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tf2 meet the robot medic deviant

team fortress 2 medic robot Team Fortress 2: All robots tauntsSongs: Seduce me! The Robot-Friendly Medic? Meet the Robot Engineer (Mecha Update) Team Fortress 2 Steampunk models (Download link) by ~Noopr on deviantART. TF2: Robot love by btw i had fun colouring that robot luv Medic meets Bioshock by RED-Elice on Deviantart - The Medic would. TF2: Robot Soldier by Team Fortress 2, Valve Games . Meet the Medic by *Prospass on deviantART Rpg, Character Concept.

Some boss weaknesses in the Mega Man series can never be understood. I wonder how that fight would play out. It would be unconventional, that's for sure. Maybe a bunch of enemies are on the screen and you have to kill the ones that the medic isn't healing, then just jump around and avoid him while he's ubered, and if you use rockets from Soldier man you can bounce him into an electrified wall and interrupt his Kritzkrieg taunt that heals him.

As for how Spy Man would work, We already know he can cloak, but it could be so much more then that Imagine if when you fought spyman, when he cloaked, several red and blu units appeared and started fighting eachother and youand you had to spycheck the red guys, then kill the blu guys once you found the spy, then the fight continues.

And when you finish killing the spy, he cloak and daggers, and you have to hit him one more time after he comes out of cloak.

tf2 meet the robot medic deviant

Heavy Man could be basically just Heavy on an elevator that goes up and down, constantly shooting at you. The whole ground consists of lifts going up and down and you have to either hide behind lifts that are up, or jump ontop of them until the heavy fires shots about 10 seconds.

The sniper level would be more difficult then the boss fight, especially if you have the spy power. He coincidentally looks and sounds exactly like Vince Offerand to some extent even has a similar personality. The Scout is an Offense character. Moreover, because he counts as two people when on the objectives, he's ideal for taking them.

The scout mainly uses a scattergun with excellent damage for close-range engagements, but must rely on his pistol to do more than scratch damage at farther than in the enemy's face. Alternatively, the Scout can put special drinks on his secondary weapon slot to buff himself. His melee weapon is a baseball bat.

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The Scout was the fourth class to receive new equipment. Sentry guns, because they automatically lock onto enemies so the Scout can't dodge it like most things. Tight corridor makes it much more harder for the Scouts to dodge incoming enemy fire, especial explosion damage.

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Has his moments when he's not being a raging asshole. He's supposed to be from Boston, but sounds like he's from Brooklyn which is intentional. The simplest explanation for this would be that he was just born in Boston and moved to Brooklyn when very young. He's fast and he has buck teeth, as well as rabbit-like screaming. The following domination lines support this: After the community made jokes about similarities between Scout and Jermait turns out they share the same first name.

A surprisingly effective strategy for Scouts, just bum-rush the objective, preferably using Bonk. Works extremely well in Capture the flag or Payload. The youngest of his eight brothers, and probably the youngest member of the team, assuming Pyro is older than him. I'm a force of nature.

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Being a baseball fan, his default melee weapon is an aluminum bat, and an unlockable wooden bat. It's even the name of one of the Scout's achievements Perform double jumps. In "Meet the Sandvich". When receiving rare items on Mann vs.

Machine mode, he will sometime say this. He considers killing enemies his entire purpose in his whole existence. Has a live bird sealed in his chest after surgery, that was never removed. On rare occasions, when he gets gibbed, the bird will fly out unharmed. Just listen to his lines for about 5 seconds. It's a fair guess that he's meant to sound annoying. Breaking the Fourth Wall: Especially on Competitive Mode: I didn't want to say it, but they do.

tf2 meet the robot medic deviant

Their hats are terrible, their faces aren't very good or attractive Even though he's from Boston, it certainly counts. You'll never hit my tiny head!

Meet the Medic

It's so tiny, I've got a fricken' Atomic Punch allows the scout to "dodge" all damage for a short period of time, while also being unable to attack. After the buff wears off, the Scout gets a slow debuff that varies depending on how much damage was prevented. Cannot Spit It Out: He's got a hell of a crush on Miss Pauling, but just can't work up the guts to ask her out, much to Spy's amusement. Asking out that dial-tone again, I see?

Go to Hell, Spy. While he's got plenty of one-liners for single mothers and whatever girls he comes across, attempting to ask out Miss Pauling leaves him faltering and stammering. Not so much in-game due to a lack of female characters, but in the online comics he hits on nigh-on every woman he sees, with very little success.

One of the pages for the Halloween update includes a dating advert that's obviously written by the Scout - the gratuitous amounts of self-praise mean it couldn't have been made by anyone else.

Mega Man Meets Team Fortress 2 in Scout Man

In "A Cold Day in Hell" he passes up what's probably one of the few chances he'll get to have sex with a decent woman Heavy's sister, Zhanna because he's convinced Miss Pauling will like him if he keeps waiting. A cutaway in the short "Expiration Date" shows he actually can score girls, and has before, however, said girls are implied to also not be very We both got buckets of chicken. You wan' do it? The Scout trained himself to run everywhereoriginally so he could reach fights in time to have some fun before his seven older brothers got there.