St bonaventure meet the accountants night

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st bonaventure meet the accountants night

St. Bonaventure University Photos By: St. Bonaventure University Photos. Follow. Friend Meet the Accountants Night 9/26/12 16 items. View the College Career Nights schedule. September 15th: Saint Bonaventure University- Meet the Accountants Night, pm; September 18th. Learn more about how Insero helps you design your own accounting career path and gives you the September 17, , St. Bonaventure University, Accounting Fair. September 18, , SUNY Brockport, Meet the Accountants Night.

Bonaventure courses that include Helpified in their curriculum.

st bonaventure meet the accountants night

In the summer ofhe served as an accounting intern for a small business in his hometown of Bradford, Pa. McLanahan advises incoming freshman to be open to finding, as well as creating, opportunities to become involved on campus.

He points out that students at St. Bonaventure offers a phenomenal accounting program and endless possibilities to succeed Herrick said one of the reasons she chose St. Bonaventure was because she found the campus to be the perfect combination of a rural and city setting.

The other compelling lure was the university's "phenomenal accounting program that allows you to complete your MBA in five years," she said.

Bonaventure is special "because the university sets you up to achieve anything you put your mind to," she added. Bonaventure puts you on the path to success, and that empowerment is priceless. She liked the versatility of an accounting degree. Herrick has been active with clubs on campus, seeing campus involvement as a crucial part of succeeding in college. She also participated in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program and as a peer mentor for University classes.

Herrick served an internship at Tara Ink, Inc. She also participated in the Emerging Leaders Program with EY, which taught her the importance of networking and being aware of your surroundings with every decision you make. The program also taught her that being a leader means making sure everyone feels included and is heard, and that trying to control those around you and making yourself stand out are not leadership traits, she said.

Herrick was an intern with KPMG in the summer of and accepted a full-time position with the firm starting in the fall of The right firm will come along and you will appreciate the opportunities that don't pan out because they help point you in the right direction, she said. All of the resources you need to succeed are here From students to faculty and staff, everyone I encountered while on campus for the first time welcomed me with open arms.

Neylan was active on campus, serving as president of St.

st bonaventure meet the accountants night

Bonaventure's chapter of Enactusa global, non-profit community of student, academic and business leaders. Enactus taught her invaluable lessons about communication, leadership, herself, and working with others. In her fifth year, she served as a graduate assistant for Enactus and was involved in C4, the business consulting club that helps to bring the real world of business to students.

She found the technical experiences rewarding, and enjoyed the presentations of guest speakers.

st bonaventure meet the accountants night

Neylan worked as a technical accounting and controls intern at Constellation Brands in Victor, N. She served as an intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the summer ofand accepted a full-time position with PwC starting in fall Her advice to incoming freshmen is to ask questions.

Bonaventure Accounting Association | St. Bonaventure University

Bonaventure has so many useful resources: It's just a matter of whether or not you take advantage of the endless support and opportunities. As a student who has had teaching assistants help me along the way, it's gratifying to do the same for others Asked why he picked St.

Bonaventure, senior Brian Drake said it was the school that "felt most like home. He'd always been interested in the numbers side of business but accounting itself intimidated him. His first class with accounting lecturer Michael Kasperski solidified his decision to be an accounting major.

He was also a teaching assistant for ACCT Introduction to Managerial Accounting. He accepted a full-time position with Ernst and Young in Hoboken, N. Drake advises incoming freshman to utilize all their possible resources. She credits Brian McAllister, assistant professor of accounting and former director of the St.

St. Bonaventure students get to Meet the Accountants

Bonaventure's MBA program, for making the application and transition process seamless. In addition to the financial assistance the position carried, the job was a good way to get to know the school and its people, she said.

She began a full-time career with Bonadio in the fall of Passero said her favorite memory of St. Bonaventure is the first week she was on campus. You're part of a family now. Take advantage of the opportunities that come with that. Bonaventure because of the overwhelming feeling of connectivity and family he experienced every time he visited campus, a feeling he said that no other school came close to matching. After speaking with countless students, staff, and alumni, he could tell there was a true passion felt by all of them for the school, a passion that he has come to share.

He had a class with Dr. Coate that was extremely challenging at first. After adjusting to the learning curve, however, he discovered that he enjoyed the challenge and knew that he wanted to take more accounting classes, and to declare it as his major. And getting to struggle and triumph through the more rigorous courses with other accounting students brought him and his peers closer together in a unique way. His advice to incoming freshmen is to not be afraid to come out of your shell. Everyone in the Bona family loves to help and be friendly with anyone else in the bubble.

Put yourself out there — build relationships with your peers, professors and advisers. Martinez was attracted to St. Bonaventure because of its small size, which meant a great professor-student ratio inside the classroom. He was also presented with an opportunity to play Division I tennis, a goal of his since he was young.

Bonaventure also felt like more than just a school from the very beginning. It felt like a second home," he said. Martinez began his academic career as an engineering physics major, but he was also interested in the different facets of the business world. He switched his major to accounting after his freshman year. He not only excelled in accounting courses, but enjoyed giving the effort required to do well.

