The 100 lincoln and octavia meet again

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the 100 lincoln and octavia meet again

This week's romantic moment of the week looks at Octavia and Lincoln and Abby and Kane from the A bittersweet goodbye mixed with a. The - Lincoln & Octavia Blake # Marie Avgeropoulos, The Hundreds, Bellarke. Visit Octavia and Lincoln ~ When she first figured out that he could talk!. Octavia and Lincoln. Best moment of Unity Day. The

Clarke stops the attempted murder. She confronts Lexa about her plan and her facade of heartlessness, and Lexa reveals she has feelings for Clarke. As they wait for the deadly fog to clear, Lexa informs Clarke she does trust her and will no longer try to hurt Octavia. She notes that the Grounder ways are just focused on survival.

the 100 lincoln and octavia meet again

Clarke suggests that maybe life should be about more than just surviving, and Lexa catches her off guard with a kiss. Clarke returns the kiss before she tells Lexa she is not ready to be with anyone yet. They are alerted to Raven's signal that the fog is disabled. The Mountain Men prepare to deploy acid fog, but Bellamy manages to escape a security team and destroy the system in an explosion just in time.

In "Blood Must Have Blood: Part 1," Bellamy frees the Grounders inside Mount Weather, as Clarke's plan is to attack from within. When the generators are taken out, soldiers from Mount Weather open fire on the army in front of their doors, but those still manage to destroy the lock at the last second. When they pull the door open, Lexa commands her people to stand down because of a deal she just cut with the Mountain Men. When the Grounders retreat, almost all of the Sky People accept defeat and soon retreat, leaving behind only a betrayed Clarke at the front door and Octavia in the tunnels.

Season 3[ edit ] In "Wanheda: Part Two," attackers on a jeep turn out to be Arkers who landed separately. Their numbers have dwindled to 63 due to conflict with the community called Ice Nation and they accept Kane's offer to come to Arkadia, where the other Sky People live. Part of the group continue to search for Clarke, who has been on the run for three months due to now being a legend and subsequent target because of her defeat of the Mountain Men after Lexa's betrayal.

This has earned her the nickname "Wanheda" commander of death. Indra, one of Lexa's best and most trusted warriors, warns Lexa that the Ice Nation is marching on her; Indra is there when bounty hunter Roan the banished Ice Nation prince brings Clarke to Lexa, who sought to capture Clarke before members of Ice Nation did.

Still angry at Lexa for her betrayal, Clarke is dragged out kicking and screaming while vowing revenge on Lexa. Lexa tells Clarke that she intends to initiate the Sky People into her coalition as the thirteenth clan. Clarke believes Lexa only wants this because her Clarke's defeat of the Mountain Men has made Lexa look weak. Lexa focuses on sparring with Aden, a Nightblood she has been training for the role of Commander. Nightbloods are Grounders with black blood; they are the only Grounders who can become commanders.

As Titus Lexa's right-hand man and former mentor wants Lexa to kill Clarke because he feels that Clarke has weakened her reputation, Roan suggests that Clarke kill Lexa. In the end, Clarke cannot do it and Lexa apologizes for her betrayal. Emerson, the last survivor of Mount Weather, is revealed to be alive. In "Watch the Thrones," in a fight to the death for the right to the throne, Queen Nia chooses her son Roan to fight Lexa.

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She and Clarke later bond as Clarke tends to her wounds. In "Hakeldama," Clarke, Lexa, and other Grounders discover an army of fallen Grounders, slain by Pike the new and destructive leader of the Sky People and his followers.

Indra is found wounded and says Bellamy persuaded Pike to let her live in order to tell Lexa that the Sky People reject the newly-formed coalition. Lexa allows Clarke's return to Arkadia to tell Bellamy and the others to step down.

Clarke fails to convince Bellamy, but convinces Lexa to end the cycle of violence in hopes of peace. In "Bitter Harvest," Lexa worries that by trying to make peace instead of engaging in war, she is betraying the commanders who came before her. Clarke assures her that her legacy will be peace. Roan has Emerson, the last Mountain Man, delivered to Clarke; she must decide his fate. She ultimately decides to let Lexa banish him.

Octavia and a man named Semet walk in claiming the Sky People destroyed their village. Discussing the situation, Titus wants Lexa to destroy the thirteenth clan while Clarke thinks they just need time to take out Pike from the inside. Speaking to everyone, Lexa orders the armies not to attack, but instead make a perimeter around Arkadia and says that any Sky Person found past the five mile buffer will be killed. Semet is angry at this and attempts to kill Lexa, but is stopped by Titus who kills him.

Later, Titus is against Clarke staying, believing she further endangers Lexa's life. He warns Lexa that, just like with Costia, she may not be able to separate feelings from duty.

