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sonic the hedgehog fanfiction x meet underground bunker

Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination kept something very important like a nuclear bunker or something. As the large blast doors began to slowly open sonic picked up Sonia looked up to the blue hedgehog and blinked "Not so fast! ..i have a little someone i'd like you to meet". Disclaimer: All the characters in this fanfic are copyrighted of Sega and DIC The blue hedgehog commented with a grin while running. Rated M for drug use and possible lemons. Hey guys, it's me, Sonic the Hedgehog, now former world-saving superhero turned drug dealer. Anyway, when we met up with him on the ground, he did the usual "I'll turn over a Soon enough, we arrived in the underground bunker chain the resistance set.

And the lack of understanding. Yami is hurt deeply by the one he loves the most. How far is he willing to go to end his pain? Will Yugi save the day? However, there's a bit of tragedy with the excitement. This part of the story is over, but there is more coming! M - English - Romance - Chapters: However, sometimes things aren't quite what they seem Yaoi, humour, angst, romance, drama, action, character death. Caste into the unforgiving world of the eypitains Yugi becomes a slave but never thought he would come to love the one who enslaved him.

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Two people, from two lands, begin a journey to find themselves and realize what love really means. When Yami gets engaged with Anzu, Yugi becomes depressed and commits suicide. He becomes a ghost, and with the help of an apprentice witch Rei, tries to come back to life again. Survival is key to this game of life. And it is a game that Shadow and Sonic must learn T - English - Chapters: Set in ancient egypt, Yami x Yugi, Bakura x Malik and a villain you'll love to hate!

Yaoi, Romance, Angst, Humour, Drama. T - English - Angst - Chapters: Temporal Tales reviews Come gather around the bonfire as Mighty the Armadillo shares stories of what Sonic the Hedgehog was like as a freedom fighter in the Temporal Timeline.

From emerging as a threat to Robotnik for the first time, to rescuing new friends, becoming Super Sonic, and even meeting Knuckles, Sonic learns new things about this life in the new timeline. K - English - Adventure - Chapters: Sounds of Silence reviews While the question of whether Mobotropolis belongs to King Acorn or Queen Aleena remains, a third party enters to claim the kingdom as Ixis Naugus and his villainous allies are unleashed!

How will Sonic and friends face this new threat? Knuckles arrives to Mobotropolis on invitation from Mighty, where he is given a mission.

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Will he take it? K - English - Chapters: Brave New World reviews Sonic, Shadow, and friends venture forth into the altered timeline version of Robotropolis, to discover secrets and learn more about their new world.

New friends are made, and Shadow tries to grow his friendship with Sonic. First Contact reviews After the events of Roboticized, Sally makes contact with the outside world and learns what happened to the events outside of Knothole, and how the time lines differ from their own.

Roboticized reviews A twist in time throws Shadow into the past to the night after Robotnik was defeated. After accidentally injuring the younger Sonic, Shadow works to solve a mystery as time is altered and Sonic himself starts to transform It only gets worse when Metal Sonic returns to destroy the village.

What dark secret does Shadow know about Sonic's disappearance, and how is it connected to Metal Sonic's reappearance? But who is this mysterious black hedgehog and how does he know Sonic? Knuckles shivered and held the beautiful female closer to him, the heat from her body fused to his and her hands ran down his back before cupping his buttocks making him squeak in surprise, he blushed at the wicked grin Sonia gave him. Knuckles didn't even feel the floor hitting his back too engrossed with the beautiful hedgehog currently draped over him, her tongue forced itself into his mouth and eagerly wrapped round his.

Fear of these new sensations suddenly gripped his heart and Knuckles tried to push the hedgehog back, his arms half-heartingly pushing against her shoulders as he wrestled with his fear. The princess pulled back and glared at the nervous echidna, she didn't know why she did what she did next but it felt like the right thing to do.

With a growl the hedgehog swiftly grasped the echidnas arms and locked them above his head, before he could react she kissed him again, this time biting his lips then soothing them with quick tongue movements. Knuckles shuddered under Sonias sensual assault, his muscles bunched and he began to push against the arms that held him prisoner, the hedgehog pushed back growling in anger as she pulled back from his lips.

Teeth clamped onto his neck and threatened to bite as a slender thigh pressed between his legs. A cry from Knuckles lips as he felt that strange sensation between his legs again, his body shook in uncertainty as his mind fought between fight or flight.

He was being held captive, threatened with bodily harm if he moved and yet Sonias teeth nibbled his flesh as her thigh rubbed against him sending sparks of pleasure shooting through his body, he groaned as his eyes slammed shut in blissful pain.

