Survivor samoa meet the cast of chicago

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survivor samoa meet the cast of chicago

Click here to meet the 20 castaways who will be competing on Survivor Samoa. The cast for the 19th instalment of the CBS series range in age from 22 to 62 and include a rocket scientist, Hometown: Chicago, Illinois. Survivor: Samoa is the nineteenth season of Survivor. 28, Chicago, IL . pronounced "Sa-mwa" not "Sa-mo-ah" like the way Jeff Probst and the cast call it. This is part one of two of my look at the cast of Survivor: Samoa which degree from Stanford, working on his law degree in Chicago, clean-cut.

He will be very much like Blake Towsley. Very concieted and will be gone very early and will annoy almost everyone one his tribe. He will not win Survivor. Laura- Laura I think will go very far, maybe a win.

She is strong, attractive, and very friendly. I will not be surprised with her being the Sole Survivor. She has many life experiences with life that will help her.

survivor samoa meet the cast of chicago

But she could be like Carolina. Not being bossy or exactly the first one out but early.

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His young tribemates will find him as too old to be with them and snuff his torch early. Monica I feel will make it very far and could take home the money. She could work guys, she could make friends with the younger woman, and maybe be taken under the wing of a contestant like Russell S. She could be scuff in challenges and impress her tribe and make it to the merge.

But I see her in the jury maybe, not winning. I do see him getting far, early jury, but not winning. I could tell that he will not be a big strategic player and will be eaten up throughout the merge phase of the game.

Survivor: Samoa - Meet Elizabeth

Shannon- Shannon I see as a very energetic woman. She has the pity card -- a husband with cancer in remission and no health insurance. But I don't think she can count on the million. This kid might have some potential. Something screams friendly about him. Although he's young and healthy often targetedif everyone likes him, he'll stay in there for a while.

survivor samoa meet the cast of chicago

He says he's a flirt. Well, if it wouldn't be cougarish of me to say, he could flirt with me.

survivor samoa meet the cast of chicago

Perhaps if I were 30 years younger, I'd flirt right on back. In his bio, he comes across as an odd duck -- a bit like Ben last season, hopefully not as egocentric. Don't see him getting the million on first observation! She has a genuine-looking smile.

Survivor Samoa: Meet The Castaways

Smart, opinionated, and blunt. I still think she might do okay If she can handle the people skills I spelled his name wrong on my caption. He has a K. A self-proclaimed bartender and womanizer. His special woman in his life is his dog. I don't want to know. He has two degrees but prefers to be a bartender.

I'd say it's because he can pick up chicks! If he's a smooth talker, he might do well with the ladies. But how will he do with the men? I see target written on his back.

survivor samoa meet the cast of chicago

Now, he looks like your basic solid upstanding kind of guy -- undergraduate degree from Stanford, working on his law degree in Chicago, clean-cut. Why, I even think he might have manners. How did he get on the show? He was named Mr. California by Cosmopolitan Magazine He seems smart, has a game plan, and is in good physical shape. Will he be sneaky enough?

The bio page calls him a "charming, cocky genius. He'll be good eye candy for me. But folks who were born with a silver spoon and described as "cocky" tend to come off privileged and sometimes not so nice to me.

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I think all I'll like about him is his looks.