Lexa is enraged at this, reminding him that because she let Ice Nation into her coalition even after they cut off Costia's head and sent it to her bed, she is more than capable of separating feelings from duty.

Later, Clarke goes into Lexa's room and realizes she is saying goodbye. Clarke says the reason she is going back is because the Sky People are her people. Lexa says that this devotion is what makes Clarke the person she is. Clarke suggests that maybe someday they will owe nothing more to their people, and Lexa responds with "May we meet again. Afterward, Clarke admires Lexa's tattoos, pointing out there are only seven circles on her back despite there being nine participants.

Lexa tells her she got the one on her back on her Ascension Day, and asks to talk about something else. Clarke agrees and they become intimate again. It is later, as Lexa is running into Clarke's room, that Lexa is accidentally shot by Titus, who intended to kill Clarke.

Clarke catches Lexa as she falls and they take her to the bed. Lexa realizes she is going to die and tells Clarke not to be afraid. She tells Titus to never harm Clarke again, and he swears he will not. She tells him serve the next commander as he served her. Clarke continues to try and save Lexa, but she tells Clarke that her spirit will find a new commander.

She says her fight is over and that Clarke was right that life should be about more than just surviving. Clarke recites the Traveler's Blessing, an Arkadian prayer. As Lexa dies, Clarke kisses her one last time. Titus extracts a tech from Lexa's neck, where her tattoo is.

The tech is called "the flame," and it is revealed to be Lexa's spirit. She was augmented to carry an AI the flame. The flame is how every new commander is chosen, with each new commander becoming a part of the flame.

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It is only compatible with Nightbloods. Aden is meant to succeed Lexa, but, in "Stealing Fire," he is murdered by Ontari, a rogue Nightblood who seeks the throne for herself. ALIE is the one responsible for launching a nuclear strike on Earth because she believed it was needed to save humanity from extinction. This is in contrast to what her creator, Becca, had wanted. With Jaha's help, ALIE has been successful in getting many of the Sky People to swallow a chip that takes away pain emotional or physical and simulates a utopia called "the City of Light.

ALIE uses this chip to entice and control people. Clarke had tried to get Luna, a missing Nightblood and rightful heir to the Commander throne as indicated by the tattoos on Lexa's backto accept the flame, but she refused.

Clarke is implanted with the flame with the help of a blood transfusion via a brain-dead Ontari, whose blood is compatible with the flame. Before Lexa sacrifices herself to get Clarke to safety, Clarke tells her that she loves her. Lexa says that her spirit will always be with Clarke. Development[ edit ] Casting and creation[ edit ] Show creator Jason Rothenberg said he and others involved with the series were aware of Debnam-Carey while casting Clarke in ; although the chance for her to portray Clarke never materialized, her name was brought up while casting Lexa.

He called the casting a "no-brainer"; she did not audition for the role, but was rather offered it. That's kind of what happened in this case," stated Rothenberg, who considered Debnam-Carey's performance on The "amazing". He added, "You know we can't compete on some level with the cache of a franchise like that, with the numbers.

No weapons, no power! I was like, 'I don't know what I'm doing!

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And that's what's so lucky about this show. It never started with expectation, so we've been able to embrace it and really make it our own, and that's been wonderful. Lexa on her throne in war paint and Grounder attire; captures showcasing the wardrobe from different angles. Rothenberg said he and his crew do some research with regard to depicting societies, such as the Grounders, within the series, but most of what is shown is based on his personal tastes.

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He enjoys the world-building aspect the most. So yes, we do some research as to how societies have evolved in the past but for the most part it's fiction. Each costume tells the story of the world, of the people, of the specific character.

But the costumes are far from uniform. The people who lived on the ark, the people who live in the forest, the people who live in a frozen tundra, they all dress differently.

Costumes make a show's world real. It's funny, we did a whole day of tests with that makeup. We were like, 'Should we do this?

Should we do tears? Should we do the bindi? The moment, I think I'm remembering it now, the moment was in Episode 9 when Lexa tells Clarke the story of Costia at the fire after the funeral, and she talks about Costia—that was the first reference, I think, to her sexuality," stated Rothenberg.

He "embraced it and [ran] with it. A director advised her that less is more, and she adapted to the character, and learned more about her, via portrayal. Someone was like, 'Is it a thing you've chosen to do, to not blink all the time? There's a presence about her and a knowingness, and she's always observant.

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Debnam-Carey said "it's in [Lexa's] blood" to put her people first because they "are so close to her, that's what she's been groomed to be.