His shoulders fell back, muscles relaxing as he submitted to Sonias control, sensing his submission the hedgehogs attack softened as the female kissed his neck then moved to his lips gently meeting them with her own drinking in Knuckles whimper. Her arms that held his rubbed along the powerful muscles accepting their surrender and rewarding it, instinctively Knuckles hips thrust gently against Sonias, the thigh between his hips adding to the pressure.

The guardians head fell back with a bump that was unfelt, amethyst eyes almost crying at the new feelings meet with dark emerald ones filled with love. A pressure growing inside him, a bomb waiting to explode, pleasure that grew and grew until Knuckles was begging it to end and yet pleading for it to last forever. Head thrown back, eyes slamming shut and a scream telling of something strange and new and oh so wonderful erupted from a fanged mouth, and all the while emerald eyes stared back in awe and delight.

Knuckles was swimming in a sea of bliss, it took a moment for his mind to settle back in his body as the waves of pleasure slowly deceased. He was aware of his heart hammering in his chest, of his throat sore from screaming Sonia was speechless, she stared in amazement at the panting echidna drinking in the site of his sweaty body gripped in a pleasurable afterglow and gulped round her very dry throat.

She gently pulled back her thigh noting the stickiness with a shiver of want, her hand gently rubbed Knuckles cheek coaxing him back towards reality. Dazed purple eyes opened and lit up at the sight of Sonia, Knuckles gave a small smile, as he blushed embarrassed, Sonia just chuckled and gave him a kiss on the tip of his nose.

Knuckles nodded still fighting to clear his head, giving it a quick shake he smiled at Sonia before quickly kissing her. Sonia groaned as Knuckles wrapped his arms round her and sat up, she was now resting on his lap with the very attentive echidna kissing her hungrily. Knuckles was working on instinct now, the tiredness that had come after that wonderful sensation was gone and now a burning want for the beautiful hedgehog ran through his veins.

Arms held her firmly but carefully as Sonia were lifted into the air, Knuckles stood up and Sonias long legs locked behind his waist as the echidna continued to kiss her. Knuckles knew he was walking but to where he wasn't sure, the angel in his arms had his full attention and he smirked at her whimper as he rubbed her tight ass appreciatively.

He pulled back and had a quick glance round the area, they were in the living quarters and Sonias room was just ahead. Giving a shy smile Knuckles pointed towards her bedroom, Sonia gnawed her lip uncertainly. She cared for him a lot, maybe even loved him so surely it would be ok to go all the way but I'm sorry but I'm not ready for sex yet, could we just Knuckles nodded giving her a kiss on the tip of her nose in reassurance, he helped her down and immediately both felt the loss of each other's warmth.

Sonia rubbed her arms self-consciously before giving a small grunt of annoyance, why was she being so shy it was only Knuckles!. Taking the echidnas hand in her smaller one she lead him back to her room, she opened the door squinting in the darkness of the room. Knuckles winced as he heard a bang and Sonias swearing, suddenly a lamp was turned on and the room filled with soft yellow light.

Sonia sighed and fell back onto the bed, she winced and rubbed her foot were she had hit the bedside table, a red furred hand went over hers and helped soothe the pain. It was dark in the hallway with most of the lights off and as she was too busy kissing him she didn't notice the state of his clothes. Dirt and specks of blood covered his shirt and gloves, his shorts had his own Other stuff" laughed Sonia.

Knuckles eyed the dirt on his clothes and agreed with the hedgehog, with a shrug he began to peel off the clothes. She gasped as he began to undress; jumping up she quickly led the confused echidna to the bathroom. Knuckles nodded and allowed Sonia to push him into the shower stall, she stepped in with him forcing him back against the tiled wall.

Sonia smirked at the position she had him in but fun would have to wait, she pressed a few buttons on the showerhead and soon a stream of lukewarm water poured from the instrument.

The echidna passed his clothes to Sonia who couldn't resist eyeing the males handsome body; she closed the shower curtain smiling as Knuckles gave a small squeal of bliss as he stepped under the shower.

A few minutes later and Knuckles stepped out soaking wet, his dreadlocks had grown almost a foot longer due to the added hanging hair and the rest of his fur hung in red strands from his body. Reminded once again of the intense burning between her legs Sonia quickly shoved Knuckles out of the bathroom demanding privacy for her shower, the echidna smiled in amusement but allowed himself to be thrown out. Sonia groaned as she let her hands wander, images of Knuckles and his face during orgasm burned into her mind nearly making her moan out loud, she stepped into the shower stall set on fixing a certain itch.

Knuckles lay propped up under the covers of Sonias bed, in his hands he held that family photo of Sonia, her siblings and her mother feeling sadness over the mother he never knew. What was she like?

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Did she have a picture of him as a child next to her bed like Sonia did? Did she stare at it at night and mourn for the child she lost Placing the picture carefully back on the table he settled back against the soft pillows enjoying the comfort they gave him.

