Team fortress 2 meet the medic russian bear

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team fortress 2 meet the medic russian bear

-Everyone | See more ideas about Medical, Medicine and Team Fortress 2. That guy's doin' it right Team Fortress 2 Medic, Tf2 Memes, Tf2 Cosplay .. Team Fortress 2Tf2 MemesPissedBear GryllsAdviceFandomsLolAnimals .. Videa team fortress 2 engineer song essayons 2 fortress Team the song meet essayons . A Cold Day in Hell (also known as Team Fortress Comics #3) is a take the Russian coats, much to Scout's disappointment (as he was still wearing his RED T-shirt). Heavy prepares to fight the bear as the Scout begins bleeding out .. is a reference to Meet the Medic, where the Medic replaces Heavy's. A page for describing SupplementalMaterial: Team Fortress 2. Author Avatar: Many of the items are credited in supplemental material to "TF Industries", based .

The trio celebrates the defeat of the bears, and they soon catch Heavy's attention.

team fortress 2 meet the medic russian bear

Heavy states the bears were babies. Scout expresses disbelief, claiming the Heavy calls everyone a baby, but Heavy reveals he was being serious and that they had angered the mother of the bears.

TF2: Russian Bear

Heavy prepares to fight the bear as the Scout begins bleeding out from an injury incurred during the encounter with the first bear, and the Soldier and Pyro eagerly look on. A voice states 'the bear killed every last one of them', and it is revealed to belong to the clueless mayor of Teufortbut it is revealed that he was not talking about the mercs' predicament, but the origin of Teufort.

According to him, the founder survived a bear mauling by hiding under his wife's corpse, and started a town called Hugginsville on top of where her body lay. Two rowdy teenage bullies forced him to rename it Two Farts, and out of fear, the founder never fully changed the name back, hence the name Teufort.

The mayor concludes reading the story, asking the librarian if all the books are about Teufort. The librarian replies no, and the mayor tells him any books not about Teufort must now be burned. Gray Mann enters, asking the mayor for the genealogy records from the 's, but the mayor tells him they were all burned by a mysterious womanand Gray becomes agitated, grasping the burnt tatters of Helen's genealogy certificate.

The comic returns to a close-up of the bear, who, upon a zoom-out, is revealed to be dead and on the dinner table of Heavy and his family.

team fortress 2 meet the medic russian bear

Soldier sits at the table still nakedwhere the Heavy's mother stands polite and attentive, asking if he needs anything. Heavy is heard in the background, telling Soldier he needs to put some pants on. Soldier is then offered soup, and is suddenly greeted by the ghost of George Washington, ordering him to resist the soup's temptation. Another ghost, this one of Benedict Arnold, appears, telling Soldier that the greatest crime he had committed before dying was not eating soup, which Washington confirms.

Arnold urges him to eat the soup, but Washington objects, leaving the Soldier torn at this moral decision. A ghost of the Scout's hot dog costume appears and interrupts the other ghosts, claiming that it was never eaten but that eating the soup could save its soul.

Meet the Medic

The Heavy's mother turns to her son, incredulous, stating the Soldier had been screaming for five minutes over a simple bowl of soup. Scout's scream is heard then, revealing that he survived. Heavy's mother says that a woman named Zhanna later revealed as one of Heavy's three younger sisters is ministering to him, to which the Heavy expresses his objection. Scout awakes from a nightmare, exclaiming that in the dream, the Spy was his dad. He panics, but soon realizes that it was merely a dream and relaxes, questioning where he is.

He is greeted by Zhanna, who tells him she has not seen a man in twenty years. She expresses a desire for intercourse with Scout, which he promptly agrees to, but as he undresses, he hears the voice of Miss Pauling in his head, asking if Scout had forgotten about her.

team fortress 2 meet the medic russian bear

Scout objects, saying that in the six years that he knew her, they hadn't even gone on a date, but Pauling says that she would find it 'sexier than anything' if he waited patiently for her to change her mind. Scout agrees with her point, and begins to reject Zhanna with a lengthy explanation, but Zhanna leaves out of sheer boredom from Scout's talkativeness.