Luckily, both Raven and Clarke are too awesome to let that happen. Octavia is captured by Lincoln. The flares the delinquents send up in this episode burn down a Grounder village. The Grounders will regard this as a declaration of war. Despite him and Clarke learning to work together, Bellamy is still very much a selfish dictator at this point. This is the episode in which we meet the nicest man in the galaxy, unfortunately he was too precious for this world.

This marks the first time Jaha tries to kill himself off, wanting to join the volunteers in the culling. It will become a recurring theme, but he has not yet been successful. Watch it, and cry bitter tears for the sweet ginger man. An illegal second child, Octavia was confined to the floorboards during most of her childhood, with Bellamy having responsibility for keeping her safe.

But, being a real socialbutterfly, Octavia is drawn to the outside, and Bellamy decides to take her to a masquerade ball. In the present, Octavia is taken captive by Lincoln, and comes face to face with her worst fear: Being locked up in a dark space.

Nope, Lincoln is not yet the Grounder Fabio we now know him to be. We learn the first piece of a puzzle that, in the large scheme of things, was relatively unimportant: Shumway not Kimwas working for Diana Sydney, who will forever live in infamy for pulling off the dumbest act of villainy in the history of the small screen. Consider for a second that Lincoln is not, in fact, a gruesome savage. Consider that he actually speaks English. Yet he still chains Octavia to a wall and tries to keep her there by force, when he could have just told her what was going on.

Lincoln is a problematic fave. My life ended the day you were born. Yes but you should watch it anyway, for the Blake family feels.

the 100 lincoln and octavia meet again

Luckily, Raven gets through, and even more luckily, the council has voted to spare Abby despite her many crimes, and she helps Clarke operate on Finn. Jaha drops a bombshell: There are people on the Ark, but only enough dropships for people. Kane has a lot of guilt about the culling, and takes the first steps towards becoming a compassionate, reasonable person.

He visits his mother, a religious leader, who is both precious and perfect. Both Clarke and Raven are more than willing to torture Lincoln or to let Bellamy torture him in order to save Finn. Clarke, as much as she tries to be fair and unemotional, is ultimately willing to do whatever it takes to save the people she cares about.

But because Clarke joins him on the dark side, this episode does a lot to cement their relationship as equals. Yes but watch to see Clarke, Raven and Bellamy try to be the bad guys. A Bellarke outing, intense feelings of guilt and fear, Octavia asserting her independence, and drug-induced hilarity. Lincoln escapes, and Bellamy earns his pardon from Jaha by selling out Shumway. After both being confronted with their ghosts Clarke sees her dad, Bellamy sees Jaha and the people from the cullingClarke and Bellamy emerge as a real team.

They still have their differences, but they now fully respect and trust each other. We all need you. Octavia drugs the entire camp to free Lincoln. They share their first kiss, she gives him his iconic red hoodie, and he gives her his name. As Lincoln is leaving the camp, Finn sees him, but lets him go. This marks the first appearance of Miller. A small time jump has allowed Finn to heal from his injury; Octavia appears to be regularly sneaking off to see Lincoln, who is teaching her to be a warrior among other things.

She stages an attack that blows up a bunch of children, and -gasp! The plan very literally blows up in her face. Finn, Lincoln and Octavia set up a meeting between Anya and Clarke, but when Clarke and Anya brings backup and Jasper shoots a Grounder out of a tree, any potential peace talks are ruined.

Knowing what we now know about the Grounders, it makes total sense that Lincoln would assume Clarke was their leader. This episode introduces horses, and Clarke is appropriately excited. Also, one of those horses carries her future BFF. If you watch only one episode in Season 1, make it this one. Most of the delinquents fall ill, and some even die. Meanwhile the Grounders are gearing up for attack, and Raven builds a bomb in order to blow up a bridge. Seeing Finn take care of a sick Clarke, Raven sets out to plant the bomb herself, but she catches the sickness, and Finn has to save her.

Jasper, now a celeb drama queen, prevails through the power of friendship and blows up the bridge. Raven uses this as her reason for breaking up with him: When it was a question of whether Raven or Finn would plant the bomb, he did hesitate. The only delinquents that do not get sick are Octavia, Finn, Jasper and Monty. We meet Harper, my favorite non-main character.

But by the end, the Jonty is once more going strong, and all is right with the world. This is a brutal, disgusting episode, and one of the best in Season 1. You absolutely must watch it.

Bellamy and Clarke debate the merits of war and peace, as the believe the Arkers are never coming to save them. Kane becomes a hero, and grows closer with Abby. On Earth, Murphy is sabotaging the camp from the inside. After he burns their food stores, Clarke and recently-single Finn bring a redshirt named Miles into the woods. The pair are taken captive by Anya, who wants Clarke to heal her young second.