanks with her and the remaining Doom Raiders. When the green goo needed to supply the Ultimate Weapon was cut off by the Skylanders, the Golden Queen wasn't pleased by Dr.

Krankcase's failure but heeded his alternate solution to the problem.

Skylanders Trap Team | Episode 20

To power up their machine, they could use a slice of cheese provided by Krankcase and bury it, then go to 10, years into the future when the cheese would become stinky enough to power the Ultimate Weapon. The Golden Queen then ordered both Wolfgang and Dr. Krankcase to find and capture Kaos, as a Portal Master was needed to travel through time. Despite Krankcase's and Wolfgang's defeat at the hands of the Skylanders, Wolfgang was able to send the stinky slice of cheese from 10, years in the future to the Golden Queen's doorstep.

With the Ultimate Weapon at full power, she sent a transmission to all of Skylands where she gave her demands like the surrender of the Skylanders, the freedom of the Doom Raiders, all gold in Skylands be delivered to her in tribute, and she reserved the royal right to make an infinite number of rules.

To prove a point to all of Skylands, she made an example of those who oppose her by transporting Time Town to the inside of a crystal globe that was held in the palm of her hand. While navigating through the desert with Calithe Golden Queen became infuriated by the intrusion and turned Cali into a gold statue. The Golden Queen sends a transmission to all of Skylands of her rule. They entered her lair to confront the Queen, who intended to turn the Skylander into a golden trophy.

During the heat of the battle, the Golden Queen plunged herself into a pool of gold and grew enormous in size.

skylanders trap team meet the villains golden queen trailer sheets

She soon began chasing after the Skylander and Cali down the stairs leading to her throne, only to be trapped under a stone arch. The Skylanders brought down the arch upon the Queen, defeating her and ending her reign of terror by capturing her. After her incarceration and Kaos revealing his true plan to the Portal Masters on Earthshe was brought by the heroes to the Great Machine itself for her Villain Questprovided by a familiar ally, Dr.

He introduced the Skylanders to the Piggybank-o-matic He theorized that the missing ingredient is gold, and of course the rehabilitated queen knows all about the valuable element. Noobry was grateful for her arrival, and she activated the swine gold dispenser, being rewarded by the Mabu with a new outfit and the ability to activate the Piggybank-o-matics throughout the level.