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As becoming a member of a Greek organization is a lifetime commitment, thus After acclimating to TCNJ and college life, students that meet the following. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Follow. TCNJ Inter- Greek. Mar 25, About 1, students on campus are involved in Greek life, a huge is not only that students are meeting whatever their national expectation is.

Unlike spring recruitment, the process is informal. This means that it is not required that you go to every single house on campus.

TCNJ Meet the Greeks: Lambda Theta Phi - video dailymotion

You have the power to choose where you go depending on the houses offering fall recruitment and how many times you go back. This cuts down on the number of sometimes unavoidable awkward conversations and allows you to go to the houses where you feel the most comfortable. This makes the process a lot less stressful, letting you truly be yourself! Another perk of fall rush is that the complicated ranking system is removed. During spring recruitment, potential new members rank which houses they would like to return to the most.

Most girls think that ranking your top sororities at that end of the day is a hard and scary decision.

tcnj meet the greeks

In order to rush in the fall, you must have completed 12 credits and maintain a 2. I attend meetings with TCNJ's Panhellenic and Inter-Greek Council each week in order to stay informed and make connections with all of the Greek organizations on campus.

I am passionate about Tri Sigma and all we have to offer, so I am excited to help this organization grow throughout my term.

I keep track of deadlines and standards, assist the President with chapter operations, and work with the Risk Manager and Honor Council to hold the chapter accountable for national policies.

Despite rumors, growth in Greeks

Serving as VPO has helped me become a better leader and have a greater passion for our organization and its members.

I have loved my experience and cannot wait to continue this year!

tcnj meet the greeks

I create a New Member Program that is approximately weeks long to make sure the new members are making lifelong friendships, to make their transition into Sigma as smooth as possible, and to help them grow and realize their potential!

I love being recruitment director because I get to brag about Sigma and how special it is to me and everyone in it, and I get to meet so many new people and show them all that Sigma can give.

I keep track of how many events a sister attends each month to ensue they meet their requirements.

tcnj meet the greeks

As secretary, it allows me to take on a leadership position in my chapter, gain confidence in myself, and become insightful about the responsibilities that occur behind the scenes!

It's not that difficult at my school so I'm not sure how it would work on other campuses, but it's pretty easy as long as I stay with my friends.

It may seem like common sense, but becoming friends with the people hosting the party almost guarantees your chances of being invited back.

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More often than not, having one additional person is not a big deal—the more the merrier. If you're a nonaffiliated member hoping to join a sorority and fraternity, that means you're considered a Potential New Member PNM.

The best way to ensure your entry into a party, especially for males, is to get a Rush Text from a current Greek member.

TCNJ Meet the Greeks Fall 2012 Lambda Theta Phi Latin Frate

The text is your invitation for the night and shows that you're a welcomed member. This period of informal rushing is usually for a semester. The chapters want to specifically mingle with certain other chapters and get to know the current and new members. At schools where entrance party fees are not necessary, the costs of alcohol and other party-related supplies are paid for by fraternity member dues.