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A place where people come to buy, sell and or trade various goods. You can find all kinds of goods at these types of places including electronics, clothes. SMG3 continues this by showing flashbacks in Meet The Bowser, such as " Freaky Friday" Flip: Done between Mario and SMG4 in "The Swap" with some. Top Ten SMG4 Videos interactive top ten list at TheTopTens®. Vote, add to, or 9 The Swap VoteE. 10 SMG4 VS Meet the Steve was my favorite episode.

All text was written like this in the bloopers, except when a character was voicing strong emotion. This is rarely invoked from onward. A man is seen holding a "! He actually says it this way as well, and Nintendofan dismisses him: I don't want your Japanese crap. Every Mook in "Operation G. And I Must Scream: The implied fate of the minds belonging to T-Pose virus infectees. As in that game, the implication is most likely Total Extinction. The text style of the bloopers has also gone through many revisions over the years before finally settling down on a stylized version of the Super Mario font after "War of the Fat Italians ", with newer characters a notable example being Meggy getting their own custom speech fonts.

Done deliberately whenever a character is doing something not possible in Super Mario 64, where Garry's Mod ragdolls are used instead. The character can also become a model or a sprite that isn't even SMstyled. Taking out a tank and blasting a bomb towards Bowser's butt, hoping to take out the old man in the process. The bomb does not detonate, and it is shown still stuck up Bowser's ass.

Look, I don't wanna be too direct but uh, this calculator is going up your ass tonight.

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: The Swap

A giant Mario besieges the castle in "Scatman's Revenge". In the video "The Spaghettipocalypse", Mario uses some of E. Gadd's "Magic Powder" to make a giant spaghetti monster, which then proceeds to attack the Mushroom Kingdom. As SMG4 was tired because he finished the blooper on Monday evening, he noticed it too late the next day, and then made a note for all to ignore this glitch.

This isn't the first time the "partially invisible" glitch happened, though. It happened for a single frame with Dr. Mario earlier in " Retarded A Dose of Dr.

Despite playing a minor role in the video " The Wacky Wario Bros.: While Kirby is flying on the warp Star, the Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

SM64 Bloopers: Shoot to the Observatory in the Sky

It's revealed in this video that Mario acquires a new body identical to his previous one s when he revives after committing suicide. This might be how the other characters of SMG4's bloopers survive fatal deaths. When the numerous Luma are angrily staring at Mario after he said their "Mama" Rosalina has other things to do than relating them stories, a blue Luma is seen asleep and not reacting except it blushes along with all the other ones around it. This is the second time Kirby imagines an object as food, the wormhole generator in this case.

It's also unknown what his ultimate fate was after being in the black hole, but it's unlikely he survived. The place where Toadsworth and Peach are spending their summer vacation is apparently located somewhere around America, most likely near the United States, as it's towards this country that the Observatory is seen flying when it approaches Earth near the end of the blooper. Toadsworth asking Mario to shut his mouth while "upgrading" the cannon at the Castle grounds. Toadsworth adjusting the power level of the cannon to make it very strong and shoot Mario very hight in the sky.

Currently a drawing of a very scribbly SMG4 in front of a computer describes his life, but in the distant future, he may make one.

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What is Mario's weight? SMG4 has no idea and decides to check. Mario's weight overflows the scales and it blows up from the large number, Mario gleefully confirming he's done. His weight is still unknown, though possibly very heavy.

SM64: Meet the Mario.

What's his favourite song? He likes funk, techno, and Japanese pop music the latter he refers to as "weird" but he says in his honest opinion, that nothing can beat Dr. Eggman is then shown singing a song comically for a few seconds.

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SMG4 says alot of his fans think he is 23, when that is in fact, wrong and he is only 16, which he calls "still hip" and decides to confirm it by showing pictures of himself with comparisons. He's said it'scomically with swag glasses. The real answer was 19, not a But it actually was the joke. Most favourite blooper he had done, and the one he liked least.

Mario Simulator is his favorite due to the amount of swag it had. Like a Bowser is his disliked due to how strange it was even to him. Are he's a Japanese or Chinese? He really responds with the fact that he's part Thai and Chinese, with a remark about how hard it is to figure it out. He looks around, and says "How much do you charge? How did he settle with his current color code? He says he did not give much thought into the process, and shows a representation where he goes into a so-called "Build-a-Mario Workshop" and comes out as his current color code, flapping around like a ragdoll.

Does he like anime and if so, what are his favorites? He responds saying he loves anime, and uses the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and Cory in the House as examples these, however, are not anime, the former is a Western animation, and the latter is a live action teen sitcom show and then says that he also loves "Magical Girl Mario" which then shows SMG4 happily being joyful over Mario in an anime costume dancing around. Why does Mario like spaghetti so much?

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Spaghetti is so dumb and stupid. Due to the remark in the question of how spaghetti is "dumb and stupid," Mario comes onto the screen and angrily rages at the fan's question.

He then runs towards the screen getting revenge on the fan.