Tf2 meet the spy map drawing

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tf2 meet the spy map drawing

Don't warn me again for Team Fortress 2. View Page. Cancel. Your preferences are configured to warn you when images may be sensitive. that the map used for Meet the Medic is actually just an edited version . at in the hidden room of Doomsday are the three maps of Mann vs. THE MAPS AVAILABLE HERE HOWEVER, SHOULD KEEP YOU BUSY UNTIL THEN, Both versions can run in both Garry's Mod and Team Fortress 2. Well, Meet the Spy happened in a modified 2Fort map, so why not make version of the .

Hopefully some skilled movie maker reads your script and makes an awesome 3 minute video.

tf2 meet the spy map drawing

Thanks again, to all the people who said nice things since I last said thanks. I do care if you think a particular scene drags or is weak, though, so please keep those thoughts coming. I may even come back to it fresh in a week or so and think about cutting it to a realistic size, I just need to a know what people like, b work out how long the current script is in real-time — Wolf, your three minute figure sounds likely, and c leave it alone for a bit.

Too long, but fantastic. A g-mod short in the works, methinks. I hereby retract my length comment.

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I can see how my criticism re: Script should include a. Nice scenario, but I just have one thing that made me run here and comment.

tf2 meet the spy map drawing

My favorites are the narration segments and the bit with the sentry, although it could stand to have a few lines cut. To reduce the length somewhat, consider making it follow the Meet the Soldier template a little more closely, where the speech is clearly the core of the video, and the cutaways are brief, action-heavy asides. In other words, prune each cutaway to its essential few seconds and leave out most of the dialogue.

Another tactic that could make the asides play a little better might be to break certain ones up into multiple segments: The table as seen in the short uses a redone texture, which has a higher resolution and lacks the paper on the table.

SFM_SPYMOVIE_B2 | Source Filmmaker Maps

Healing Gel Jar First seen in Meet The Medic, sitting on the Medic's shelves behind the mounted Medi Gun that's healing the Heavy are a few medic-related pieces of equipment, such as a microscope. One of the items in the cabinet is a jar that looks strikingly similar to the one that houses the Self-Aware Beauty Mark in Expiration Date, complete with the same number. It was likely Valve used this jar as a base for the jar that houses the aformentioned mini-bread monster.

Meet The Blu Spy

The jar was later refined by Valve even more to make it into two actual items for Team Fortress 2. Chess Set Seen in Expiration Date for only a few seconds when Scout is finally let into the Spy's smoking room as a background object atop a table.

The model isn't static either. The pieces can be moved around, and all have translation points for use in the SFM. The pieces for the chess set reappear and are remodeled to be more detailed as part of the community created short "End Of The Line"in which both the Medic and Heavy play with.

tf2 meet the spy map drawing

The prop has been re-textured to match Team Fortress 2's art style, making it less shiny when light or lack thereof in the Spy's smoking room hits it. The other obvious modification made is that the microphone comes out of Spy's desk, rather than protruding from the prop itself.

In place of the missing mic, the model has its switch moved from the bottom to the top where the microphone would be and has an extra button in place of the switch being moved.

From a top-down perspective, it bears a striking resemblance to the Spy's own sapper. The portraits you see exist under one model and six separate "Skins" Skins 1 and 6 are duplicates of each other.

tf2 meet the spy map drawing

All of the others can be seen on the walls of Spy's smoking room in Expiration Date. It gets deeper still as a further two portraits seen in the short were never leaked, nor do they appear in Team Fortress 2.

tf2 meet the spy map drawing

The remaining two are a parody of Napoleon Crossing the Alps The spy replacing Napoleon and a parody of Still Life with Fruit with a butterfly knife penetrating a pear.

Strange Polaroid Texture Judging by the image, this texture was likely an inside joke, a way to test multiple skins on objects, or quite possibly meant to be part of one of the Meet the Team videos. This texture is one of the many skins for the model of the polaroid used in the Meet the Spy video.