She then picks up the Soldier, and it is implied that the pair make love.

White Russian

Heavy's two other younger sisters, Yana and Bronislava, return from hunting, and Heavy greets them, saying they have company. The sisters begin picturing over-romanticized versions of Sniper and Spy. However, they are let down when they find the Scout, who loudly proclaims that he is "taken", the Pyro burning a napkin, and the Soldier, wearing a frilly pink dress and claiming he "has a girlfriend now". Scout begs for the Heavy to return, but he refuses, saying he must protect his family from danger, but Bronislava claims she's sick of the cabin and tells him the family can fend for itself now.

Heavy doubts that, worried that the family would be taken to a gulag once more, but Yana tells him that an attempt was made to send them to one but they killed the men sent to do it. Heavy is shocked, realizing his sisters no longer need him and that they have grown up.

Heavy turns back to Scout, asking if the mission was dangerous, if it paid well, and if they would get to destroy evil men.

White Russian - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress Wiki

When Scout replies yes to all three albeit unsure that they will be paid since he did not ask Miss PaulingHeavy happily agrees to rejoin the mercs, to the jubilation of everyone present. Everyone decides to leave together, with Zhanna and Soldier agreeing to return to America after the job is finished. Bronislava wants to visit Paris, and Yana expresses the desire to see New York. Heavy's mother wishes them good-bye, giving them a sack of bear meat for the trip, but Heavy decides his mother will come with them.

Mother and son embrace each other happily. The focus shifts once more, to Gray Mann and the under-renovation Mann Co. Gray is talking to an unseen man, claiming that he had failed to deliver on his promise of finding the mercs. A prototype Medi Gun mounted to an overhead rig is firing its beam into the Heavy] Medic: Medic does not notice] Medic: Archimedes gets knocked off his perch by a piece of the Heavy's heart] [Cut back to Medic, with Heavy in the background] Heavy: One exceptionally large heart is labeled "Mega Baboon"] Medic: Ah, there we go.

Both look at it tentatively] Medic: Demoman nods toward the Medic, picks up his Stickybomb Launcherand heads back towards the battlefield] [Medic then fires the Quick-Fix at the RED Scout, fixing him up also, even restoring the Scout's missing tooth. Medic's backpack starts humming with power] [Medic fires the Quick-Fix at the Heavy, who pops out from his cover] Heavy: The camera passes over the rest of the RED team, who are doing things to pass the time.

The Engineer is playing his guitar, Spy is looking at his ticket, Pyro is reading and flicking a lighter, Soldier is standing at attention, Demoman is drinking from his Bottleand Sniper is sleeping] Medic off-screen: Everyone in the waiting room looks toward the door] [Scout emerges from the operating room, his chest glowing] Scout gallant: On June 8,a patch to Team Fortress 2 was released and included an update that placed several doves in various positions in Valve maps.

The doves exploded upon contact, but did not cause players damage. On June 17,an additional patch was released which added a secondary dove model with animations.

team fortress 2 meet the medic russian bear

Later the same day, the page layout of the TF2 Official Website was updated to feature three doves perched upon the title banner, which was covered by bird droppings. Each dove linked to three separate hidden images depicting a rundown hospitalan empty hospital waiting roomand a doctor's office. Part of the rundown hospital seen in the first hidden image can be seen in the background of the Medic's page on the official site, fully modeled.

Notes The music that plays when the Scout and Demoman are fleeing from a barrage of rockets is a slowed down version of Faster Than a Speeding Bullet. Throughout the Heavy 's procedure, an X-ray of his body is in the background, showing a bomb lodged inside him. The extracted bomb can be spotted in a bucket behind the Medic. This is the same bomb on the Meet the Medic title card. The Heavy's Minigun can be spotted in the background of a few operating room shots, resting on its own stretcher. The Medic's Overdose is next to the bucket containing the extracted bomb.

When his heart is destroyed, the line on the monitor goes flat. The next time it is seen, after the Medic retrieves a new heart, it resumes its old display as if the machine detected the heart's presence. One of the Medic's doves is named after Archimedesa Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer.

A mysterious woman presumably resembling Miss Pauling can be seen through the window at 0: