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spill review meet the spartans movie

The rating system is based on means of seeing the movie, from Southland Tales, Meet the Spartans and The Love Guru were. UK Critics Consensus: Rocknrolla Rocks, Disaster Movie = Movie Disaster Critic Reviews for Meet the Spartans Jan 30, | Rating: C+ | Full Review. Broken Base: Possibly the second review style in the video reviews. Beverly Hills Chihuahua or Friedberg and Seltzer, the guys who did Meet the Spartans—" As with other popular movie critics, the reviewers at Spill receive this every.

His involvement in the site, specifically the film reviews, began to decrease dramatically in late and throughout as he began to focus more on his writing career, specifically the horror film Sinister which he co-wrote with Scott Derrickson. During this time, his sole involvement with the site was appearing weekly on the podcast A Couple of Cold Ones. He retired from that podcast and Spill. Carlyle's last review appearance to date was in the review for the film Just Go With It.

He still appeared occasionally on the site as a special guest. Hereprised his role in the video review for his film Sinister. As a result of his partnership with Derickson, and his love of the superhero genre, Cargill most recently co-wrote the high-profile Marvel Studios film Doctor Strange. Edie - The only female member of the crew.

She only appeared in a select few film reviews, usually with just Korey or Korey and another member of the "Spill Crew". Korey and other members would often jokingly make passes at her. She left the site officially in June Brian Salisbury - voiced by himself The Film School Rejects critic, who had previously co-hosted the Remote Viewing podcast, started to gain prominence in by appearing in several audio reviews as a brief replacement for Cyrus. Salisbury did fill-in reviews from time to time and was known on the site for sharing Cyrus' love of witty puns.

On May 23,Salisbury was laid off of Spill. Review system[ edit ] Each Spill crew member gives their own rating, so it is not uncommon for there to be more than one rating stated for a film.

spill review meet the spartans movie

At the end of each review, the critics give their ratings. A cumulative score is then posted on the site itself. The rating system is based on means of seeing the movie, from most to least expensive and engrossing, except the highest and lowest ratings.

Each film is judged on its own merits, taking into account a multitude of factors including but not limited to its perceived audience, the time of year it is released, its marketing campaign, etc. Ratings are conveyed in the videos reviews only by showing a picture of the reviewer and their rating written underneath and a sound similar to a cash register with a few exceptions, detailed below. To date, Co-Host does not have a rating card due to the current redesign the site and characters are undergoing.

However, in recent reviews his rating is listed, but the newer reviews do not have pictures of the critic above the rating. Commonly assumed to be a standard 5-star system, the Spill. They are as follows: The Spill Crew usually withholds this rating, only awarding it to a movie that they find flawless or exceptionally outstanding.

spill review meet the spartans movie

The film is very enjoyable, above average quality. The crew finds these films excellent, but not necessarily flawless. It is a "mid-level" rating, and the Spill reviewers often modify the review depending on the specific flaws or strengths of the film — e.

The film is worth seeing on some level, but not worth the cost of admission at a theater or seeing during the initial theatrical run. Revenge of the FallenValentine's DayTwilight: Eclipse and Django Unchained.

The film has little redeeming value, regardless of its audience. Unlike all ratings above it, "Some Ole Bullshit" recommends against watching the film at any price. Unlike "Some Ole Bullshit," it is actively enthusiastic against the film. A sound clip similar to the theme from Psycho then plays. The rating is also known as "Fuck This Movie!!

Notably, Spill's review of Vampires Suck consists entirely of Korey saying, "Fuck you" and displaying the accompanying rating. As of December 21,Little Fockers became the first film to receive a collective rating of "Fuck you! All podcasts are conducted fairly casually, and the hosts occasionally get drunk over the course of the show.

Meet the Spartans Movie Review

A Couple of Cold Ones: It is Spill's oldest podcast, debuting in Januaryand it focuses mainly on film. Originally, it was hosted by Korey and Carlyle, though Leon was added as a third host in November In JuneCarlyle left the show, essentially the last remaining part of his involvement in the site as a whole, to pursue opportunities as a novelist and screenwriter, leaving Korey and Leon as the sole hosts.

Korey originally had planned for Leon to replace him, but later changed his mind. This proved fortuitous, as mere months later Carlyle decided to retire from the show. Segments include discussion on weekly box office rankings, "The Top Five," followed by free form discussion and a segment on e-mails and tweets submitted by members of the site.

It is usually recorded on Sunday nights and released on Mondays. In Augustthe crew began using Prince Paul 's "Flattery" as the shows theme song. In late the cast expanded to include Billy "Uncle Popcorn" Brooks, whose controversial inclusion eventually changed the dynamic of the show. Brooks was a regular for all of until his leave in Marchpartly due to Co-host inability and reluctance to adapt to the new format with Brooks.