The bathroom door opened and Knuckles eyes snapped open, and his jaw promptly hit the covers as he stared at the beaming princess. The hedgehog was currently drying her hair with a pink towel; her hair shone as the water reflected the pale light of the bedside lamp making it glow with a golden light.

The clothes she wore brought a choked whimper from him, a long pink T-shirt that ended at the top of her thighs exposing her long slender legs to Knuckles hungry gaze. Sonia blushed at the open appraisal the guardian was giving her; she fidgeted a bit tugging at her sleeves. Sonia walked round to the other side Knuckles was on, she sat on the edge unsure what to do, the echidna appeared ready to bolt as he fidgeted nervously.

Climbing onto the bed she smiled reassuringly at the echidna who shyly smiled back, she slipped under the covers with him and lay propped up on one elbow observing him. But he's so sweet and caring, I don't think there's another like him in the whole world' thought Sonia happily.

Knuckles was tempted to dive under the covers and hide from Sonias scrutiny, although they had shared so much in just a few days it was still going so fast, 'maybe ill always be like this' he mused. Sonia laid down turning towards her friend she opened her arms to him a gentle smile as further encouragement.

A moments hesitation then the echidna was in the females arms, hugging was new to the guardian but he found it to be his favourite thing next to what Sonia called an 'orgasm', he buried his head into slender shoulders giving a small murmur of comfort.

Sonia shivered as the object of her desire lay against her, chest to chest, legs and arms entwined and his head buried in her neck, the gentle nibbling he was doing wasn't helped her libido much. She gave him a sweet kiss on his head smiling at his murmur of appreciation, snuggling against him she closed her eyes a smile on her lips. Knuckles felt Sonias breathing steady indicating she was asleep, gently shifting his body he lay face to face with her.

Again he couldn't stop the familiar feeling of warmth and giddiness as he stared in awe at his angels sleeping features; sleep it seemed only made her look even more beautiful with her peaceful visage. Giving her a chaste kiss on her brow he shifted back into his earlier position giving a sigh of contentment as he wrapped his arms round her waist.

His eyes felt heavy and sleep pressed down on him, and for the first time in his life Knuckles sleep with someone else to keep him warm at night. Smiling blissfully as the memories caught up to the present Knuckles relaxed against Sonia, even in sleep the hedgehog made room for him and slim, delicate arms wrapped round him comfortably. He shivered as her lithe body rubbed against his, he leaned into her once she finished and gave a shy kiss as his good morning.

Of course the kiss soon turned into something more as both their bodies burned due to the sensual touch, Sonias arms pulled down firmly deepening the kiss and making both creatures groan in ecstasy. Hands roamed and soft covers were thrown aside, the spark of yesterdays lust that had cooled overnight now burst into flame as the two hungered for each others touch.

A females cry was Knuckles reward as he kissed the soft flesh of her breast; the echidna grinned as his sharp teeth teased the rock hard protrusion on Sonias breast but never once breaking the skin. Breath panting and hearts pounding they both touched and kissed one another, both building up to something new and terrifying but confident that it could only be right.

Knuckles hand ran down a flat stomach, the sharp barbs tickling the soft flesh but under Sonias trusting gaze careful not to injure. A sharp hiss and a soft gasp, a paradise of warm liquid and silken flesh that begged to be touched, and touched it was. Emerald eyes closed as Sonias head fell back against the pillows a breathless cry forced from her lips at each stroke of clawed fingers.

The echidnas gaze never left his loves face as he continued to caress her most secret place, honey pooled round his fingers from the lips they poured from. Fingers pulled back, shifted position as the clawed tips gently touched the entrance, a question in those amethyst eyes that the emerald ones answered with a hesitant nod.

The echidna smiled reassuringly, fingers prepared to enter and explore such an alien, yet so beautiful place. Sonia stared into Knuckles eyes waiting almost without breath for the moment, she felt the claws move forward gently parting the sensitive lips, getting their way to that private grute.

sonic the hedgehog fanfiction x meet underground bunker

He returned again to his attention placing some fingers between Sonia's down lips until something like cream came out, knuckles didn't know what to do but the smell was great, so great that he could helped but lick it from his fingers, the taste was really exiting, "dirty boy" said sonia "bad?

All movement stopped, violet eyes narrowed in anger as Sonia almost cried in frustration, she fell back closing her eyes in anger, so close they were so close! The bed shifted as knuckles weight left it, she heard him stalking across the room as she sadly began covering herself. The door opened; "Hey Knuckles is Sonia in there? The echidna stared at the green hedgehog the slight shaking of his barbs the only indication of his anger; he should really allow him inside to see his sister.

