Teachertube meet the elements they might be giants particle

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teachertube meet the elements they might be giants particle

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Roman - Several oil companies have put together research teams to work on the Monterey, said Katie Potter, head of exploration and production staffing at NES Global Talent, a company that recruits oil industry professionals. If the Monterey takes off, Potter said the impact on jobs in the state would be huge, saying the shale boom has already createdjobs nationwide over the last few years. But they are making many enemies among the grass roots by doing so, and if they cannot find a way to compromise their faux environmental dogma for the sake of California's fiscal health, there will be a reckoning.

teachertube meet the elements they might be giants particle

Prices of crucial commodities do not fall that drastically in the face of an obvious and impending supply shortfall. But resource scarcity doomers have never been known for their skill at reading price signals, or other important indicators. In their world, it is all about the circular jerkular belief reinforcement, boosted by the echo acoustics of the choral chambres.

This drop in natural gas price may be a major reason why our economy has been performing better than many expected. The EIA reported that average wholesale prices for natural gas fell significantly throughout the United States in compared to This was the lowest average annual price at Henry Hub since Of course today the markets focus will be on the reports. The American Petroleum Institute reported whopping builds in products and not as much as I expected on crude.

The API reported crude stocks up by 2. In Cushing Oklahoma the oil delivery point stocks rose bybarrels. Refinery runs dropped weekly crude imports up 1. Heating oil stocks UPBarrels to Everything you think you know, just ain't so. While that aphorism may contain a bit of hyperbole, if you keep it in mind you are not as likely to fall into the deep black holes of denial where doomers tend to dwell. More Danger than Help Big wind turbines do not produce nearly the power that is claimed, do not last nearly as long as projected, and generate far higher lifetime costs than is acknowledged by their big money promoters and politically-connected investors.

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However, it appears the capacity factors of wind energy projects are much less than estimated by project developers. As a result, the capital costs and environmental impacts of implementation would be much greater, because a greater capacity of wind turbines and transmission systems would be required to generate the same quantity of energy.

Recent studies of IWT useful service lives in Denmark and the UK indicate these lives are about 15 - 20 years, say 17 years, instead of the 25 years typically used by IWT project developers to obtain bank financing, federal and state subsidies and "Certificate of Public Good" approvals.

The increased capital cost of IWT build-outs and replacements and the impact of the lesser CFs will greatly add to the US levelized cost of energy. Unless other developed nations handicap themselves in the same manner which appears increasingly less likely, based on COP in Dohu, Qatar, inthe US will be at an even greater economic disadvantage than at present. But greens in California are poised to make exactly the same bad bet on the unreliables as Germany.

As a result of this giant leap of faith, German energy planners are scrambling for ways to convert big wind and big solar energy to more reliable forms of energy that can be stored, and used whenever needed. Once the hydrogen has been produced it passes through a methanisation process. The resulting methane can be injected directly into the natural gas grid, thus allowing for renewable energy storage on a timescale of months or more.

The gas contributes to decarbonising the grid, and can be used for electricity generation or to fuel natural gas vehicles. The methane is then added to the natural gas grid. The project uses solar power to electrolyse water in a pressurised alkaline electrolyser, producing hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen gas then undergoes methanation, and with the facility able to produce up to cubic meters of renewable methane per day, it is the largest of its type in the world. This being the case, it is clear that the project will have to use concentrated CO2 effluent from a hydrocarbon-burning power plant, cement plant, or other industrial scale plant.

And as it happens, Germany is burning much more coal lately, as a result of its impulsive decision to shut down its nuclear power plants. All of which brings up a very good question: Perhaps the answer to the question is that the Germans are not actually serious about all of this, but are merely posturing for the energy and environmental media -- and for green oriented voters and power blocs. That would be a shame. Germany is in dire need of competent people who are willing to take a serious approach to present and future electrical power needs.

Global Oil Markets Oil prices have been relatively stuck recently, with no apparent rational relation between the real world and oil prices. Andrew McKillop takes a look at why oil prices appear to be in a non-responsive limbo over the past few weeks: Following the 12 December OPEC meeting it took around 15 days, stretched by the holiday season, for the message to sink into the minds of traders: The unreal logic is that OPEC is by its own admission pumping more oil than the world needs - so prices must rise!

