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Watch Suits Season 2 Episode 3 online via TV Fanatic with over 7 options to watch the Suits S2E3 full episode. Affiliates Meet the New Boss. "Suits" delves into the fast-paced, high-stakes world of a top Manhattan corporate law firm Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout, as his new associate. Suits. Season 4. From $ Season 3 Episodes. 1. She Knows. 47 min. 6/14/ $ $ Watch 3. Meet the New Boss. Suits. 13+ 6 Seasons. When he impresses a big lawyer with his Watch the Series Episode 2 of Season 1. 3. Inside Track. 42m. Jessica hopes Harvey's promotion will rein him in, but Harvey's efforts to free an innocent man hit a wall when he goes against the new district attorney. Watch Meet the New Boss.

Later, Sheila levels with Louis because they are kindred spirits, She will allow the firm to keep their recruiting privileges, but she gives him the scoop that his associates do not respect him because they believe Louis dumps all their work on them. Louis and his personality doppleganger Sheila. She and Donna then pretend to be the female versions of Mike and Harvey, Sidenote: Ladies, you are fabulous all on your own. There is no need to pretend to be anyone else and drink the night away.

Daniel and Harvey are backed into a corner. Daniel needed to know that their back channel negotiator was up to the task. Because they are understaffed, nurses are constantly staying on the job without pay to make sure their patients are taken care of.

Mike gives Harvey the info the next day and tells him they only need ten percent of the new equipment fund to make sure the nurses never work more than a 15 hour shift. Harvey is not pleased that Daniel used Mike to negotiate as he believes it puts the firm in a weak position. That night, Mike finds Daniel in his office smoking a cigarette and he reminisces about his wife as they both stay to figure out a way to get at the donor money.

Rachel catches him and the two work on the description together with Mike using some very flattering adjectives for Rachel and she realizes Mike still cares. The next day Louis delivers the associates work that he completed. He gives them work that helps them grow as attorneys and points out they will not get opportunities like that at other law firms though they are welcome to go and find out.

Jessica overhears the speech and later compliments him on his motivation techniques. Louis says he wants to give the associates a chance to rise to the occasion; he wishes Jessica would give him the same opportunity. At a meeting with Nell, Harvey uses the information she gave Mike against her and hands her fifty pink slips. Mike is sitting in his apartment later when Rachel shows up. Rachel figures out that Mike is keeping something from her, but Mike still cannot bring himself to tell Rachel the truth.

Rachel taking the LSATs. Jessica points out that Daniel had been acting aggressive even before he showed up in the office, going so far as to commandeer her tea set. This casts Harvey and Jessica as petty. However, as Harvey tells Mike later, Daniel is a master at manipulation. Does she possibly have a date? Best lines Donna and Rachel edition Rachel: I have a photographic memory.

Published by Stephens Florida girl, would-be world traveler and semi-permanent expat. Her main strategy of life is to throw out the nets and hope something useful comes back, but many times it's just an old shoe. Last seen in season one, Tanner's back on the warpath, claiming that one of Harvey's old clients, Coastal Motors, was well aware of a defect in their cars which led to a man's death.

Now Tanner's alleging that Harvey withheld a secret memo containing this information, meaning Pearson Hardman are implicated in the fraud. Meaning they can be sued. It's fair to say Harvey doesn't take this too well, and doesn't even believe any such memo exists.

If it indeed exists. Which it doesn't, right? Meanwhile, in a slightly less disastrous but just-as-startling development, Mike and Louis end up working together on a case — and actually seem to like each other.

Meet the New Boss

Could a new bromance be on the cards? Break Point A rather unusual case lands with a thump on Pearson Hardman's desks. There's this young tennis prodigy who feels his professional career's being scuppered by his dad, and wants to become legally emancipated.

Ordinarily, this would be enough for any Suits episode to be getting along with, but the real story is still the Coastal Motors memo uproar, which refuses to go away. In fact, to paraphrase a popular sweary slogan, this excrement's just got substantive, with Pearson Hardman bringing in an outside lawyer to help them prepare for the lawsuit. This naturally gets Harvey's back up, while Donna continues to have an emotional implosion over her own connection with the phantom memo.

It leads to an utterly electrifying confrontation with Harvey one of the season's single best scenes and her very career looks to be in jeopardy. Hell, even Harvey might get canned if things carry on like this. Say it ain't so, Suits! All In When you're facing career meltdown, when your entire organisation might be wrecked by a memo you may or may not have lurking somewhere in your archives, then the best thing to do is get the hell out of there.

And that's what Harvey does in this episode, heading over to Atlantic City with Mike in tow. A kind of Poundland version of Vegas, Atlantic City is where they meet with Harvey's old pal Keith Hoyt, who manages to gamble away his entire company in a single poker game. And you thought your boss was inept. But never mind, because Harvey has a plan.

A plan worthy of a professional of his calibre, tapping all his skills as a long-time practitioner of corporate law. He's going to win the company back in another poker game. Sucker Punch It's not often that Louis Litt gets to actually enjoy himself at work — he's usually too busy gnashing his teeth and sticking daggers into his Harvey-shaped voodoo doll we haven't any definitive proof he actually does the latter, but let's just assume it.

All that changes when Pearson Hardman put on a mock trial to warm up for the big lawsuit, and Louis plays the role of Travis Tanner. That means he gets to put Harvey and Jessica "on the stand" and lay into them in full view of the whole firm — which is pretty much the Louis-equivalent of being asked to become Hugh Hefner for the day.

Plus Mike gets strapped into a lie detector and asked about his past. How that ends up happening, and how he expects to not spill his dark secrets, we're not saying.

But we can reveal that the episode also features a guest appearance from one Jacinda Barrett, who happens to be the real-life wife of Gabriel Macht, aka Harvey Specter. Watch those sparks fly.

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Rewind As Pearson Hardman has a slow, collective nervous breakdown about the Coastal Motors memo and the very real possibility of being sued all to hell, this episode provides a little bit of a breather. It whisks us five years back in time, to the days when Mike was still a stoned slacker and Harvey was a mere senior associate with his eye on the big leagues.

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It's a playful little episode — look out for the bit where Mike and Harvey pass each other on the street, and Mike's withering take on his future mentor. But there's a lot of interesting plot-stuff here as well, with revelations on how Mike started sitting people's exams for money, and how the younger, even-more-shark-like Harvey managed to oust Daniel Hardman from the firm. Prepare to watch the master at work. Asterisk If there's one person who's actively benefited from the whole memo-disaster, it's Louis.

As well as getting to play-act as Tanner and unload all his rage on his hated superiors, he's now gets to enjoy the rather strange feeling of being… wanted. Not sexually, we're relieved to report, but professionally. His support is essential to both Hardman and Jessica, whose battle for leadership of the firm is coming to a head. Faithful to Jessica as ever, Harvey now has to swallow his own ego yeah, we know and try to win Louis' loyalty.

It turns out he might not have to, however, as Louis discovers something about Hardman that threatens to terminate their alliance. As for Mike — well, he has issues of his own, and they're as personal as they come.

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High Noon There's never been a more aptly-titled episode than this, because — after nine episodes of civil war or cold war, depending on which military analogy you want to go withthe battle with Daniel Hardman is about to end, with one of them about to take full control of Pearson Hardman.

But there are still secrets about to explode, and there's even a new potential love interest for Mike. And if all that sounds gripping, the episode also gives us the sight of Harvey Specter — New York's most feared and brilliant closer — high on drugs. It ain't big and it ain't clever, but it's bloody hilarious. Blind-Sided So, that nasty Hardman business looks like it's been put to bed, but Mike's personal life is still a mess.

There's his affair with the very married Tess on the one hand, and his get-on-with-it-already non-romance with Rachel on the other. But guess who else is enjoying some sexy time? Prepare to see things that will stain your soul forever. Back in the boardrooms there are some serious shenanigans going on, with Pearson Hardman asked to defend the reckless son of a client who's facing serious jail time for a hit-and-run.

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Mike's own parents were killed by a drunk driver, lest we forget, so surely he won't be the one handling the case. Blood in the Water You know when you have a really, really bad day at work? Now put that feeling on steroids and you've got this episode. Everyone's in a foul mood, snapping at each other like impeccably attired Pez dispensers.

Matters aren't helped by the fact that a rival firm is ruthlessly poaching the best peeps from Pearson Hardman. Harvey and Louis — whose friendship wouldn't exactly count as the bromance of the year at the best of times — are particularly vicious to each other, and Louis actually considers jumping ship.