The podcast is a spinoff of A Couple of Cold Ones. The show does not have a fixed topic, although it often deals with film, internet videos, current political events, celebrity gossip, black issues, personal anecdotes and humor.

The purpose of the show is to "talk bullshit," and it is defined by a stream of consciousness style. The podcast has numerous running gags and recurring elements including the show's mascot, Goatsey. An imaginary bipedal goat, Goatsey helps lead to the intro, in which the crew shouts the show name and plays "Get to the Choppa" by Austrian Death Machine.

The latter part of the show includes "Fuck Yo Thoughts," the show's e-mail section, a reference to a quotation by Don "Reverend X" Vincent, one of the show's running gags.

Traditionally, this is the longest of the Spill podcasts, with no set length. It sometimes runs approximately three or even four hours.

spill review meet the spartans movie

Because of these long running times, "Let's Do This" is often split into two segments, with Part 1 released on Wednesdays and Part 2 on Thursdays. The Spill Call-in Show: A recurring live podcast in which Korey takes calls from members of the community and answers their questions. The show is always posted with a chatroom where listeners themselves can interact and comment on the live show as well.

The recording of the audio portion of the show is sometimes posted later in the week as its own podcast so even those who missed the live show can listen to it.

The show has no set release dates, and it typically runs an hour to an hour and a half, but its length varies significantly. Previous shows included a live-animated video feed that accompanied the audio, but the current show is audio only.

The show is broadcast live on the website, typically on Saturday afternoons.

'Disaster Movie' Review

However, unlike their normal reviews, they go more in detail about the movie's or TV show's plot. The show would normally only take place during the airings of a television show such as Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead.

Spill / YMMV - TV Tropes

Hosted by Korey and run by Cyrus with occasional guest appearances of the Co-hostthis podcast serves to discuss the entertainment news stories of the day.

These stories are typically collected by Cyrus and pulled from the areas of movies, television and video games. The Daily Spill runs Monday through Thursday. On specific days there are various deviations to the podcast's formula.

At the end of the Tuesday podcast Cyrus gives an overview of the week's home releases. On Wednesday the duo dedicates a segment to answering user questions.

The Thursday edition of the podcast sees the addition of the "Trending Trailers" feature, in which recently released movie trailers are briefly discussed.

The hosts struggled for the first few weeks to solidify a format and title, eventually landing on "Let's Play This". However, due to Co-host and fans complaints that it was too similar to "Let's Do This", a call was put out to the fans to come up with a new name. After a lengthy suggestion period, the name "The Loading Bar" was chosen, both for its reference to the aggravating loading times most gamers are familiar with, and for its alcoholic connotations "loaded" and "bar".

The show often features community members as "fan experts" on video game titles, and it is the only other podcast on the site that has accompanying video reviews as well. Unlike the film reviews, which are created in a cartoon style, the video game reviews are created in a pixel art style, similar to a bit console game.

In addition to audio reviews of the latest games, The Loading Bar also released a twice a month "Email and BS Show" in which they would answer questions from the fans. Later played with in their playthrough of Star Wars: The Old Republic, where Jason attempts to name a character Garfieldius, only to find out that someone else has used it.

He was not amused. Which also occurred in their playthrough of Guild Wars 2. Luckily, they decided just to name hiim "Garfieldius Prime". John Marston, too, but he was probably already considered one by most people who had played the game. Never Live It Down: Carlyle's infamous " Communist Lion King " rant.

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Since Korey did not provide him with the chance, Carlyle could not explain to the audience that it was a joke until he wrote a blog post afterward. He still falls victim to jokes about this every now and then. Korey threw a chair! And he had sex with a vacuum cleaner. And he worked on Space Jam! Cyrus also gave an okay review for Southland Tales. Say it with me now: As with other popular movie critics, the reviewers at Spill receive this every now and then for certain movie reviews.

Even that is nothing compared to Leon giving Inception a low Matinee. As Carlyle said when he heard about it: This also works both ways. As the crew has actually received hate for liking certain films.

Seeing as how it's a review site with mostly four guys who come from different walks of life and each have radically different views on just about everything, it was only natural that this trope would come up. Korey, and Leon would always have trouble empathizing with films that dealt with "white people problems".

See their review of Into the Wildwhere the two aforementioned critics found the main lead to be far less sympathetic then Carlyle, and Cyrus did. Pops up yet again in their review of A Better Life.

Meet the Spartans Movie Review from Spill.com

Where the perpetually cynical Cyrushas a hard time swallowing the leads saintly behavior, only to get called on it by Co-host. Korey would receive calls almost exclusively from years old's during earlier episodes of The Secret Call-in Show.

This would usually result in him expressing disappointment.