The logic is in fact double-stage: At that unspecified time interval forward from now, prices will fall. Talk about what constitutes the "reasonable price" for oil is rigorously and always talk only: The net result is directionless markets tagging along behind the incoming news on growth and recession outlooks, currency trends, CPI and purchasing manager forecasts, non-oil energy news, and of course the always intriguing subject of Arab Spring, Syrian civil war, al Qaeda in the Middle East and in Sahel Africa, and other material from the Indiana Jones collection.

teachertube meet the elements they might be giants particle

To be sure, the Mid East geopolitical scene can unwind at any time, and winter cold can storm across the northern hemisphere - both of which can bolster prices.

By late January however, we could expect the accumulated set of problems for overpriced oil to start taking their toll. Made up of hundreds or thousands of relatively dim-witted beasts, they can usually be easily herded and arbitrarily kept in artificial "holding areas" for varying lengths of time.

But when the "stampede" signal hits the herd, the herders and herd owners had best be prepared to cash in quickly, before the losses start to pile up. Another piece by Andrew McKillop, looking at the larger stage of global Ponzi Scheme economies If McKillop and all the others are right -- those who point out the insubstantiality of modern economic foundations -- the underpinnings of the global economy are far less substantial than we are being told by "our betters" in government, the media, academia, and the punditry.

What that means for intermediate and long term oil prices, will be left as an exercise for the reader. RCE California residents already pay nearly three times the rate as many other states and that figure is headed straight up as well.

All this will weigh heavily on the California economy. Businesses are already responding by moving out at a very rapid rate This is because wind and solar are still far more expensive than fossil fuels and nuclear.

These costs are often disguised in that wind and solar can be produced at zero marginal costs when the wind blows or the sun shines. But these sources must be constantly backed up by gas, coal and nuclear, which become more expensive to run when they can only sell their power intermittently. All this is driving business out of the state.

As The Wall Street Journal reported last week, several states have now opened full-time recruiting offices in California hoping to lure away businesses. Chief Executive Magazine ranks California last in the country for its business climate. Particular counties and municipal areas may be in a good position to weather the coming storm.

But most of the state will be devastated. The analysis and other health assessments have been closely guarded by Gov. Cuomo and his administration as the governor weighs whether to approve fracking.

Long suffering NY taxpayers could use a bit of economic support from the new industries which fracking would bring to the Empire State. This is very good news. But for a respected politician such as Andrew M. Cuomo, governor of NY State, to conceal crucial information about an industry which could bring new prosperity to his state -- such dubious behaviour points toward an undue political influence on the part of green activist groups, cronies, and other influential and highly partial individuals.

Now it is the rest of the world's turn to learn from North American experience. Countries embarking on shale gas development worldwide stand to benefit from lessons learned in US shale gas operations and water management, according to a recent report from Accenture. China, Argentina, Russia, Australia, and parts of Eastern Europe are likely to be the earliest beneficiaries to join North America in experiencing the bonanza.

The evolution of oil production in both conventional and unconventional deposits will reflect the overall economics of global oil demand and supply. Big oil and governments had almost nothing to do with this huge boom coming about. The neo-Malthusian doomer psychology of imminent catastrophic energy depletion has influenced the thinking of policymakers in both government and industry for several decades now -- to the detriment of rational planning and development.

The rumour that doomers are partial to eating lead-based paint chips should perhaps be investigated more closely. Most of Europe's high energy costs are caused by Europe's reflexive flight from inexpensive energy of the hydrocarbon and nuclear varieties. Over the past few years, Europe has spent tens of billions of euros in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

But Europe's ineffectual attempts to reduce carbon emissions amount to suicidal self-flagellation and self-strangulation. It is all grand theatre, with the end result being self righteous self-immolation.

teachertube meet the elements they might be giants particle

Boogeyman 2 is nuclear power. Germany is the poster boy of sacrificial self-castration in this regard. The changes have been rapid. Despite technological advances, wind, solar, hydro and other green energy sources still remain an unprofitable investment in a fair market. The way to encourage their exploitation is through a set of feed-in tariffs, a policy where energy companies are forced to buy electricity from green generators at a price set by the government which is usually legislated to remain the same for two decades.

The German government has passed the cost of the payment from the energy companies to the consumer This week, energy companies announced that the charge would go up by 47 percent for next year. Which means that big industries whose profit margins depend upon the use of inexpensive energy, must move overseas -- and take their good paying jobs with them.