At the beginning of his junior year, he pursued his interest in stocks by building a portfolio of his own. Eager to learn more, he declared finance as a second major. Professors teach at the highest academic level possible, and they, in turn, set high standards and expectations for students, he said, which creates an atmosphere for building great character and responsibility among students.

The clubs were a great way to become more active in the School of Business, and helped him expand his knowledge, he said. Martinez interned with a small accounting firm in Monterrey, Mexico, during the summer ofand in the summer of served as a finance and accounting intern with the Port of Galveston, in Galveston, Texas. His favorite Bonaventure memory is of the soccer team's A Championship his freshman year, and the opportunity to be part of a competitive and motivating atmosphere.

It may not seem like it in the beginning, but the time flies and you want to give yourself the opportunity to soak up as many experiences as possible," he said.

There are so many incredible experiences Bonaventure has to offer, and if you give it the chance, Bonaventure will always be a home that welcomes you back with open arms. The alumni network in accounting is exceptional When asked why she picked St.

Join a club and meet new friends Asked why she chose to attend St. Bonaventure, Gehrmann said she could name hundreds of reasons, but the most important one is the people. During her recruitment process and campus visits, she could tell from the start that St. Bonaventure is a special place.

Gehrmann became interested in accounting when she took an accounting class as a senior in high school. Her teacher was a Bonaventure alumnus, and he encouraged Gehrmann, who excelled in his class, to look into St.

Her favorite thing about the accounting program is the professors; their superior knowledge of the field and seemingly infinite connections in the business world.

st bonaventure meet the accountants night

Gehrmann is heavily involved in many different clubs and activities on campus. She has worked as a tutor for several courses at the Teaching and Learning Center, and she served as a teaching assistant TA for several members of the accounting faculty for various accounting courses.

Gehrmann is also big on volunteering on campus and in the community. She is a volunteer for the St. Gehrmann advises incoming freshmen to remain true to themselves in college, and to do what they want to do. She urges freshmen to get involved. Make friends early and start enjoying yourself. You'll soon wonder where four years went.

With a father who graduated from St. Bonaventure inKlos already knew about the school before he even applied. One of the reasons he chose SBU is its close proximity to home. Klos became interested in accounting because he has a knack for numbers and he thought he'd be good at.

He cemented his decision to make it his major when he learned how many accounting program students are offered jobs right out of school, and of the extensive support of the program's alumni network.

Outside of the classroom, Klos takes guitar and piano lessons on campus, and plays electric guitar for the Bona Blues Ensemble. Involved in music since he was young, Klos is glad to be able to continue to pursue that passion at Bonaventure. He was invited back for a second internship in December, and again for the summer of He hopes to begin a full-time career with the bank after graduation.

His favorite Bonaventure memories revolve around the basketball games. Klos advises incoming freshman to make new friends. Enjoy every second you have here, because four years go by a lot faster than you think," he said. Lured by a 'great reputation,' she found the campus to be a 'perfect fit' Lancour recalls visiting St.

Bonaventure during her senior year of high school and immediately feeling the school was the perfect fit. Originally a finance major, Lancour became interested in accounting through introductory classes. She declared a second major in accounting and plans to pursue a career in tax work.

Lancour has been heavily involved in Students in Money Management SIMMhandling the club's day-to-day activities as the operations manager. She has also participated for four years in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance VITA program, helping prepare free income tax returns for community residents.

She also worked as a teaching assistant for a freshman accounting class and as a peer mentor for a class to help freshmen adjust to college life. Lancour served for two summers as an intern with Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, doing inventory control work. Lancour has accepted a full-time position with PwC in Albany starting in July Lancour advises incoming freshmen to get involved as soon as possible.

Get involved and stay involved, and you may end up in a leadership position. McDonald had always been interested in business, but was a little unsure when it came to choosing a major. Her older brother studied accounting in college and is now a CPA, and his stories about work always fascinated her.

The many career options available to accounting majors was a big factor in her decision to go that route. She likes the fact that Franciscan values and ethics are integrated into the coursework, and that professors sincerely want to help students learn as much as they can, to succeed, and to have an interesting classroom experience. A regional firm with international clients and resources, UHY allowed her to gain great hands-on experience in the audit profession.

In the summer ofshe served another audit internship with EY in Rochester, N. Students visited the offices of three different types of accounting firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BDO Global and Fidelity, and networked with the professionals in each. The experience gave students an idea of what to expect after landing their first job. She advises incoming freshmen to step out of their comfort zones and get involved on campus early.

Bonaventure because the business school has a great reputation and she loved the idea of being able to interact closely with the professors and truly get to know them. Bonaventure, so she already felt at home on campus. Bonaventure so special is how the Franciscan core values are interwoven into the curriculum and student activities, which makes us a close-knit, caring student body," she said.

Her dad, a successful controller, was also a big influen ce, as he encouraged O'Connell and her brother to take accounting classes in high school. It's a great way for students to give back, she said. She is also involved in the Bonaventure Accounting Association, which she touts as a great way to get to know other accounting students. She was also a peer mentor for a class that helped freshmen adjust to college life.