Knuckles eyed the prone hedgehog before turning on his heel and slamming the door behind him, whatever Manic had to say would wait, Sonia was more important! Sonia stared at him in confusion as he slammed the door, Knuckles took a calming breath before giving an embarrassed smile, he made a punching notion and she quickly caught on. Knuckles was all to happy to oblige, he climbed onto the bed sitting next to the covered hedgehog, both sat there unsure of what to do now the spell of lust was temporarily broken.

The guardian was first to move shifting closer to the silent hedgehog he reached a trembling hand towards her, he gently pulled the covers away exposing the light fur of the princesses shoulders, leaning forward he kissed and licked the soft flesh. The hedgehog sighed as she pulled Knuckles down into the covers; the echidna slowly kissed his way down her body intent on reaching his goal.

Soon he was between the slender legs of Sonia with the hedgehog staring at him in amazement; Knuckles smirked as he studied the soft mound of Sonias sex. He breathed in the exotic scent and ran his fingers along the pouting lips that were coated in her arousal; her hips shot up accompanied by a sharp cry as Knuckles claws ran over the sensitive bundle of nerves at the top of her sex. She screamed in surprise and intense pleasure, she looked down in unhidden arousal at the echidna that was lapping at her silken folds with incredible delicacy.

She faintly comprehended fingers pressing against her lips until with a quick thrust the long digits were inside her bringing an explosion of sweet sensations shooting round her womb. Beyond speech she could only give small whimpers and occasional cries as he suckled on her clit and his fingers thrust inside her, she felt the build-up within her, her muscles flowing round the digits that caressed her slippery walls.

Her eyes snapped open as she met the violet ones of Knuckles; she felt the contractions as her whole body shook from the powerful quakes of pleasure that hit her vagina hard and fast. She was screaming but it seemed muted to her ears, her senses shut down for the moment as they rode the waves of ecstasy that made all previous orgasms feel like small tremors compared to the avalanche of sensations that was this one.

Arms wrapped round her as she slowly fell back to earth; she blinked as she tried to focus on the concerned face of Knuckles. Too tired for words she kissed him in appreciation; the echidna returned it just as tenderly cradling her weakened body in his powerful arms. Manic, a green hedgehog who was a tricky thief appeared behind his drum set.

Sonia, a pink hedgehog and the only female hedgehog in the Sonic Underground band, walked up to her keyboard. Finally, Sonic walked up to his guitar, as he heard Manic's beat on his base drum as Sonia started to suddenly play her keyboard. These triplets were playing in a concert for the Freedom Fighters, who sought to get freedom from their tyrant ruler, Dr. The purposes of the concerts were not to draw attention for Robotnik's forces, but rather to encourage the local Freedom Fighters in the war against the dictator.

The concerts also provided the local citizens to remember the people who had fallen in the war against Robotnik and those who were roboticised. Many people, whether they were for Robotnik's rule or trying to have the Royal Council of Four on the throne, had lost family and friends to the only human on Mobius. After the triplets finished their first song, Sonic talked into the microphone, "Hello everyone!

As some of you might know, I am Sonic and these are my two siblings, Sonia and Manic. As the blue prince continued talking, he did not know he would experience a radical life change that evening nor did his siblings. Tails could not remember how he ended up in this situation. He had been tracking the seventh emerald when he found another one on radar and it just happened to be Knuckles who had sensed the final emerald as well.

Tails picked up the echidna and it seemed the two friends would not have any problems getting it. The young fox had been terribly wrong. Eggman had also been on the way to get the last emerald though the problem came when Eggman's emeralds and the one Knuckles had started to glow causing malfunctions in the Tornado. The fox had been so busy trying to avoid the missiles from behind them that the kid did not notice the one coming directly towards the plane.

Jumping from the plane, the echidna was quick to start gliding as he felt the rush of the wind. Several meters above the duo, the plane exploded as soon as the missile landed on impact. Tails was in a daze as he watched his beloved plane explode. However, he did notice Knuckles having trouble trying to accommodate for his weight so the kit wound his namesakes in a familiar motion and the duo landed on the ground.

It was by mere luck any of the missiles avoided the two.

sonic the hedgehog fanfiction x meet underground bunker

They had landed on the land that provided some shelter from Eggman's robots; however, they were very close to his current base. Sonic had seen the news report about Eggman sending missiles right near the coast line of an ocean.

The hedgehog wanted to retreat when he heard the one word he hated the most: It was deadly and dangerous. If he feel in… Though the hedgehog was running as fast as he could when he saw the Tornado explode on the television, as the blue hedgehog knew he needed to see if Tails was alright.

They had not ended on friendly terms just an hour ago: To get the emerald, as there is no use to wait around for you," Tails replied back. If something had happened to Tails…he knew he would never forgive himself. Eggman was scouting the area looking for Tails and Knuckles because the echidna had the last emerald he needed.