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Energy-intensive industries like chemicals and steel are, if not closing European plants outright, looking toward places like the United States that have lower energy costs as they pursue new investments. BASF, the German chemical giant, has been outspoken about the consequences of energy costs for competitiveness and is building a new plant in Louisiana. Of course, that means increased competition for all the European manufacturing sites.

Green government officials and their advisors are pushing European economies over a cliff, for the sake of faux environmental fear mongering. They are running from the energy boogeymen, and in the process are destroying the economic futures of their people. Europeans are no longer living in a democracy, but are being controlled by a non-representative quasi-feudal system known as the European Union, based in Brussels. And the EU is essentially in thrall to the faux environmental power interests.

With such suicidal leadership, it is no wonder that demographic projections show most European populations rapidly withering away. The future of Europe rests in the hands of her people, although Europeans have not been noted historically for understanding that fact. And there is very little time. The major geopolitical impact of shale extraction technology lies less in the fact that America will be more energy self-sufficient than in the consequent displacement of world oil markets by a sharp reduction in U.

This is likely to be reinforced by the development of shale oil resources in China, Argentina, Ukraine and other places, which will put additional pressure on global oil prices. The second factor is the potential to use natural gas for transportation. Some analysts suggest that this will only be a realistic prospect for fleet and long-haul road transportation.

But they are overlooking the immense advantage that natural gas has as a transportation fuel in America and Europe, which have both developed a natural gas infrastructure in urban areas that takes piped natural gas into homes, offices and supermarkets. The incentives to develop shale oil and natural gas are very great. But so far, the United States has only experienced the first stage of low natural-gas prices and the reimportation of energy intensive industries such as chemicals and steel because of low gas prices.

More broadly, the shale revolution will grant the United States a greater range of options in dealing with foreign states. For the Europeans, the shale revolution is also largely positive. A greater variety of gas supplies from liquefied natural gas originally destined for the United States has been dumped in European markets; byshale gas in the form of liquefied natural gas is likely to begin arriving in Europe in significant quantities, and there is also the prospect of some domestic shale gas becoming available.

Europe will also benefit from the second stage of the shale revolution as oil prices come under pressure. Even Russia has rich shale and tight rock petroleum -- but it will need North American technology to develop the resource. The same thing is true for China and much of the rest of the world. North America developed the technology and continues to refine it at a rapid rate. Basic Fracking, Far Below the Water Table While faux environmentalists whine about tectonic risk and the risk of polluting the water table and aquifers, the reality of the technology is leaving these green lefty-Luddites in the dust.

As a result, large wind farms quickly turn into huge blights on the landscape -- wind farm graveyards. Instead of a lifespan of up to 30 years, as wind proponents claim, wind turbines were found to have a useful lifespan of less than 15 years! The analysis of almost 3, onshore wind turbines — the biggest study of its kind —warns that they will continue to generate electricity effectively for just 12 to 15 years. The study estimates that routine wear and tear will more than double the cost of electricity being produced by wind farms in the next decade.

Older turbines will need to be replaced more quickly than the industry estimates Faux environmental greens like to rave about the grand future of big wind energy, but the reality paints a much darker picture. Without extremely generous government supports, no one would dream of building a wind farm -- they are simply not profitable in terms of power production. And without harsh government mandates which force utilities to buy and use wind power -- whether it is in the economic interest of utilities to do so or not -- wind projects would die rapidly, before being born.

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Wind is not really about helping the environment -- because big wind energy famrs cause much more damage to the environment than it could ever relieve. Big wind is actually all about graft and corrupt payoffs, back and forth between politicians and wealthy wind developers, and the hypocrisy of big money green faux environmental gangs. But instead, it is creating headache upon nightmare upon the promise of a future economic devastation, for Europe's largest economic power.

Germany has been using the power grids of neighboring countries as "dumping grounds" for unwanted over-production from big wind and big solar energy developments. But Poland and the Czech republic are tired of having their crucial power grids destabilised by an arrogant and militant German irresponsibility. They are installing switching systems to block the dangerous green energy at the border.

The blocking of energy at their borders, however, are fragmenting the single European market for electricity. They also turning Germany into an electrical island within the European energy network, with unknown consequences for the security of supply.

And they cause even more forced shutdowns of wind farms in Germany, which means additional costs of at least one hundred millions Euros. The green decision was rushed through without regard of transport capacity. For their short-sighted, self-centered and actionistic energy policy the German government is now paying the price.