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the avengers meet hulks family

About: In "The Avengers" movie, Hulk is played by Mark Ruffalo. His alter ego, Banner, is a genius scientist who turns into a monster because. She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books She-Hulk has been a member of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Heroes for . Here she met Louise "Weezie" Grant Mason, formerly the Golden Age .. Prior to a time- and multiverse-spanning trip by the Fantastic Four and family. "World War Hulk" is a comic book crossover storyline that ran through a self-titled limited series The Hulk and his Warbound next defeat the New Avengers, the Mighty is not amused with the arrival of another Hulk-like being, and the meeting between father and son will not be very pleasant for the Hulk. . Hulk family.

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Reynolds' sacrifice moves Hulk, who reverts to Bruce Banner. Angered, Warbound member Miek attacks Banner. Rick Jones pushes Banner aside and is injured, causing Banner to return to Hulk form. As the Hulk attacks the Warbound, Miek reveals the explosion that started this war was not caused by the Illuminati, but by Red King loyalists.

Miek chose not to prevent it, hoping the incident would encourage the Hulk to keep destroying. Overwhelming rage causes the Hulk to unwillingly radiate energy that threatens Earth. Stark activates a series of weaponized satellites that open fire on the Hulk, leaving him unconscious in his Bruce Banner form.

The series continued the story of Hercules and Amadeus Cho. A special stand-alone prologue and Skaar: Son of Hulk 11 saw the beginning of " Planet Skaar ", an arc intended to bring Skaar directly into the middle of the Marvel Universe. Following the return of the Silver Savage the Silver Surferevents begin to spiral, forcing Skaar to not only abandon Sakaar but to head towards Earth. As was revealed by series writer Greg PakMister FantasticReed Richards, is not amused with the arrival of another Hulk -like being, and the meeting between father and son will not be very pleasant for the Hulk.

In the " World War Hulks " storyline, it is revealed that the satellites used to revert Hulk to Banner at the end of "World War Hulk" siphoned off the gamma radiation from his body, in order to collect it for the cathexis ray later used to create the Red Hulk. His Hulk form's persona changed to where it easily defeated Phalkan and used his "computer brain" to leave Phalkan with a broken arm, a broken foot, a punctured lung, and some broken ribs.

World War Hulk one-shot which examines two alternatives to the storyline: Watching from hiding, the Skrulls hear of the death of their queen Veranke masquerading as Spider-Womanbut believe the Hulk is a prophet sent to aid them by destroying the heroes.

They attack, their sleeper agents allowing them to wipe out most of the remaining super-beings and take over the world. Two months later, the Vision finds Bruce Banner in the ruins of New York, waiting to die, and convinces him to become The Hulk again and help.

The Hulk aids the remaining heroes against the Skrulls, inspiring people to help. In this world, it's the Wasp who's a Skrull, and she infects Henry Pym with the bio-weapon that wipes out the remaining heroes. The Surfer does so, but leaves, disgusted at The Hulk's bloodthirsty ways. Galactus arrives and feeds upon Earth, destroying the Skrulls and the planet. It wasn't completely out of character for the archer to keep to himself after a difficult mission, but the others had a sense that he was holding a grudge against them, and they kept out of his way.

And then suddenly, or so it seemed, it was the morning of December twenty-first, and Bruce and Tony were leaving to pick up Nathan. Don't make a big deal of it, but it would be nice if everyone at least came out to say hi to him. He has his moods, but they never last long. I'll see if I can get him to talk about it.

See you in an hour. He was worried about having an "incident" on the road, which would not be a good thing. Traffic was not too bad. They listened to the radio and chatted for a while about nothing in particular. They changed the radio station three times because each thought the other had crap taste in music. It took a while to find one they could both agree on.

They made the turn off the highway, and suddenly there it was, the huge mansion looming before them. They drove up the long drive and parked in the visitors' lot, and suddenly, three hundred pounds of excited eight-year-old knocked Bruce over. Take it easy, Nate! Tony was looking at him, too. He squeezed it, and the illusion faded.

He pressed it again, and it returned. They walked up the path to the front door. Students were gathered in twos and threes, mostly saying goodbye to each other. A few of them turned to look as the trio passed by, but no one stared.

My Harry Potter trunk. And you'll like the people we're living with. And that's just the team ones. There are individual ones, too. Even the Hulk has a fan page. I have it bookmarked on my laptop. The kids turned and waved back at him. Nathan's trunk was in the entry hall, his massive laptop sitting on top. Tony opened it up and looked at it. Each of the keys was about the size of his palm.

Can I look at this, when we get home? I want to show you the fan pages first. There's a really good one for Iron Man. My life is an open book. He had liked the young woman, during his brief tenure at the mansion.

Stark," she nodded to Tony. He lifted the trunk with one huge hand. How you doing, Bruce? I thought my current living environment would be a problem, but.

the avengers meet hulks family

Which is a good thing. He's the best student I ever had—does what he's told, asks good questions, not afraid of getting hit. As long as I know he's okay," he nodded towards Nathan, "I'm good. They made it out the door before Bruce realized they were one person short. He found Tony in a corridor off the kitchen, trying doors. I want to get a look at it. We need to get home, now. It usually worked, on the others, but Tony knew him better than that. Thick walls, reinforced floors, lots of stuff to smash.

And then I can rebuild it. Tony took something out of his pocket and pressed it. The back door swung open. That's why I brought the Hummer. You want to listen to some music? He pushed buttons on the radio receiver until "Starships" began playing. It's programmable satellite radio. It's not my thing, but I think I can put up with it till we get home.

Just don't bounce around too much, okay? When they got close enough to the city to see the skyline, Bruce pointed out the tower.


Right in the middle, there. That's where we live. So it would stand out. Um, this is Nathan. Nathan, come say hello to Miss Potts. Pepper had been prepared for his odd appearance, but photos were nothing like seeing him in person. Nathan took her hand as gently as he could and shook it. It was a bit like shaking hands with a bear not that she'd ever done thatbut not as scary. He had one end of Nathan's heavy trunk, and Tony took the other. Together they maneuvered it into the main living space and set it against a wall for now.

When the arguing got too loud, I told them to go punch something or shoot something or hit something that wouldn't make a mess. Give them a few more minutes. At least you'll have time to go through your messages. It's right next to my room, so if you get scared, I'll be right there. Hope it's big enough for you. There was a king sized bed, on cinder blocks, a specially-reinforced chair, and a desk that took up half the room.

No flimsy some-assembly-required furniture here.

the avengers meet hulks family

Hopefully everyone else will be up, and you can meet them all. I'll leave you to finish unpacking. The wardrobe's over there. So make sure there's nothing left on the floor for them to roll over. When he was done, the room looked like home. But it needed one last touch. He reached into the bottom of the trunk and took out the picture of his mother, the only one he had, clipped out of the newspaper and fitted into a frame, and set it on the desk next to the laptop.

The picture really didn't do her justice, but he liked seeing her face first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. He didn't care what else she had done; she was his mother, and he loved her. Once all that was done, he went out to what his father had called the living room. There were three men and a woman sitting on the sofas, and he recognized all of them from their fan site photos. Women and children present! The woman, who had pretty red hair, looked over her shoulder at him.

In eight different languages. It's nice to meet you. Nathan gingerly shook his hand, just as he had done with Miss Potts. I have money on this game.

Nothing is worth interrupting such a contest of strength! The man looked him up and down. You speak the truth so plainly.