O'Connel is a turor and helps plan business student retreats to Mt. Irenaeus, a nearby Franciscan community. A Dean's Global Scholar, she traveled to Athens, Greece, with the dean and other high-performing business students to study business in Greece. In the summer ofshe completed a McQuaid Scholarship under Dr. Carol Fischer, professor of accounting, on tax research, and served an audit internship at Bober Markey Fedorovich, an accounting and business advisory firm, in Akron, Ohio.

She completed an audit internship with Plante Moran in Columbus, Ohio, in the summer of and she will be working full-time for Plante Moran in fall She advises incoming freshmen to work hard from the very beginning to get a solid GPA, and to never be afraid to ask professors for help or advice because they truly want to help students succeed.

He carries a double major in accounting and finance. Balancing athletics with academics taught him important time-management skills. O'Connor served as a McQuade intern for the Department of Accounting, during which he conducted extensive research on Luca Pacioli, the father of modern-day accounting. His advice to incoming freshman is to stick with it and never hesitate to ask for help.

They are always available to help if you are struggling with something in class or if you have questions about the profession of accounting itself," he said.

You're more than just a member of the Bonaventure campus community; you're a member of a close-knit family Pierce decided to attend St. Bonaventure after his first visit.

It was on his radar because of its small size and the success of its School of Business. What sold him was the sense of community and of family that he felt on campus. He chose to major in accounting and minor in economics after his freshman year.

He not only enjoyed his first accounting courses, but excelled in them. He chose economics as a minor because he was "intrigued with the economic thought process used to make both large and small decisions. InPierce was an accounting intern for St. The summer internship program matches a select few St. Bonaventure students with a faculty mentor.

During his internship, Pierce worked on projects involving poverty, Catholic social teaching in relation to business, and Franciscans in the marketplace. He served as an audit intern in the Rochester office of PwC in summer Pierce's advice to incoming freshmen is to strive for excellence.

Want to make good friends and have fun? Vis was recruited to play for St. Bonaventure's Division I soccer team. After her first visit, she knew she wanted to come here because of the School of Business's new Swan Business Center and the university's awesome sports facilities.

Vis started her college career as a marketing major, found she enjoyed accounting after her class with a "great professor," enrolled in a second accounting class, then officially changed her major.

She was influenced by the knowledge of the professors; the rigor of the courses, which challenge students to do their best; the small classes; and the willingness of professors to offer additional help. She also plays club basketball as well, and recommends joining sports teams to as a way of getting involved on campus and making great friends. During her summers back in Canada, Vis has had the opportunity to intern and learn in several different roles. She served as a category specialist for Staples Canada in Ontario, a role in which she was responsible for ordering and managing inventory on two separate systems within the Audio Division for more than Staples locations across Canada.

Being part of the global Bonaventure community is a unique opportunity. Cole first visited St. Bonaventure as a sophomore in high school. He visited at least two more times after that, and each time the campus felt more like home. You could just sense the pride for this school, and I knew I had to be a part of it. Coming to Bonaventure was the right decision because of the respect shown its accounting program, and its success at placing graduates in the job market, he said.

His favorite thing about the program is the professors. Professors are always willing to help you, inside and outside of the classroom, providing valuable knowledge as well as real-world experience," he said. Cole has been a tutor for a variety of business courses and was selected to serve as an ambassador for the William C. Foster '62 Center for Responsible Leadership, which seeks to ensure that St. Bonaventure students have the opportunity to develop as responsible leaders with grounding in the university's distinctive Franciscan values.

He serves as a sacristan for University Ministries, assisting priests with the preparation and celebration of Mass; and is a member of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults team, which involves helping those on campus who are interested in joining the Catholic Church. Cole served two summers as a finance treasury intern at the Guthrie Clinic in Sayre, Pa. His favorite Bonaventure memory is being among the fans at the St.

University of Rhode Island basketball game in February I will be talking about the atmosphere of that game for a long time to come. The connections and friendships you will make will last a lifetime. Being part of the global Bonaventure community is really something unique," he said.

Don't be afraid to ask professors and classmates for help. They can be your greatest resource.

st bonaventure meet the accountants night

Donovan was recruited by the men's swimming and diving team and committed to St. Bonaventure during the early signing period. He acquired a good knowledge base in accounting from an introductory course in high school, and he credits "the excellent and knowledgeable professors" at St. Bonaventure for influencing his decision to become an accounting major. It's a time-consuming commitment, but one that pays dividends, he said. Donovan served as tax intern for PricewaterhouseCoppers in Stamford, Conn.

He has accepted another internship with PwC in Stamford for summer You never know where you might slip up on a test or assignment and that extra credit will give you the wiggle room you need. There is something for everyone on this campus. Bonaventure because she wanted a school that could balance the financial, social, and educational aspects of attending college. And she felt that the campus community was amazing.

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Bonaventure seemed like a perfect fit, and her time here has proven that, she said. Durkin was familiar with accounting as an incoming freshman, and her first-year classes cemented her interest in the profession. The program is a strong one that helps majors develop academically while engaging with them on a personal level, she said, noting professors are determined to see students succeed. Additionally, dedicated alumni and the university's Career and Professional Readiness Center are always available to help open doors of opportunity, she said.